Who Will Accept The Jews If Israel Falls?

The official policy of Canada's William Lyon McKenzie King's Liberal Government concerning the immigration of Jews; before, during and after World War II was simple: "None is too many".

I fear that the USA and their coalition allies, including Canada, will sell Israel and its Jewish population down the river in exchange for Middle Eastern oil, and Arab/Moslem cooperation in the “phony war” against terrorism.

The official policy of Canada’s William Lyon McKenzie King’s Liberal Government concerning the immigration of Jews; before, during and after World War II was simple: “None is too many”.

After the war, Nazi’s had an open pass to come to Canada, but not their Jewish victims.

In May of 1939, a ship named the St Louis set sail from Germany with a passenger list of 937 Jews destined for safety and freedom. But no one wanted them. They were forced back to Europe where most met their fate in the Nazi Death Camps.

An overloaded “cattle” ship named the Struma, carrying 770 Romanian and Russian Jews was torpedoed on February 24, 1942 in the Mediterranean. All but one onboard perished. No one wanted the the Jews.

As a matter of history: The British turned the desperate Jews on the Struma away from the region referred to as Palestine, even though their (Britain’s promise to create a Jewish State was officially registered on November 2, 1917.

Millions of terrified Jews were turned away at borders all over the world as they attempted to escape the Nazi Holocaust. No one wanted them.

During the Second World War, the allies refused repeated pleas from the World Jewish Congress to bomb the railway tracks that brought millions of Jews to the Nazi Death Camps. The excuse, was that the allies could not spare the equipment, materiel and manpower to do the job.

They also refused to accept, and indeed suppressed the evidence that Death Camps in fact existed. It was only at the near conclusion of the war that the allies claim to have all of a sudden “just” learned of the extent of the atrocities against the Jews. Later to be referred to as the Holocaust.

Prior to 1948, Jews worldwide had nowhere to turn for safe harbor and military security. And regardless where Jews lived, and under which flag they claimed citizenship, they were persecuted as a people who didn’t belong.

A common derogatory remark directed towards Jews, was “Jews go home”; knowing full well that Jews had no home where to go. In 1948, with the creation of Israel, all that changed. And finally, after thousands of years, Jews had a place to call home.

It is quite remarkable that every culture and religious community except Jews, prior to 1948 could claim a homeland.

The Hindus have India. The Buddhists have China and most of South East Asia. The Moslems have the Middle East, as well as Indonesia and Centra Asia. The Shintoists have Japan. While the Christians have a great deal of everything else.

But; the Jews, up till the creation of the State of Israel were strangers in everyone else’s land, with absolutely no where to go; even when their lives had been most at peril.

And now that Jews finally own (reclaimed after 2,000 years)what was once a pathetic strip of land littered with rock and weed, the world seems intent on taking it away.

Violent expressions of anti-Semitism: from the fall of the second Temple at the hands of the Romans, to modern history, includes the Crusades, the Inquisitions, the Eastern European Pogroms and the Holocaust; to the current drive by the Arab/Moslem world to destroy Israel and “drive the Jews into the sea”.

Even in this country, there was a time not that long ago when Canadian Jews were prohibited from buying properties in many neighborhoods, such as Hampstead, Coté St Luc and Westmount in greater Montreal.

Jews were not allowed to sit on Montreal school boards until the 1960’s. And McGill University had a Jewish quota, as well as a double standard for Jewish student admission requirements.

Jews were also not all that welcome to work for major corporations such as banks and the railroads. And Jews could not own a seat at the stock exchange.

Things have really changed. But who is to say they won’t change back.

So; if Israel was to fall to the Arab Moslems because the Americans, Canadians and Europeans demand that Israel fight the same enemy they must face; but, with at least one, if not both of their hands tied behind their backs; which of these nations will be so willing to take in 5 million Jews?

If history has anything to say. The answer is going to be none of the above. They might each take in a few. But in reality; the fewer the better.

As a Canadian Jew who lives comfortably in a country where being Jewish is not a disadvantage, at least for the time being. I have enormous fear for Jews in Israel who could very well be sacrificial lambs, slaughtered on the alter of international greed and expedience.

History has a very nasty way of repeating itself. And watching how our nations of the “free” world are conducting themselves in this non-war, one can almost hear the echos of the past reverberating in today’s corridors of power.

Unless the Americans, Canadians and Europeans are all prepared to guarantee Israeli Jews, that they can all immigrate to whichever of their respective countries without equivocation, they should get off Israel’s case and allow Israel to do what is necessary for their survival.

Otherwise, open the borders, and let the Jews come in.

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