The Terrorists Keep On Winning

We have already paid too steep a price, to let the terrorists continue winning.

The buildings have come down, the bodies are slowly being recovered, and the stock markets are struggling to keep their heads above water.

The airlines have let go as many as 100,000 employees, and hundreds of thousands of other employees which service the airlines will also lose their jobs. And on and on.

The American and Canadian governments are so spooked, that even a nail clipper is considered too dangerous a potential weapon to be allowed on a commercial flight. And to get on a flight means hours of waiting in long lines.

This is yet another huge victory for the terrorists, because many people like me, would prefer to drive six or eight hours than to needlessly hang around airports because the governments have to appear to be doing something they should have done before.

I agree that we can not take what has happened as anecdotal, and assume that it can not happen again. But; at the same time, we can not live with a siege mentality.

The airline travel industry should simply do what they should have done all along. Lock a secure door that connects the cockpit to the passenger cabin, and place armed and plain-clothed Sky Marshals on each flight.

I certainly would be willing to pay an extra $5-$10 per flight to know that someone is onboard who can help defend against a terrorist attack; instead of paying as much as $10-$15 for airport improvements.

If we continue with this type of paranoia, we will not get on trains and busses. We won’t cross big bridges. And shopping in busy malls will not be an option.

The original attack on humanity was horrific and damaging beyond description, but the collateral damage to our confidence and way of life might even be greater. If we allow it.

We have already paid too steep a price to let the terrorists continue winning.

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  1. Just how is it that the press have never been on the attack with Obama? Any other Pres would have been torn to pieces by the media. Who has bought virtually all the media off? Soros and his boys?
    The guy from Belgium!

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