President George W Bush Might Be The Real Deal

Not being an intellectual is probably George W Bush's strongest point.

If you have followed my editorials vis a vis George W Bush, you would know that I was not impressed with the man. More to the point; I thought of him as the least acceptable person running for the presidency who should win. Less of course, people like Pat Buchanan.

Now however; like the rest of the world, my thinking is changing. At one point I believed that former 4 Star General, and past Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Colin Powell, would make a great President. I now think he would make a great bureaucrat who should never be in a position to make life or death decisions.

President George Bush is no intellectual, and he doesn’t pretend to be one. He clearly comes off as one of the guys. He likes football, horses and a good Bar-B-Q. Much like the rest of the American people. And not being an intellectual is probably his strongest point.

I know quite a few “lofty thinkers” who are as useless as oars in a car. They spend so much time debating the esoteric, that their feet very often never seem to touch the same earth which ours do. I also find that intellectuals think beyond the problem and the solution.

Life is not all that complicated. We make it complicated. But; in reality; we are born, we live, we die. It is how we manage the time between the first and last fact that becomes somewhat complicated. However; even at that, what is it that we actually need? Basically, all we need is food and shelter. Everything else is a bonus.

I think President George W Bush realizes this. He doesn’t try to be fancy. Nor does he try to come off as a deep thinker. He is very much a good old boy who has a lot of money and friends in powerful places. I don’t much like his friends and many of his policies, especially as they relate to energy (oil) exploration. But; I do like the way he is seeing the world.

This President, might be the first US leader since Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, who sees beyond the bull-shit, and is willing to point fingers at those who are indeed on the wrong side of acceptable international behavior. And this makes a great many people, especially the intellectuals nervous.

Is “W” a great president? Or does he have what it takes to become a great president? Is it him making the decisions, or are there a whole bunch of people in the shadows who are pulling his strings?

Is Dick Cheney the real president? I have no idea. But; what I do know, is that running the USA, and in fact the safety and well-being of the whole world, is far too big a job for just one person to handle. Delegation, is an art form that must be managed to perfection when sitting in the Oval office.

The last time I looked. Chads, or no chads. Missing ballots, or too many ballots. Votes counted, or votes not counted. The current President of the United States of America is former Texas Governor George W Bush. And whether the world becomes a safer place or blows up in our face, inevitably; it is he who will be responsible. Regardless of how many people are scurrying around behind the scenes.

Thus far; especially since the President has found his feet after the first day of 9/11, he has done an enormous job. President Bush has made it popular once again, to like and respect the White House. George W Bush has given the American people pride in being Americans. And whether many of us care to admit it or not, the rest of the world is being carried on his coat-tails. So far, So good.

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  1. Off subject but I have this to say : I am convinced that the leftists in this country are basically “fat, dumb and happy” to the degree that they cannot conceive that all the everyday wonderment the USA provides can disappear almost in a heartbeat. Not only can they not imagine the possibility but they have a protective cloud surrounding their brain. They make me think of a group of people partying on a balcony never giving a thought that the balcony can collapse as a result of their antics.

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