Some People Who Think They Are Nice Are Really Jerks – Especially At Movies

In a few words. "A Beautiful Mind" is too good to waste on many people. And that's the purpose of this article.

Anne and I went to see the latest Ron Howard movie staring Russell Crowe; “A Beautiful Mind”.

I won’t give anything away about the movie by saying the following: It might be the best movie produced in the past couple of years, deserving of the Academy Award for Best Picture, with Russell Crowe winning the award for Best Actor.

Everyone who appeared in this movie was terrific. Especially Jennifer Connelly who played Crowe’s wife. She too should be a candidate for an Oscar.

“A Beautiful Mind” is a thinking person’s movie. And unless you’re prepared to sit through a movie that taxes your mind somewhat, and opens up knowledge that you think you have, but in reality probably don’t. Then this movie is not for you.

“A Beautiful Mind” is not an “artsy” film, when after you’ve seen it, you’re still wondering what it was all about. This movie has a tremendous plot, story line and ends leaving you fully apprized of what happened.

In a few words. “A Beautiful Mind” is too good to waste on many people. And that’s the purpose of this article.

I HATE people who are so rude as to speak during movies. I DESPISE people who are so inconsiderate as to whisper or mumble to each other as if they are the only people who have paid to watch the movie. I DETEST the cretins who feel they have to explain the movie to each other, as if it were a play by play hockey game.

Are you getting the picture of how I feel about all the imbeciles who show up to a movie to irritate other people?

I would love nothing better than to pummel the rude “Schmuck” who thinks that he or she is so important, that what they have to say supercedes everyone else’s right to enjoy a couple of hours of entertainment, in peace and silence.

This is the way I feel about every movie. Whether it is a good movie or a bad movie. Everyone has an obligation to show simple manners with the courtesy of keeping quiet. However; when it is a phenomenal movie such as “A Beautiful Mind”, this appreciation for the rights of others becomes even greater.

The other night, while sitting spell-bound by this movie, there were two jerks sitting behind us carrying on a conversation. And in front of us, two more. In both cases, the conversationalists were women who obviously were bored by a movie that made them think a little bit. To say that listening to their drone was aggravating, is to say the very least.

I used to tell people to shut up. But; since this tact led to some very near fist-fights, I have promised Anne that I would no longer say or do anything more than cast a dirty look. Like that does anything.

Personally; I would rather have the fist-fight and beat the holy crap out of someone who is so rude, as to not care one iota for the rights of other people to simply enjoy an escape from reality at a movie.

The other thing that really pisses me off are the people who sit just so, or cover a chair with coats so as not to have anyone sitting next to them. This too happened at this particular movie.

There was a family of three “Schmucks”; a mother, father and what appeared to be a demented son, all slobs who loaded up the chair that separated them from Anne with their coats.

It couldn’t possibly be because they didn’t want to be close to Anne. Since Anne is only a hundred times more attractive than the three of them combined at their best, compared to Anne at her worst. And Anne smells real nice. Unlike these bozos.

They just didn’t want anyone sitting next to them. And this movie was pretty sold out.

I think, if you ever want to do a study on the underbelly of the lack of manners amongst humanity, just go to a movie and watch the cretins.

Unfortunately for all the respectful movie goers who only want to have a little entertainment, the bozos are always present, and always seemingly sitting within earshot.

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