What Is An Islamic Army According To The Geneva Convention?

How do you describe individuals who highjack airplanes, murder the innocent crew members and then crash the planes into buildings?

There is an outcry for the USA to implement the Geneva Convention on the treatment of “war” prisoners; in reference to the captured terrorist fighters being held at the American Guantanamo military base in Cuba.

Most of Europe, many within Canada, and some people in the USA are calling upon the Americans to treat their captives as prisoners of war under the rules of the Geneva Convention. However; the rules of the Convention define military prisoners of war, as captured enemy combatants who fight under uniform in an organized military.

Under the rules of the Geneva Convention, it is also explicitly defined as to what constitutes an acceptable target. For example: the Convention forbids the bombing of non military buildings such as hospitals, schools and residential areas, as long as they are not used in making war. The Convention also forbids the “intentional” killing of civilians.

We all know that the forces of the USA are not angels, and probably violate parts of the Convention, as do all armies. However; there is turning a blind eye from time to time, away from actual policy, and then there is making genocide part of the policy.

In the case of the Islamic terrorists, one has to ask the following questions:

Who is the target they go after? The answer is non combatants. Innocent civilians.

What military targets do the terrorists bomb? Again; the answer is non military structures, such as the Twin Towers in New York City.

What uniform do the terrorists wear? There is no uniform. It should be mentioned that under the rules of the Geneva Convention, soldiers who were captured in enemy territory, such as spies and “agents provocateurs”, who were out of uniform, such as those combatants during the Second World War, lost their rights to the protection of the Geneva Convention, and were very often summarily executed.

The terrorists fight under which national flag? There is no flag. So, if there is no flag, and there is no governing body; with whom would the enemy of the terrorists negotiate, or even hold responsible: before, during or after hostilities?

The Geneva Convention actually describes who legitimate combatants are. Do the terrorists fit the description? How do you define six year olds, who are sent by adults to throw rocks and Molotov cocktails at armed and trained soldiers? How do you define teenagers who strap bombs to themselves and blow up innocents at pizza parlors, or at bus stops, or while just shopping, or standing on the street? How do you describe individuals who highjack airplanes, murder the innocent crew members and then crash the planes into buildings?

Do any of the preceding descriptions of the terrorist enemy meet the definition set forth by the Geneva Convention as legitimate soldiers?

We also can not forget the horrible treatment these terrorists meted out to their own population within Afghanistan; the torture, imprisonment and murder of women; just to mention the obscenities inflicted upon one group of people under their control.

As the bleeding hearts cry for the rights of the Geneva Convention to be afforded to the terrorist prisoners, they should ask themselves if these prisoners who are presently living in Guantanamo’s cages are being treated better or worse than all the starving, beaten and homeless people of Afghanistan, who are currently suffering, and have been suffering because of the very terrorists who are currently being held by the Americans?

If this really was a world where it is “an eye for an eye”, these terrorists would have been tortured, mutilated, starved, humiliated and inevitably murdered, just as they had done to their non combatant victims. But; it is not that kind of world in Western democracies, so, instead of receiving what they gave, the terrorists are being fed, sheltered and provided with spiritual and medical care.

I am one who is very much against the death penalty. I believe, that killing people in the name of justice is anathema to everything the West should stand for. But; in this case, I want the Western governments to root out ALL the terrorist Bastards who make war on innocents and non military installations, and just destroy them as you would a virus.

To me; the animals in Guantanamo Bay are just lucky to have what they have. And for the bleeding heart Europeans, Canadians and few Americans who want them treated with the dignity and respect afforded by the Geneva Convention to captured soldiers; they would do better to kiss the boots of the US military, for keeping these terrorist savages at bay, than to be spending so much time criticizing the country that is protecting the world.

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  1. 1. Pollard is scheduled to be released June 2015. A year less isn’t worth the exchange.
    2. Pollard spied for money, not for Israel. Read Seymour Hersh’s book as well as others.
    3. John Walker got a life sentence in 1985 for spying against the US, same year as Pollard.

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