Bernard Landry – Justifying the unspeakable

Only an Idiot would compare Quebec's "project" to separate from Canada to what happened on September 11, 2001 in the United States Of America.

At the past Separatist Ethnocentric Parti Québécois convention, which ended November 18, 2001, Bernard Landry’s latest pearl of wisdom compared what happened to the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and the 4 doomed American passenger flights, on 9/11; to Quebec’s “project” to separate from Canada. This man is a blithering idiot.

There is no comparison, rationalization or justification whatsoever.

In effect, what Landry said: was that what happened to the USA is what one can expect from a people who are denied their right to become a nation. And events such as this happens when people are so frustrated because there are no other options.

I repeat. This man is a blithering idiot.

In essence, Premiere Bernard Landry more than suggested that Canada could expect this type of terrorism from frustrated Quebecers. I guess because the Separatist option is more or less moribund. Otherwise; why would he ever utter such an absurdity?

If Landry thinks that it is an inevitability for acts of terrorism from people whose rights are subjugated and who have reached the end of the road, he should be “Shitting Bricks” thinking about the “Anglo” and “Ethnic” communities within Quebec.

After-all; Quebec’s minorities have had all of their rights to equal visibility stripped from them by successive ethnocentric Québécois governments.

If Landry wants to talk about frustration, he would do well thinking about court cases, at all levels of Canada’s judicial system that has slammed the door shut in terms of Quebec minorities ever being able to be equally visible.

I clearly remember this “Idiot”, on or about April 18, 1996; when he was deputy Premier under then Separatist Premier Lucien Bouchard, telling the minorities: that if they demanded bilingual signs, as were allowed under the law; he would change the law.

If what he is saying is true about the expectancy of terrorism from people who have run out of options; does this mean that the Quebec minority communities can start “taking out” Québécois institutions like the “National” Assembly, the Hydro Quebec Building, the James Bay Power Grid and others?

Because, if that is what he meant in his speech delivered to the PQ convention, which compared Quebec’s frustrations with Canada to what the Arab Islamist fundamentalists did to the USA on September 11, 2001, why then would he expect anything less from Quebec’s minorities?

And if that is not what he meant. Than what did he mean?

It also bothers me to no end that the Canadian news media, with the exception of the National Post and Montreal’s 940 AM Radio News pretended this Landry lunacy never happened.

The Montreal Gazette had this story hidden inside the paper. Montreal’s Pulse and CBC television news broadcasts didn’t even mention it on Monday, the day after. And neither did the National television news broadcasts.

Why not? This is a very important story. It reminds me of the time Lucien Bouchard said that Quebec needed more white French babies, and only the Québécois people were a “pure” people, while the rest of Canadians were a “diluted” people. The press let those obscenities slide as well.

Landry did several things with his stupidly chosen words. He justified terror. He disrespected the victims of 9/11 and he has threatened Canada.

When will the rest of this country (Ottawa) finally show the courage to stand for something other than political, social and moral cowardice?

Is upsetting Québécois ethnocentric nationalist idiots so terrifying that we should hold our tongues and make believe everything is alright? Or should we finally say enough is enough?

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  1. My problem with the “Rainbow”, is that my grand-parents, my parents, and even me, (and you), worked to get Over the Rainbow. I do fear that the next generation wants a free ride. What happens when they wake up and they realize, there are no free rides in America/Canada.
    Nice format, you done good.

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