Canada’s About Face In The Middle East

The jig for Arafat and his PA is up. Even the most "generous" Arafat apologists have run out of patience with this bad actor. Maybe even Canada as well.

It is interesting how fast Canada can turn a “Trudeau Style Pirouette” when it comes to international policy.

Not that long ago, perhaps no more than a week or so, Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, John Manley, who wants to become Canada’s Prime Minister was busy lecturing the Israelis on how to play nice with the Arabs who are intent on murdering Jews.

Manley even went so far as to declare that we can not compare the 9/11 terrorism to the terrorism inflicted daily upon the Jews in Israel. His logic was so stupid, that it doesn’t even bear debate. Perhaps in his mind’s eye, not enough Jews died in one shot to merit US equivalence.

Canada was also quick to declare a difference between Hamas the terrorists, and Hamas the terrorists who do their dirty work behind Hamas owned “charitable institutions. Institutions which are responsible for recruiting and brainwashing the Palestinian youth to hate Jews, Americans and just about everything else Western.

Yasser Arafat blames Israel for all that ails his poor people. Yet; Yasser Arafat has taken the billions of dollars given to his authority to arm FIFTY THOUSAND men who operate in the name of ELEVEN police forces. That’s FIFTY THOUSAND armed body guards and Arafat enforcers!

Yasser Arafat “flew” not just in one helicopter, but “had” multiple helicopters. All of which cost a fortune to buy, and even more to maintain. He doesn’t have just one luxury automobile. He has a fleet of Mercedes. All paid with donated money. Money that comes from Canada. Your tax dollars at work.

So, when Arafat and his whining elitist PA members like Hannan Ashwari decry Israel for everything ill that befalls the Palestinian people, she, he, and jerks like Canada’s John Manley would do very well to explain how all of the billions of dollars given to the PA somehow wind up in the hands of Arafat’s 50,0000 police, his Mercedes motor pool, his helicopter fleet and his numbered bank accounts. Of which no one denies he has.

The jig for Arafat and his PA is up. Even the most “generous” Arafat apologists have run out of patience with this bad actor. Maybe even Canada as well. The Israelis have finally said enough is enough, and have taken matters into their own hands. As they should have long ago.

It is interesting; how all of a sudden, since the Israelis have decided not to play Arafat’s little game of pretending to negotiate peace, Arafat is now talking real tough against the terrorists who are actually part of his creation and Palestinian authority. And now that the Israelis have clearly demonstrated the difference between talking tough, as the PA like to do, and acting tough, as the Israelis are very capable of doing, peace has all of a sudden now become Arafat’s most important issue.

If the Israelis are smart, and continue to ignore Shimon Peres, whose hopes for a negotiated peace with Arafat lie in the land of make believe; they will continue to militarily pound the Palestinian infrastructure and hunt down and execute terrorists and terrorist enablers.

Peace will not be achieved with the Arabs while Israel is playing nice. The Arabs will only come to the peace table and negotiate an “honest” agreement when they are pretty certain they have no other choice.

Ariel Sharon saved Israel in the 1973 Yom Kippur War by counter attacking the Egyptian Third Army across the Suez Canal. He also assured Menachem Begin that Peace can be achieved with Egypt, and not risk Israeli security by giving up the Sinai. He himself oversaw the removal of the Israeli Settlers from the Sinai by force. And as Israel’s Minister of Defense, Sharon got rid of Arafat and his PLO thugs who were significantly responsible for destroying Lebanon.

Sharon will probably go down in history as the Israeli Prime Minister who will set the tone for a real peace agreement with the Palestinians. Mostly because he will leave them with no other choice.

And what will Canada have to say about all that? Who cares.

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  1. Mr Galganov,
    There is no moral stick, no ethics, no soul as far as obama is concerned.
    He wants Israel and United States of America reduced to nothing,
    and proclaim islam as the crib of civilised world…
    …telling us the call for islam prayer is the prettiest sounds on Earth
    I thought I lost my neck bearings looking at the allien TV in my FR
    The way I see it we need to trust God and Israel to save us all.
    I fear soros at his age will speed things up to see the destruction he so desired!

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