There Is No Comparison Between McVeigh And September 11, 2001

The comparison goes this way. You can't blame the Christian community for the terror attack launched by McVeigh, any more than you can blame the Islamic Arab world for what happened to the USA on September 11, 2001.

I am sick and tired of hearing the comparison made between what Timothy McVeigh did in Oklahoma City at the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building, to what the Islamic Arabs did in New York City and Washington.

The comparison goes this way. You can’t blame the Christian community for the terror attack launched by McVeigh, any more than you can blame the Islamic Arab world for what happened to the USA on September 11, 2001.

The response is simple. McVeigh was a social/political psychopath who murdered his own people because of his hatred towards the system for which they worked. He did not kill in the name of Christianity. His twisted mind led him to commit mass murder against a political and social system he wanted to change.

There are many insignificant extremist groups in the USA which hold similar views to MacVeigh’s. However; even though they have the potential to be dangerous, and can not be ignored, they are also so far outside the American mainstream that they do not even register on the scale of American thinking.

But; in the case of the Islamic Arab terrorists; what happened on the 11th of September was just one more of many attacks launched against the West in the name of Islam as part of a declared Jihad against the Infidels.

Also, when the severity of the 11th was realized, it took no time at all for the “so called” moderate Islamic Arabic world to come out and distance themselves from the attackers by painting this incredible image of their religion as being one with peace and love.

Perhaps Islam is a religion of peace and love to some. But; what about all the others who use Islam to torment and control women, hand out horrific punishments while they rule by “Sharia” with archaic religious decrees; not to mention murdering people world-wide?

Whose version of Islam are we to believe, since so many Arab leaders use the word Jihad, and the Mullahs show open support for the terrorists?

If what happened in the USA at the hands of Arabic people, who profess worldwide, to be conducting a Jihad against the Great Satan and the Jews was so contrary to moderate beliefs; where have all these moderates been hiding for the past generations as Islamic fundamentalists bombed, murdered and spread their terror world-wide?

What McVeigh did enjoyed the support of virtually no one. No Americans were seen to be dancing in the streets celebrating his “great” victory.

To the contrary, the American people came out en masse in absolute condemnation of McVeigh and his sickness. He was not cheered on by Christians for his act or horror. And no Christian movement that I am aware of tried to find any justification in his actions. Unlike the Islamic Arab World which is searching high and low for rationalization of any sort to find some meaning in the attack on the USA.

The Islamists and Arabs can try to twist the events of the September 11 any way they please. And they will. But; no matter what they say, there is no parallel whatsoever for their actions. And most certainly, not in what Timothy McVeigh did in Oklahoma City.

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