Every Western Style Democracy Is To Blame

If we ever want to be free from these vicious Islamic Arabic religious sickos, we can only do it by becoming free from their oil.

A great many people are pointing their fingers towards the United States of America, blaming the USA for inviting the September 11, 2001, Islamic Arabic terrorist attack.

In some respects the “finger-pointers” are right. However; the target of their derision is far too narrow. Every nation that does business with despots is guilty. Every nation that provides credibility to regimes that know nothing of democracy, simply for the purpose of making money is equally guilty.

Our world leaders seem to have no respect for international integrity and morality. Canada sucks up to evil people so our corporations can make money. We have even beaten-up and pepper-sprayed Canadian citizens who were protesting against Suharto, the Indonesian thug leader who attended the APEC Conference several years ago in Vancouver. Canada didn’t want to hurt this neanderthal’s feelings by allowing him to see demonstrations against his thuggery.

We close our eyes to Talisman Energy of Alberta, as they help finance a Sudanese religious war. And we suck-up to countries like China which imprisons people for political and religious beliefs that are contrary to the official state doctrine.

We also purchase enormous volumes of Chinese products that are very often manufactured by forced convict labor. And we close our eyes to the obscenity of the Chinese human organ transplant industry that “harvests” body parts from executed “criminals”.

Our greed knows no limits. In the Middle East, North Africa, and much of Islamist Asia, there is so much oil wealth in the ground that all the “good” democracies ignore cruelty of all manner, as they turn cartwheels to get their piece of the action.

At home, we decry human mistreatment, but totally ignore the savagery perpetrated upon so many Moslem women in the countries we lavish with our international political support in exchange for their oil and buying power.

So what if the Saudi Arabians treat their women like so much repressed common and private property. So what if there is no freedom of speech, press and association in any of these countries. So what if their justice system comes down to an archaic, tribalistic and religious outrage.

None of the civilized standards we in the West live by have any meaning whatsoever in these horrible countries ruled by even more horrible people. The only currency of any value to them is power bought with wealth and violence. And the only source of wealth from these pathetic regions comes from the ground.

And as long as the West has an insatiable appetite for this “blood” product. Canada, the USA and the rest of the democratic world will continue to pretend that the civil outrages perpetrated by these nations upon their own people and neighbors is not just tolerable, but; more or less acceptable.

The total lack of rights, decency, ethics, integrity and morality in these nations seem not to be issues of any concern to our Western sensitivities. We care only about the money.

Why did the USA go to war against Iraq in 1991? Was it to defend the “benevolent democracy” of Kuwait, or to bolster the security of the “democratic and socially responsible” Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Not on a bet. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iraq are peas in a pod. One being uglier than the next.

The so-called coalition pieced together by President Bush senior spent hundreds of billions of dollars plastering Iraq on behalf of the oil industry. Plain and simple.

Rights, integrity and morality had nothing to do with it. If they had, the participating democracies would have plastered everyone else in the Middle East along with Iraq. With the exception of Israel; the Middle East’s only democracy.

The Americans, along with the rest of the world created wealth beyond imagination in these countries, whose only other exports happen to be Islamic fundamentalism and terror. And in doing so, they have given credibility to the least credible people on this planet.

To me, the solution is quite obvious. Since this is war, and it really is a war, we have to do what was done during the Second World War. We have to change the way we do business and churn up a home defense industry.

But; instead of building bombers, ships, tanks, rifles and ammunition, we have to invest in alternative energy, including: wind turbines, solar panels, ethanol fuels, hydrogen power, hydro power and nuclear facilities. These are the weapons with which to fight this evil enemy.

We have to ban gas guzzling cars, or make them so unaffordable that no one will buy them but the wealthy, the stupid or just the people who really need them.

We have to build continent wide fast moving electric powered mass transit rail systems that would replace fuel guzzling and polluting airplanes.

We must construct far more reliable and efficient mass transit systems for our cities. Also powered by electricity, ethanol or hydrogen. And we have to mandate the construction of energy efficient new homes and offices. And then heat them with electricity. We can even offer grants, loans and subsidies to convert homes that hemorrhage energy, into energy efficient properties.

And if we embrace a “battle” of good sense, we will accomplish many objectives.

First: It would stimulate the economy like never before by creating a great many worthwhile jobs.

Second: It would create a world of new technologies and entrepreneurs.

Third: It would substantially reduce the pollution factor that contributes to the greenhouse effect. And it would reduce the type of pollution in the air and water that are the causes to many health problems.

Fourth: It would release the democratic world from being held hostage by OPEC, the Islamic Arabic states and the multi-national oil industry.

Fifth: It would also force despots to think twice about how they govern, and who they threaten. Because, if we don’t need these Bastards to fuel our democratic lifestyle, nothing would prevent us from wiping them out if they ever tried to once again pull a stunt as they did on September 11, 2001.

If we ever want to be free from these vicious Islamic Arabic religious sickos, we can only do it by becoming free from their oil. And we can only do that by changing and improving the way we live.

Until then, we really do invite those bad elements that are a pollution to humanity into our lives, and in doing so, we all have to accept some responsibility for the type of horror that befell the USA on September 11, 2001.

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