Canada’s Public Enemy Number 1 – Joe Clark

If Joe Clark does not resign as the leader of the Conservative Party, and allow an inspiring fresh face to come forward; the collapse of Canada will rest partly upon him.

If Jean Chrétien and his crew seem to be able to get away with political blue murder; it is simply because of Joe Clark.

If there was a real opposition leader, who was not as ineffective and uninspiring as Joe Clark, the Federal Liberals would have to be far more careful. As it is, what do they have to fear?

Who’s there to knock them off the block, or even give them a challenge? With Joe Clark at the Conservative Party helm, the answer is no one.

There is an awful lot of talk about the Alliance (Reform) Party leadership race; only because there isn’t anything else to talk about. But: let Joe “Who”, who never was, step down, and allow some real new blood into the Conservative Party leadership, and it becomes a whole new game.

Not only will no one care that Stockwell Day is running again. No one will remember that there is an Alliance Party at all; except for the few diehard Westerners.

After long and hard consideration, I am absolutely convinced that the worst politician in Canada, is not Jean Chrétien, Stockwell Day, or “what’s her name” from the NDP. The worst politician in Canada is Joe Clark. It is his selfishness to keep a job, very few want him to keep; that is guaranteeing the Federal Liberals a stranglehold on Ottawa.

Joe Clark is living, breathing and walking proof that you do not have to be exceptionally bright, talented and/or competent to hold a high elected position in Canada. You only have to hope that the entire population is willing to vote against your competition. At least that’s the way it was done in the past. But; today’s different.

People are so turned off by the politicians, that they just don’t give a damn. They have no one to support; since there aren’t any fresh ideas coming from anyone. There is no one with a vision of where Canada is going to be, or where Canada ought to be in the future. And there are no obvious political leaders who are really connected to the people.

Canada’s biggest risk is in the apathy at best, and the antipathy at worst, for our politicians. We don’t even trust our RCMP and justice system any longer. Including the Supreme Court. And that really says something.

Ottawa has squandered a generation or more by doing nothing. Mulroney got the Free Trade deal going, introduced the GST, brought graft to a whole new transparent political level. And that’s it.

That’s as close as we have come to a vision for Canada, since Pierre Elliott Trudeau, whose vision was how to bilingualize the country, while Quebec became French only; at the expense of the minority communities living within Quebec.

Also; Trudeau give us a Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights, subject to the whims of the Provincial Premiers, which is being rewritten everyday in the Courts, by the Supreme Court Justices, who sit in their lofty ivory tower, looking down upon the “little people”, while they “create” laws the “little people” never empowered them to create.

If Joe Clark does not resign as the leader of the Conservative Party, and allow an inspiring fresh face to come forward; the collapse of Canada will rest partly upon him.

Joe Clark is not the only person who has to shoulder the blame for the situation in which Canada currently finds itself. But; he is the only person who can do something about it, simply by stepping aside.

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  1. No nation should bargain with terrorists for any reason. I’ve always believed that the policy of America is that we do not negotiate with terrorists. Period.

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