Raymond Villeneuve – Public Enemy Number 101

When it was someone else who was targeted by Villeneuve, it was just an academic story. But now that it's his ass, MacPherson's not quite so cocky.

Raymond Villeneuve, the convicted murderer of a Montreal night watchman in the mid sixties has never stopped pushing the envelope. Regardless of how irrelevant and ridiculous he has become.

The only reason this aging Quebec Separatist has any standing whatsoever, is a direct result of how much space and time the English Quebec media have so generously given him. But; now, all of a sudden, that same media which reported on his shenanigans is a target themselves. And they don’t like it. Especially Don MacPherson of the Montreal Gazette.

When it was someone else who was targeted by Villeneuve, it was just an academic story. But now that it’s his ass, MacPherson’s not quite so cocky.

I can tell you from personal experience, that Raymond Villeneuve is a pathetic, delusional and phony crusader who lives in a dream world of revolutionary by-gone days.

When he was tried, convicted and sentenced for murder in 1964; the murder was an accident. Neither he, nor his accomplices had intended to kill anyone. But; since he was convicted and served a jail term for his part in the killing, he has worn his conviction as a badge of credibility. “Yes I am a dangerous and determined man”.

I was a personal target of Raymond Villeneuve’s vitriol many times. In print and on radio. In one of his “Tempette” publications, he had a cartoon of me wearing a cowboy hat with the Jewish Star of David on it. He was there with a rifle pointed at my heart, and had a hanging noose in the background.

When I hosted my radio show on CIQC in Montreal, from 1997 to 2000, I spent very little time speaking of Villeneuve, since he was not worth speaking about. Except on one occasion when he was busy shooting his mouth off more than usual, and had the English Montreal community and media in a tizzy. Instead of rubbing my hands together in trepidation, I simply looked his phone number up in the white pages, and called him in the not so early morning at about 9:00 o’clock – live on-air.

Villeneuve was awoken from his sleep. He is no early riser. I guess that fantasizing over the destruction of Canada is difficult and tiring work. And since Villeneuve lives off welfare checks, he has a great deal of time to wear himself out in dreamland.

“Hey Villeneuve! It’s me, Galganov. Wake up”.

“Huh” Was his articulate reply.

“What’s this crap about you wanting to kill me? Is that true?”

“Huh”. Was once again his quick witted response.

“Villeneuve. Do you want to kill me?”

“No”. Finally an answer with a modicum of meaning from Quebec’s public enemy number 101.

“Why are you telling people to get hammers, and to use them to hit English speaking people”?

“Huh”. Back to Villeneuve eloquence.

The conversation finally ended with Villeneuve apologizing for giving the English speaking community a reason to be frightened. Our paths crossed several times afterwards; once in the Montreal Court House, and once again on the streets of Quebec City. At both times, Villeneuve was anything but personally confrontational.

None of this is to say that this walking, talking and writing piece of pathos should be allowed to utter threats and encourage people to commit acts of violence.

The real people who he has targeted in the past are friends of mine: Brent Tyler, Canada’s number one constitutional legal defender of equal rights, and the current president of Alliance Quebec. Keith Henderson, the gutsy college English literature professor who also leads Quebec’s equal rights Equality Party. And Don Donderi, the McGill University professor who is the founder and president of Sit-Can, yet another meaningful English rights group.

Brent, Keith, Don and myself have been targets of Villeneuve since the 1995 Quebec referendum on separation. And because it was mostly us, it was really no big deal to the authorities and the English media, except for the Montreal Suburban Newspaper which took the threats against us seriously. Otherwise, for the rest of the media, it was just something to write or speak about.

But, now that it’s two members of the establishment English media, and a Liberal member of Quebec’s provincial assembly, his idle threats merit national coverage. Go figure.

Complaints against Villeneuve’s public threats are not a new occurrence. This is his stock-in-trade. But threatening members of the media and a politician is a different slant entirely.

Up till now, Villeneuve seemed untouchable. No matter how hard we tried to get the authorities to act upon our complaints, they wouldn’t. It took a private civil action by Keith Henderson And Brent Tyler to get him into court. The Quebec Attorney General wouldn’t do it.

Villeneuve is connected to many of the people who are now the movers and groovers within the PQ. During the sixties he ran with them. And perhaps, the last thing people like Quebec Premier Bernard Landry, Louise Beaudoin and Serge Ménard need or want, is a guy like Villeneuve publicly reminiscing about their good old days together.

Raymond Villeneuve belongs behind bars. Not so much because he is really a serious threat. But because, no one should be permitted to utter threats of any kind.

And as for the two media people mentioned in Villeneuve’s latest threats. Schnurmacher of CJAD and McPherson of the Montreal Gazette. Welcome to the club.

It isn’t quite as cute and academic, when its your ass that’s being threatened. Even by a piss-ant like the irrelevant Raymond Villeneuve.

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