2002 Is Just About Upon Us

I look at 2002 as a year where things are going to be tough for many, but for many more, it could, and will be a year of opportunities.

A New Year is just about upon us, and like every new year, we hope for better times to come. And this year is no different.

2001 was a watershed year, in as much as it ushered in changes to the way we live and the way we think, like no other era in my memory.

To those who are too much in a fog to have noticed, instant wealth is a thing of the past. Especially the dotcom and stock-market wealth that was built on smoke and mirrors. It’s back to basics. If you want to make money. You’re going to have to do it the old fashioned way. And work for it.

The age of sleaze has also passed us by, even though it was more than one year ago. We watched the sordid personal details of a President who “did not have sex with that women”. But; nonetheless, “came” all over her clothing. With the exodus of the Clintons from the White House, finally, a chapter of smut at the highest place in the USA is behind us.

Ignoring what is happening around the world, and making deals with the devil in order to make money at the expense of human rights and international safety, to some extent will also be a thing of the past: that is, if the Bush Administration sticks to its word, and continues to make war on terrorism, and countries that support terrorism.

Next, must come a war on countries that abuse civil rights and liberties; as those who deny equality to women, and the right of self determination to the people at the ballot box.

President Bush senior, said that we were entering a “New World Order”. He might have been right at the time, But it never really developed, or at least the New World Order seemed to get waylaid by Clinton. Now is a second chance.

I look at 2002 as a year where things are going to be tough for many, but for many more, it could, and will be a year of opportunities.

We have concluded a decade of stellar growth in many fields of science, health, business, better understanding of the environment and the humanities. And I see no reason why this growth should be in the least bit diminished.

I worry a great deal about the globalization of big business and the “convergence” and limited ownership of the media. These are neither healthy nor progressive for the future. However; this concentration of power and ownership will pass with the emerging technologies led by the Internet and the “Digitalization” of the planet. However; in the meantime, we must be vigilant.

All in all, I look forward to a year of extremes, with many challenges and changes. Some challenges will bear great pain, and others great pleasure. But; the one thing of which I am certain; 2002 will not be a year where most people will be as accepting, gullible and apathetic as they were in the year and decade gone by.

As for Quebec. Separation is as dead as the memory of René Levèsque. And ethnocentric nationalism will be something to be ashamed of, opposed to a social policy to be pursued.

French Quebecers will continue to demand more English studies for their children. And care even less about the creeping bilingualism of Greater Montreal.

And as for Montreal’s “One Island One City”. This will be the Separatists single greatest miscalculation.

Have a wonderful 2002. And thank you for reading my thoughts, and caring to do the right thing.

As Always – Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. One factor you keep missing is that Americans cannot stand to be told the truth about our short comings. It is so obvious that Obama’s election was a mistake yet too many of us will not, perhaps cannot, admit just how badly we have screwed up. While yours and other voices are being raised to point out our collective error in judgement it has become too easy to simply shut you off and hope for a better day. That better day, unfortunately, will not come without us admitting and correcting.

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