David Levine – Quebec’s Ethnocentric Ethnic

Quebec is truly a "Distinct Society" where "little" things like honor, morality and integrity are insignificant.

David Levine is a special case indeed. Here is a man who graduated from an English language high school, situated in one of Montreal’s most Ethnic of communities. He is not Québécois in the Québécois mold, nor is he French. David Levine is a Jewish Canadian from Quebec.

Remarkably; Levine has chosen to side with Quebec’s Ethnocentric nationalists whose professed singular drive is to separate Quebec from Canada. Their other insidious enterprise is to eradicate the English language/culture and history from the face and soul of Quebec. That also includes all other languages and cultures.

David Levine has made a very good living by supporting these horrible racist people. Amongst his top Separatist job perks, were representing Quebec and its interests in New York city, as Quebec’s pseudo New York City ambassador, and then running one of Quebec’s major “French” hospitals in Montreal.

Levine was touted by the Separatists as one of the greatest of hospital administrators. However; when it came time for Quebec to name the administrator to its new “super” hospital, his name wasn’t there. He was just not Québécois enough.

After this slight, Levine left Quebec to move to Ottawa, where he accepted the job to administer Ottawa’s “Super Civic Hospital”, amongst an absolute outcry from the public, even Ontario’s Premier.

People were outraged by the fact that a Quebec Separatist, and a turncoat no less, was chosen to run a truly Canadian hospital. But the board of directors of Ottawa’s Civic Hospital persevered, and Levine got the job.

It didn’t take long however; a matter of just a few years before the board of directors of the Ottawa Civic Hospital realized their blunder in hiring Levine. Not because he runs with racists and Separatists. But rather, because he is an absolute incompetent. At least at his Ottawa job.

The board of directors were so appalled at how bad a job Levine was doing, that they actually paid him off to get him the hell out of there. So, what happens to a guy like Levine, who now seems to have nowhere to go?

Have no fear: his racist, Ethnocentric, nationalist, Separatist buddies to the rescue. It was announced in today’s media, January 30, 2002, that David Levine was named to “Dirty Bernie Landry’s” Separatist cabinet as Quebec’s new Minister of Health. Now, instead of screwing up just one hospital, he can now screw-up a whole province.

David Levine will sit as a Cabinet Minister, without being an elected representative, to Quebec’s Provincial Assembly. But; we are told, in the next election, Levine will run under the Ethnocentric nationalist PQ banner.

Do you think Levine will be run in an Anglo/Ethnic riding amongst his cultural peers? He will, if he wants to get his ass kicked so badly that it would take a year before he could sit down. No. David Levine will run in a safe Separatist riding where the people will, for the good of the Party, hold their noses and vote for a “Maudit Anglo Juif”.

It is likely perhaps, that Levine might actually push out the other Anglo (Parti Québécois) sell-out, David Payne. If Payne goes, Levine could win in his riding. After-all; Payne’s constituents have proven many times, that they have no problem voting for a traitor, as long as the traitor runs for the Ethnocentric Québécois nationalists.

To make certain, that he, Levine, proves his loyalty to Quebec’s linguistic and cultural majority, you can bet that he will lavish whatever he can on the French system, at the expense of the “Anglo/Bilingual” system. After-all; there will be no vote loss for him or his racist buddies if he ignores hospitals which used to be recognized as “English”.

Quebec is truly a “Distinct Society”, where “little” things like honor, morality and integrity are so insignificant, that even a traitorous little Ethnic can get along, as long as he is willing to kneel before the right racist, promoting the wrong ideal.

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