The Obscene Is Replacing The Unthinkable

The entire world owes the people of the USA far more than lip-service and elitist condemnation.

The unthinkable was the vicious preemptive attack on the USA, on the Eleventh of September 2001. The obscene are the many responses I have heard, read and seen since.

I recently returned from a seven day trip to Southern Florida, where I had the opportunity to speak with business people as well as Joe Average about this outrage. I also took the time to listen to various radio talk-shows from Boca Raton to Aventura, in order to get an even better grasp on what might be going through the minds of the American people. It was all very confusing.

The only real constant that I came away with was a feeling that no one really knows how to react. Of course there is rage, grief, disbelief and fear. All of which one would expect. But there is yet another feeling that I never anticipated. The feeling among many, that what happened, was somehow the fault of America.

It goes beyond my capacity to understand how so many people can find any justification whatsoever for the outright murder of more than 4,000 innocent people. And the utter destruction of property, the economy and the lifestyles of the working class. Everyone in America and around the world was harmed by the attack.

I have heard that it is America’s fault, because the USA sides with Israel. And it is America’s fault, because the USA took down Saddam Hussein. And it is America’s fault, because the USA has military bases in Saudi Arabia to protect the Saudis and the world’s oil flow. And I have even heard, that it is America’s fault, because the rest of the world is so poor while the USA is so rich.

The other night over supper in Montreal, one of our dining companions took exception with me when I described the September 11th outrage as an act of evil. He didn’t see it that way at all.

Well; if this was not an act of evil, then nothing is: not the recent slaughter in Rwanda, not the ethnic-cleansing in the Balkans, not the Pol Pot killing fields in Cambodia, not the Holocaust, not the Armenian Genocide nor the forced famines in Ireland and the Ukraine.

I guess to him and others like him; nothing is evil. It is simply someone’s physical expression of extreme polemics. This friend of mine wanted to debate the reason for this outrage, and the motives of the perpetrators. But I spent a week in the USA hearing just that. And what I came away with is a total disdain for anyone’s opinion that suggests that what happened on September 11, 2001, in the USA was anything less than evil. For me, there is no debate or rationalization.

I do not give a damn if the entire world thinks the Americans are too self centered, too powerful, too rich and too materialistic. Nothing the USA has done in recent memory can ever justify what happened several weeks ago. Nothing!

The USA is not as pure as the wind driven snow. America has its own records of atrocious behavior; from the way it dispossessed the Native Americans of their land, to the way it conducted itself during the Slave Trade. The Americans also carpet bombed a great big part of South East Asia during the Vietnam war, and committed atrocities in places like the village of Mai Lai. But America has grown and moved forward.

I am certain that most Americans are not proud of many of the things that were done under their flag. But; also, under the Stars and Stripes, America has corrected its wrongs by creating the greatest democracy on the face of this planet. More so than any other nation, the USA has exported Democracy world-wide, just as they have exported a vibrant new culture, technology and international wealth.

And this is what the Bastards in the fundamentalist Arab/Moslem community want to destroy.

America’s support for Israel is a red herring. It is not Israel that these vermin hate. It is the fact that Israel represents the American culture in virtually every way that bothers them beyond reason. And if that free culture continues to seep into the Arab/Moslem dictatorships; it will spell the end for the fundamentalists’ power.

It is obscene for the world to forget how much the USA has contributed in actual flesh and blood, as it is an insult to the generosity of the American people who have sacrificed so much in order to keep the world safe from despots and governments bent on world dominion through the antithesis of democracy.

The entire world owes the people of the USA far more than lip-service and elitist condemnation.

Instead of psychoanalyzing the sick mind that will find religious virtue in murder and mayhem, we should be looking at ways to permanently eliminate those who are so sick and perverted that in their mind’s eye, killing so many, is an honor and fast track to paradise.

And for everyone in the western world who is so convinced that what happened in the USA, was somehow the fault of the USA, and that these poor Arab/Moslem fundamentalists who are responsible for this act, are indeed the real victims; perhaps, they would rather live in any country in the Middle East with the exception of Israel; or in any central Asian country that ends with the suffix “stan”; such as: Afghanistan, rather than in the United States of America.

Blaming what happened to America on the Americans, is tantamount to blaming Jews for the Holocaust, Armenians for their own slaughter, the Irish and Ukrainians for their forced famines, the Cambodians for the killing fields; etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Vilifying the victims is the ultimate obscenity. And regrettably, there are far too many “intellectuals” amongst us who can not see the evil beyond their pseudo-psychoanalysis. But; when the shit hits the fan, believe me, they will be the first to want your child to go into harm’s way to save their ass.

That’s the way it is. That’s the way it was. And that’s the way it will always be.

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