The Canadian Government Tax Grab Two Step

Everything that has to do with the government is costing us a whole lot more. Or the services that were once there "for free" seem to have vanished.

While Canadians everywhere go about their way in their sheltered lives where ignorance seems to be bliss. The Canadian government is screwing us over like there is no tomorrow.

How many billions has the federal government lifted from the pockets of the working poor in the name of Employment Insurance? How about $36 billion dollars and climbing.

I liked it much better when it was called “Unemployment Insurance” and did what is was designed to do. Insure the unemployed; at a point where it was not a government revenue generator on the backs of the working class.

Canada transferred the management of national airports to private companies. Now, in addition to paying outlandish airline ticket prices, we’re also hit with “Airport Improvement Fees”. From $10 and more per departure. We all better get used to these fees since the airports will never be finally improved.

To make flying more “terrorist proof”, Canada is charging each passenger a $12 fee per flight for increased security. On the plane and in the airport. That’s one hell of a lot of money. What then happens to the cost the airlines and the airports will be saving by not having to pay for these services that the government will be taking over? Will they reduce their fees and ticket prices which they now charge to the travelers? If not. Why not?

This Canadian government has a tremendous knack for making money from the people, even when it seems to be providing a government service. Such as airport security.

When I fly, I do so under my business. And as a legitimate business expense I get to write everything off in pre-tax dollars. Therefore; it virtually costs me nothing. And in some cases actually reduces how much my company has to pay in taxes overall. However; when Joe and Jane public fly, they pay the whole fare in “AFTER TAX DOLLARS”. Now that’s a rip off.

It’s wonderful how Paul Martin keeps reminding us that he is balancing the budget, paying down the debt and reducing taxes. All at the same time. Yet, for some reason, everything that has to do with the government is costing us a whole lot more. Or the services that were once there “for free”, seem to have vanished.

Now that’s a government tax grab two step. With everything but the music.

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  1. It might be a good idea to keep you powder dry on Adelson going forward.

    He hosted four potential republican presidential candidates in Vegas recently. Bush, Christie, Kasich and Walker. Fat Boy stepped in it over the “occupied territories” demonstrating his keen knowledge of foreign policy!

    That’s at best a 25% acceptable list to most US Conservatives.

    C L Watson, occupied Arizona

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