Anti-Semitism Has Become Civilized In The Free World

If the State of Israel were to discover the cure for cancer, aids, heart disease and whatever else that ails humanity. I think much of the world would still find a reason for Israel not to exist.

If the State of Israel were to discover the cure for cancer, aids, heart disease and whatever else that ails humanity. I think much of the world would still find a reason for Israel not to exist.

I have never felt like a second class citizen because of my Jewish roots. I can not really recall ever being denied an equal opportunity within Canada because I was Jewish. And as such, I have never experienced anti-Semitism.

Not to say that I am so gullible that I do not know that anti-Semitism exists. However; where I have lived and worked, being Jewish was never a problem. At least not a problem that I was aware of.

But, after 51 years of life, I am starting to feel extremely uneasy. Not because of my personal relations with my friends and neighbors, or with suppliers and clients. But rather because of what is happening in the political world.

I am extremely comfortable to be living in a community that is 99.9% Christian. Anne and I are equally comfortable and fortunate to have as many wonderful friends and neighbors as we do, most of whom are also Christian. And never once have we wondered if they were even a little bit Anti-Semitic. Not then. Not now.

But, I am very disturbed when my Prime Minister instructs our UN ambassador to constantly vote to condemn Israel. Mostly because it plays well in the Arab Middle East, and throughout the Moslem world.

I am equally bothered when John Manley, the man who wants to be Canada’s Prime Minister, takes a fact-finding tour of the Middle East and tip-toes around the Arabs; but lambastes the Israelis with a Canadian demand to pull out of the West Bank.

And when asked how he compares the terrorists who killed Americans to the terrorists who kill Israelis. His response was that there is no comparison. This worries me.

It bothers me to no end that virtually every nation in the world, including bloodsuckers like Syria have been cajoled into joining the new coalition against terrorism, while Israel was told flat out that they were not wanted. By their American “best friends” no less.

A friend of mine recently sent me an article written by former US Secretary of State, Lawrence S Eagleburger, who served under President George Bush in 1992. The Eagleburger article dealt with a specific policy of the International Red Cross, headquartered in Geneva Switzerland, and Dr Bernadine Healy; the recently dismissed President and CEO of the American Red Cross.

I was astounded to learn that the International Red Cross does not recognize the Jewish Star of David as a Red Cross equivalent. But; they do recognize and accept the Red Crescent.

According to Lawrence Eagleburger, Dr. Bernadine Healy put enormous pressure on the International Red Cross to right this wrong. To the point, that she used whatever means at her disposal to convince the US Board of Directors to withhold American dues to the International Red Cross, until they would change their Anti-Jewish bias.

They haven’t. But for Dr. Bernadine Healy’s troubles, the American Board of Directors of the Red Cross booted her out; citing other reasons.

This is nothing new in International politics. The United Nations is a Third World joke, where all the dictators get to strut their stuff portraying themselves as civilized and respectable world leaders. They are anything but.

The most remarkable UN event that I can remember outside of Kruschev pounding on the podium with his shoe, was the Durban conference. A conference that was almost exclusively an anti-Israel, anti-Semitic frenzy, where Canada hosted the largest delegation, and financed the greatest number of NGOs (non government organizations).

The elitist Europeans have advanced anti-Semitism to a new level of sophistication, to the point where one is never “anti-Semitic”, only pro Palestinian.

One would hope that things would have changed since the Holocaust. But; for what reason? Anti-Semitism hasn’t changed in more than two thousand years. Why would it change now?

When Yasser Arafat spoke at the United Nations a few days ago, he was accorded Head of State status with all the trimmings, including an ovation that eclipsed the applause reserved for the President of the USA.

Why in the world would the United Nations show so much reverence for the father of modern day terrorism, a despot of a leader if ever there was one, and an embezzler of donated money to the Palestinian social programs?

Yasser Arafat is also the PLO leader who tried to overthrow the government of King Hussein of Jordan in 1970, was instrumental in helping the Syrians destroy Lebanon during their civil war, the leader of the “poor Palestinians” who cheered on Saddam Hussein in 1991, and the man who watched his people dance in streets at the news of the September 11 obscenity.

What has Yasser Arafat done for the Palestinian people during his tenure as unelected leader, except to keep hundreds of thousands of his people in so-called refugee camps, teach Palestinian children how to hate Israelis, Jews and the West, and spend whatever donated infrastructure money that he has not stolen, on a huge police and multi-level paramilitary?

The world body we refer to as the United Nations immediately condemned the “terrorists” for their single, September 11 attack on the USA. But, has never once condemned the killers of Jews in Israel for their near daily attacks on that country. Why not?

Why hasn’t the UN condemned the Palestinian terrorists along with their Syrian, Iranian, Lebanese and Iraqi supporters for the bloody murders committed against defenseless Israeli civilians?

For that matter. Why hasn’t Canada, the USA and the rest of the world come out with an unequivocal condemnation of the Arab world for their vicious attacks on the Middle East’s only democracy? That bothers and frightens me more than just a little bit.

My late father, who was Canadian born, and who served in the Canadian army during the Second World War with great distinction, once told me: “Never forget who you are, because even if you do, the world won’t”.

I am starting to think he was right. And that’s a very scary thought.

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  1. Excellent article Howard, it seems so many today have forgotten their roots and what it means to have the dream of freedom. If we don’t remember soon we too will have lost all we have gained to the blackness that will soon be overtaking the world

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