I Wonder If The Montreal Gazette’s Don MacPherson Is Wearing Depends?

A Letter To Don MacPherson Of The Montreal Gazette. [email protected]

A Letter To Don MacPherson Of The Montreal Gazette.

[email protected]

A friend of mine was beside himself with laughter, with Don MacPherson’s latest column, Saturday, January 19, 2002; on being threatened by the Separatist Schmuck Raymond Villeneuve.

To read MacPherson, one would think that Quebec Hell’s Angels leader, Mom Boucher had just put a contract out on him. Hey Don, this is a pathetic delusional welfare case whose best day was so long ago, that even he has problems remembering it.

Let it go Don. You; least of all people, have anything to fear from the Separatists. After-all, what have you ever done to harm their image or cause? When it comes to writing about people of real character, determination and the pursuit of justice through equality; you don’t even merit an asterisk.

I was attacked on the street several times. I was insulted more times than I can remember. I was spat at and whacked with an egg. I was assaulted in a dark Vaudreueil shopping center parking lot, by a guy swinging a hockey stick. I had my property vandalized. And one day, while sitting in the Rayburn Building in Washington DC during a Congressional hearing on Canada – US relations vis a vis Quebec, I was called home by the police because of a credible kidnap threat against my wife.

Anne and I spent many tens of thousands of dollars on personal and property security. Yet, through it all, we persevered, never veered off course, and didn’t whine like frightened babies. And neither you, nor your newspaper ever gave a damn.

And it wasn’t just myself who lived with constant threats. Here are some names of serious “Rights Advocates” who have lived under the hammer for years. Brent Tyler, Keith Henderson and Don Donderi. I never heard them whimpering like frightened little children.

But; now, that all of a sudden, its your sorry ass that has been threatened, “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”. Give it a rest Chicken Little. You’re safe. The savages who hate the “Maudit Anglais”, are only interested in the people who are fighting to make a difference. You don’t merit.

So; for whatever it’s worth, take this advice. Have a little self-respect, take a few tranquilizers, put on a pair of depends, and have a good night’s sleep. You’re safe.

Most Sincerely Yours . . . Howard Galganov

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