There Is No Equivocation Between The Palestinians And Israelis

How would you react if your wife or kids were blown into little pieces so small that there was nothing left to bury but memories, simply because they were in the right place at the wrong time? Like having a pizza, in Wherever-Ville Canada?

On Sunday, December 2, 2001, as the news kept on coming of the multiple atrocities perpetrated upon an innocent and unsuspecting community of Jews in Israel, a friend of mine wrote that perhaps this is the time for the UN to be sent into the region in order to act as an honest broker and keep the peace.

Here is my response:

I would object with all vigor to having UN forces occupy any part of Israel. Even the disputed areas. Just as I would object to having UN forces occupy Canada because of Quebec’s Separatists.

If the UN should occupy Israel for being a victim of terrorism. The UN should then occupy the USA. It was the biggest victim of all. If the UN should occupy Israel, than it should also occupy Spain and all other countries that are living under the threat of violence from terrorists seeking autonomy.

The UN is morally and ethically off-balance when it comes to Israel. Most of the UN members are third world countries ruled by despots.

Think about this for a second. Less than a year ago, two Israeli soldiers were kidnaped and probably murdered while on patrol near the Lebanese border. On the Israeli side.

As it turned out, UN troops witnessed the kidnaping. The UN denied it. A UN soldier who was there said that not only did they witness the kidnaping, they also caught the perpetrators on-camera. Once again, the UN denied it.

Finally, they could not deny it any longer, since the video was found in the possession of the UN. Not the UN soldiers. But the UN itself.

Israel demanded to see the video in order to find clues about the well-being of its men and who was responsible for this crime. The UN would not release the video. But; after a great deal of pressure from the USA and the ensuing embarrassment, the UN finally agreed to release the video as long as the people responsible for the crime were expunged from the tape.

The reason given by the UN. “It is the policy of the United Nations not to take sides in conflicts”. I guess watching a crime take place and then denying it ever happened is not taking sides.

If you were an Israeli, after an incident such as this, and after never ending condemnations of Israel at the UN. After the Anti-Israel – anti-Semitic hate-in at Durban, and after having Syria, a known supporter of anti-Israeli terrorism placed on the UN security council; would you want the UN on, or even near your territory?

I imagine that Arafat is either going to have to go after the terrorists and ignite a Palestinian civil war, or watch as Israel decimates the Palestinian authority. And if the terrorists persist, the Palestinians can count on severe pain. But that will be their choice.

As for the rest of the Middle East getting involved. They won’t unless they have absolutely no other choice, and Israel can deal with that as well. What Israel can not deal with are the daily terrorist attacks and murders of its citizens. No country should have to deal with that.

I attended a pro Israel rally today (December 3) in Montreal. There were excellent speeches, even from Liberal MP Professor, Irwin Cotler, who has been shamefully silent on Canada’s involvement and double standards vis a vis Israel and the Palestinians. He is silent no more.

One of the speakers made an extremely clear statement. He said that there is no equivocation between the Israelis and the Arabs. “The Arabs blow up people and Israel responds in self defense. But to the world it is called revenge and retribution. It is almost as if you compare the arsonist to the firefighter”. He was not wrong.

For my birthday this year. I have decided to take a week out of my life and visit Israel. It is time for me to see for myself what so many of my friends have been telling me. And now more than ever is the time to visit and not give in to intimidation from terror.

As an aside:

What do you think Canada would do if Québécois nationalists started killing “Canadians” in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Edmonton, Halifax, Victoria . . . etc?

How would a prick like John Manley, Canada’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, who has a penchant for putting Israel in its place, react if English kids were getting murdered ALMOST EVERY DAY for no other reason, other than they’re being English? And because Quebec wants to Separate from Canada.

How would you react if your wife or kids were blown into little pieces so small that there was nothing left to bury but memories, simply because they were in the right place at the wrong time? Like having a pizza, in Wherever-Ville Canada?

We know how the Americans reacted when they were hit. They’re still bombing the piss out of a country that had nothing whatsoever to do with the attack on the USA, other than to give safe refuge to “some” of the people who were culpable of attacking America.

I watched Donald Rumsfeld on television this past Sunday morning (December 02). And when he was asked whether Israel should seek revenge and retaliate; his comments were for once acceptable. What he said was this:

For Israel to go after everyone responsible for terror attacks against their country is neither retaliation nor revenge. It is Self Defense. And like all countries, Israel has the right to do whatever is necessary to defend itself and its people.

As far as I am concerned. Let the Israelis shelve their rubber bullets and do what has to be done to end this obscenity. And personally, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass how many of the “savages” who rejoice at the murder of Jews die as a result.

Once again. Before you pass judgment on the Israelis. Think about Canada living with this nightmare for over 50 years. Think of your wife and children. And then you tell me when you think Israel should say enough is enough.

And as far as the canard that “both” sides have to sit down to work this out. That is unmitigated bull-shit.

The Israelis are not targeting innocent civilians. They are not bombing shopping centers, busses and pizza parlors. They have already proven their willingness to make peace. Just ask the Egyptians, the Jordanians and Yasser Arafat who walked away from the best peace deal ever offered.

To try to equate what the Palestinians are doing, to what Israel is perceived to be doing, is the same as blaming the victim of rape just for being there.

Very often; there just is no equivocation.

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  1. Please add PBS/NPR to “your time is coming.” My wife and I supported PBS/NPR for many years, mainly because we felt series such as Masterpiece Theater and Mystery were light years better than anything US television (“the vast wasteland”) had to offer. Then in mid-2008 PBS/NPR took a hard left turn, and became the Obama cheering section and media outlet – where it remains to this day. Mitt Romney was right….it is time for “public” broadcast to pay its own way.

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