A Little Bit Of This – A little Bit Of That – A Little Bit Of Yasser Arafat

Dateline: Australia. 15 year old terminal patient wants to have sex before he dies.

Dateline: Palestinian Territories. Forces of the Palestinian Authority kill 6 Palestinians and wound more than 80 others in an attempt to quell violence. Where’s the world’s condemnation? Where’s Canada’s John Manley to condemn the Palestinian Authority violence against Palestinians? Who’s calling for a vote at the UN? Israel should.

Forgive me for my naivete. But; why is the world silent when armed Palestinian thugs shoot into a crowd, killing and wounding so many in the name of their “government”, and so quick to condemn Israel when it acts in self defense, and “targets” retribution so as not to kill innocents? No answer is necessary.

Dateline: Ottawa. Prime Minister Chrétien states that Canada’s economy will not improve until the economy of the USA pulls out of its recession.

It wasn’t that long ago when Chrétien and Paul Martin (Finance Minister) were telling all Canadians who would listen that: “Fundamentally, Canada’s economy was in better shape than the economy of our neighbor to the South. And, we are better equipped to handle a downturn than are the Americans”.

Chrétien’s government had also told us that they would tear up the Free Trade Agreement, cancel the GST and give us a transparent government.

Dateline: Ottawa. John Ralston Saul – consort of Canada’s Governor General wrote a book telling us all he knows about life. He might as well have written it on a paper napkin that could later have been used in a third world country for toilet paper.

Dateline: Montreal/Quebec. Quebec’s Culture Minister, Diane Lemieux is upset with Southam Newspaper’s new national editorial policy. If it bothers the ethnocentric Québécois nationalists so much, than it has to be a good thing. And besides; who the hell is she to criticize what the “Maudit Anglais” get to read?

Dateline: Montreal. The Montreal Gazette is upset about Southam’s incursion onto their editorial pages. Here is a reality check. Southam pays the bills and owns the newspaper. And if those at the Montreal Gazette don’t like it, they can look for jobs at other Montreal English language publications. But: I don’t think the Suburban is hiring.

Dateline: Quebec. By late August 2002, all motorists in Quebec will be allowed to make a right-hand-turn on red; except anywhere on the island of Montreal. It seems strange to me that Montrealers can make right hand turns all over North America with the exception of Manhattan, but not in their own city.

If word gets out, no one will let Montrealers make a right-hand-turn anywhere.

Dateline: Alberta.; Ralph Klein is a drunk. And most of Canada can expect winter sometime between January 1 and December 31.

Dateline: Australia. 15 year old terminal patient wants to have sex before he dies. Australia’s Make A Wish Foundation grants him his wish with a prostitute. Finally. Something honest, to the point and good to be found in the news.

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  1. Yet more ‘CHARADES’ – The Obama administration is about to acquiesce to another outrageous slap in the face from the terrorist regime in Iran. Iran wants to appoint as its UN ambassador a member of the group of “students” who seized the American embassy in Tehran in 1979 and held 52 hostages for 444 days. The posting requires that the U.S. grant a diplomatic visa to the ambassador. The Obama administration could deny such a visa on national security grounds, but has not shown signs of doing so.

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