A War Like Non Other

All of a sudden, this horrific attack against the USA seems to be all about Israel, and Israel's refusal to rollover and die. The Taliban, and Osama Bin Laden now say they will end their attacks on the USA if America stops supporting Israel.

This is the most confusing war one can imagine. The good guys are bombing the crap out of Afghanistan, but if you listen to them, they seem to have no idea who and where the enemy is. And that’s not really true. They just don’t want to say.

At every turn, you hear and see representatives of the “so-called moderate” Arabic Moslem community come out and condemn terrorism and murder. Yet; I have not seen or heard of even one moderate Islamic group willing to come forward and really demonstrate against all those who offer moral and practical support to the fundamentalists. Not in the USA, not in Canada, not in England – not anywhere.

But; I sure have seen no shortage of violent demonstrations led by Islamists from Indonesia, through the Middle East, and into Pakistan, who all seem to have a visceral hatred for all things American and Jewish.

And all of a sudden, this horrific attack against the USA seems to be all about Israel, and Israel’s refusal to rollover and die. The Taliban, and Osama Bin Laden now say they will end their attacks on the USA if America stops supporting Israel.

A Saudi Prince, one of many thousands of Saudi princes, recently came to New York City bearing a check of $10 million to donate to the disaster fund, thinking this would give him the right to tie the USA’s support of Israel to the atrocity committed against New York, the Pentagon and the people aboard the 4 high-jacked and crashed airliners.

To the credit of New York City’s Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, he told this prince where to get off.

To give you some idea of the Arabic Islamic Middle Eastern mind-set. I have included a brief chronology of modern-day history.

In 1948, the world body known as the United Nations created a state with definable borders, called Israel. By then, many other states were also created in the Middle East by their former colonial masters. These states include Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and most of the other Gulf states.

One would imagine, if any one of the new states had any credibility, it would have been the state created by the world body. But; guess again. As soon as Israel declared statehood, the combined Arab armies invaded and attempted to drive the Israelis into the sea. And in the process of invading, the Arabs told the Palestinians to flee their homes so as not to get caught up in the Arab army juggernaut.

The Arab armies did not succeed. And the displaced Palestinians who fled were put into refugee camps, solely because their Arab brethren wouldn’t take them in. At just about the same time, Israel absorbed absolutely every Middle Eastern Jew who wanted to immigrate to the new country, and leave their Arab countries behind.

To this date, there are as many as four generations of Palestinians who have been languishing in squalor and deprivation in camps of their own people’s making. Is this Israel’s fault?

In September of 1970, the PFLP, later to be known as the PLO under the leadership of Yasser Arafat, in conjunction with Syria, tried to overthrow King Hussein of Jordan. This had nothing to do with Israel.

In 1975, the Lebanese fought a vicious civil war between Christians and Moslems. Once again with Arafat playing a major role in destabilizing someone else’s government. This had nothing to do with Israel.

Between 1980 and 1988, Iraq and Iran went to war, killing an estimated million or more people with every weapon at their disposal, including chemical weapons. This had nothing to do with Israel.

In 1982, Syria murdered as many as 30,000 (conservative estimate) of its own people in the Syrian city of Hama, in order to destroy the Moslem Brotherhood, and send a message to all other would be coup plotters. This had nothing to do with Israel.

In 1988, the Iraqis murdered as many as 5,000 Kurds; men, women, children and all animal life on the border of Kurdistan with poison gas. This had nothing to do with Israel.

Did Iraq invade Kuwait and set the Kuwaiti oil fields ablaze in 1991 because of Israel?

Did Lybia participate and finance civil wars amongst its neighbors, and contribute to blowing up the Pan Am passenger airplane in 1988 over Lockerbie Scotland because of Israel?

Is Sudan currently waging a vile religious civil war because of Israel?

Do the “enlightened” Saudis, Kuwaitis, Afghans and much other of the Moslem Arab world treat their women like chattel because of Israel?

Do so many Islamic countries forbid freedom of expression, religion, speech, association, education and the press because of Israel?

Is the ideal of democracy so terrifying to the leaders of the Islamic and Arab world that they have to hate all democratic nations because of Israel?

And finally. Ask yourself why so many Arab and Moslem countries live in the dark ages amidst abject poverty, when there is so much oil wealth in the region? Is it because of Israel?

None of the preceding happened because of Israel. It all happened because of the Arabs’ penchant towards living in a feudal society where the guy with the biggest gun generally wins.

This really is a war like none other. We pretty much know who the enemy is. We have a good idea where they are and who supports them. But; we won’t admit that they are an army of Islamic fundamentalists, comprised mostly of Middle Eastern Arabs and Moslems from Indonesia, the Philippines, and centra Asia. Going all the way to the Balkans.

We have not yet learned that political correctness goes out the window when your cities are bombed, and your mail is laced with Anthrax. Certainly, most Arabs and Moslems are not culpable. But, that does not make it any less obvious who the enemy is.

There were many Germans, Italians, Japanese, Hungarians, Croatians, Ukrainians and Finns who lived in Allied countries during the Second World War. Yet, that did not stop the Allies from defining who the enemy was then. So why start now?

No western leader wants to point a deliberate finger at virtually every Middle Eastern and Islamic country in the world and lay blame. No one wants to take the chance of starting World War III.

But then again, because of so many years of silence, acquiescence and political correctness, perhaps we are either already there, or well on the way.

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  1. I had no idea of the history of The Wizard of Oz and this song. Thanks, Mr. Galganov; once again you have informed me of something of great value to me. I remember when this movie came out; it was a delight to me and a delight sharing it with my sons. It will mean more now. I also remember the 1930’s and hearing about what was happening in Europe. My husband was a WWII veteran and had gone into those concentration camps.
    Marianne Hart
    Earlysville, VA

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