Too Soon To Punish Israel – John Manley

There was no question in my mind that Israel was going to pay a price because of what the Arab Islamic fundamentalists did. And regrettably, I was not wrong.

After I finally absorbed the initial shock of what happened on September 11, 2001, I had a very disturbing thought beyond the horror that I witnessed on television. Israel was going to take it on the chin.

There was no question in my mind that Israel was going to pay a price because of what the Arab Islamic fundamentalists did. And regrettably, I was not wrong.

If what I read in today’s National Post, November 2, 2001, concerning the comment from Canada’s Minister For Foreign Affairs, John Manley; that: “it is too soon to talk about punishing Israel for its continued refusal to pull its troops from the West Bank”. I am absolutely flabbergasted. After it is “not” too soon, what does he suggest?

Will Canada vote to have Israel expelled from the UN, the world body that already has a visceral hatred for the Jewish state?

Will Canada once again vote at the UN to condemn Israel; as usual, for defending itself?

Will Canada stop doing business with Israel? Will Canada start shipping weapons to the Palestinians?

How does John Manley intend to punish Israel after it is no longer too soon?

John Manley went on a Middle Eastern tour to achieve two goals. First, he is just one of many politicians sent to suck up to the Arabs to keep them on-side in this phony coalition. Second, in his quest to become the new leader of the Liberal party of Canada, this sojourn would give him a chance to strut his stuff.

He has failed on both counts. You can only buy Middle Eastern Arab loyalty until the next best deal comes around. And there will be a next best deal. And I am certain the people of Canada are just “over-joyed” to see Manley sucking up to Arafat in the name of our country.

I also find it curious, that Manley, representing the party that almost lost Canada to Quebec’s Separatists; and has given ethnocentric Québécois nationalists the right to a marked cultural predominance over all of Quebec’s minorities, is so quick to pass judgement on the Middle East’s only democracy in favor of a despot. What in fact does he (Manley) stand for?

The world has not changed in thousands of years. We think we are more sophisticated today than ever before. But we are not. We are only more technologically deceitful.

If there was oil beneath the soil of Israel, the world wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about the Arabs. None of them. The West would paint a picture of Yasser Arafat exactly the way he is; a cunning, slippery, dishonest tyrant with blood on his hands. Instead; to curry favor with the Arabs who have the oil, he is being treated as royalty.

My stomach turned when I saw British Prime Minister Tony Blair and others embrace this little murderer and father of modern day terrorism, as they lined up to take turns to pay him homage. They all but kissed his ring.

In one regard, Osama Bin Laden is right. The West is without morality. Instead of fighting regimes that enslave people, brutalize women and practice political tyranny, we reward them. That is why, one guy living in a cave, armed with nothing but his charisma, can paralyze the free world.

Bin Laden’s views; as sick and perverted as they are, are absolutely loyal to his cause and his comrades. In fact, he has become a magnet for loyalty.

And until we learn this lesson, we will always be fighting Osama Bin Ladens, because we are so quick to sell out our real friends and allies for political and commercial expediency.

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  1. Thanks, for the wonderful history lesson, on this amazing song, that I personally have loved, since I was a little girl. This is what I love about your editorials, the facts that you present to your readers, so, they can make sound judgements, on any issue you write about. I am so glad, that I found you and your common sense insights to major issues, for Canada and the USA, as well as the world. I always, look forward to your latest newsletter and how you want Freedom, as much as I do.

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