Beyond Politically Incorrect . . . George W Bush Is A Problem

No one wants to rock the boat. Not the Democrats. And not even the media. But; hasn't anyone noticed that President Bush can not make a statement without reading what someone else wrote?

No one wants to rock the boat. Not the Democrats. And not even the media. But; hasn’t anyone noticed that President Bush can not make a statement without reading what someone else wrote?

Right after the attack on America, my first reaction was: where’s the president? New York City’s Firemen, Police Department, Emergency Rescue Units and the Mayor rushed into harm’s way while the President was busy crisscrossing America in Air Force One, in search of personal safety.

Almost six hours after the attack, some spokeswoman for the White House finally came on television to declare that the President was safe. Phew! What a relief.

When President Bush opens his mouth without a script, out come words like crusade. So, no script. No speech. When he gives a press conference his words are stilted and measured, as if he is reciting from rote. Where is the leadership?

There has never been any question in my mind that George W Bush is the front-man for a group of really rich and powerful people who wanted him there; and all he had to do to win office was to keep his mouth shut and stay with the script.

I would not be at all surprised if George W had no idea where Afghanistan was before the attack, since he had no idea who the Prime Minister of Canada was before he became President. But since that was not important then; it was not in the script. But; for the President of the USA not to know the world, is sure as hell important now.

When Bush first met with Vincente Fox, Mexico’s President, right after Bush was elected President; Bush couldn’t wait to embrace Mexico as “America’s most important trading partner”. I guess no one bothered to tell George W that Canada buys more US products than Mexico, Europe and Japan combined. This was a stupid mistake. But; a mistake no less.

I have absolutely no idea who is the “real” power behind the President. And don’t tell me that it’s Cheney, Powell, Rice and/or Rumsfeld. These are the people representing the power. In times of peace and stability, perhaps it is not critical to know who’s pulling the strings. But; in a time such as this, the world needs a President far more than it needs some backroom boys as we head towards Armageddon.

Putting your guy in the White House is by no means a small achievement. But; having your guy lead the world during a time that is like none other that we have ever witnessed; when your guy doesn’t know fundamental geography, history, and who is his country’s greatest trading partner could be catastrophic.

My opinion is just that, my opinion. But; think for yourself. Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister is traveling worldwide as he shores up support for the ongoing battles between evil and good. Tony Blair stands before the British Parliament and delivers powerful speeches. Tony Blair stands on the street and speaks to the press in a scrum without a script. Tony Blair is in Pakistan, India and wherever else real leadership is needed. Where’s Bush? For that matter, where is Cheney and Powell? At least Rumsfeld is now making himself somewhat more visible.

We hear managed snippets from America’s most powerful inner circle. But; nothing of any substance. Everything we hear seems to be coming from CNN and the big 3 networks. But they aren’t the government. They are just the media, who at present is holding no one in office accountable.

I am almost as worried by our lack of leadership from the White House, as I am from the impending real war with the Islamic Army. In 20/20 hind-sight, I now wonder if the Islamic Army chose the targets, and the time to hit them when they did because of the man in the white House, and the people who surround him.

I have no faith in the US President. But I sure as hell hope that the guys who were smart enough to put him in office, are smart enough to deal with this crisis.

Well, at least the world has Tony Blair.

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