A Special Letter To The Equality Party

With all due "Specificity" - Now, more than ever, is not the time to surrender to the Québécois Liberals.

With all due “Specificity” – Now, more than ever, is not the time to surrender to the Québécois Liberals.

Anne and I have now been out of Quebec for 13 months, and every time we return to visit with our friends, we are reminded why we left.

It has been said or alluded to many times by the French media, that I am anti-Quebec, anti-Québécois and in general against the French people and their language.

Some of that is true. I am very much Anti-Quebec. How could I not be given Quebec’s “cultural” track record? I am also very much anti-Québécois: as people who identify themselves as Québécois tend to be “benign” racists.

But; I am not against the French language and the right of all French Canadians to protect, enhance, use and promote their language to the best of their ability.

What I am against, is “our own”. I am against members of the minority communities who have become so accustomed to being second class citizens, that they apologize when the minorities receive equal status.

This was reflected in a Montreal Gazette editorial following the victory of the “Tremblay Team”. For the first time that I can remember in my 51 years, the English/Ethnic minorities finally have a voice that must be listened to.

But, rather than saying so, the Gazette went out of their way to assure the French majority that the English understand how fragile the French language is, and how the English will not abuse their new found power.

Instead of celebrating a real victory for the minorities, the Montreal Gazette apologized.

Now that the minorities within Quebec have finally found some influence, it would be a terrible tragedy to surrender it to the Québécois nationalist “Specificity” Liberals. If ever there was a time to support Equality. The time is now!

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