Mein Kampf and Idigo/Chapters – Reisman’s Right

Book sellers such as Heather Reisman should have the right not to carry Mein Kampf in their stores.

Heather Reisman of Indigo/Chapters book stores has banned Mein Kampf from its shelves; for which she is receiving criticism. She shouldn’t be criticized. Mein Kampf is the result of a twisted mind from one of the world’s worst racist monsters.

Mein Kampf which translates into “my struggle” was Adolph Hitler’s blueprint for genocide against Jews, Gypsies, trade unionists, the mentally handicapped and everyone else he considered to be an enemy to his vision of Aryan purity.

Mein Kampf has absolutely no redeeming qualities. It has nothing to teach us other than how a sick mind can engineer so much paranoia and hatred. To people who want to study this perversity, the book has some value. To people who want to purchase this social pornography for whatever other reason, they should be allowed.

But; that said: as much as people should have the right to buy this printed filth, book sellers such as Heather Reisman should have the right not to carry it in their stores.

When I had my radio show, my policy of putting Separatists on the air was clear. If I could show them up for being the ethnocentric racists they were, I would put them on-air. Otherwise; there was no way I was going to give them a platform.

There have been people who said that this was unfair of me. It was. Some said I practiced censorship. That was true. I did.

However; society practices censorship all the time. We are not allowed to air, publish or depict child pornography. We are not allowed to publish, air or promote racist epithets. We can not make unwarranted claims against individuals or properties owned by individuals. So, if the government is to decide what we should be allowed to see, read, watch or hear. Shouldn’t individuals have the same right to choose what they want to promote?

Mein Kampf is not illegal in Canada. But, that doesn’t mean someone such as Heather Resiman must be compelled to promote it, or anything else she finds personally objectionable.

For example; I would never promote a book that extolls the virtues of Islamic fundamentalism, the beliefs of Osama Bin Laden, the memoirs of Quebec (Separatist) Racist Camille Laurin, or any other sicko I find to be personally objectionable. Why should I? And why should anyone else?

Within a week or so, I will begin running editorials on which are the thoughts of others. I will pick and choose which editorial will run on any specific day. And I will choose which editorials will not. Does anyone have the right to compel me to publish something I do not wish to? Certainly not. Heather Reisman is right.

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  1. Hi Howard,
    Keep up the good fight and be well.
    Another media outlet to watch is Sun News. They tell it like it is, are not afraid to take on the tough issues, raising awareness about the dangers our society is facing at all levels from politics to social decay. I highly recommend this network even though it’s run by PKP.
    Lawrence Kalman
    Pierrefonds, Qc.

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