“Today, We Are All Israelis” – I Don’t Think So

I have heard it said several times since the attack on the soul of America; that as of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, "Today, We Are All Israelis".

The reason the Islamic terrorists murdered so many thousands of Americans, and hundreds of internationals in New York City, at the Pentagon and on the four crashed planes is simple. The World hardly said boo as terrorists murdered Israelis on a daily basis.

If the world had anything to say at all in regards to terrorism against Israel, it was usually to tell Israel to show restraint in its response to the terrorists and their host nations and backers who were responsible for the attacks.

And when Israel would deliver retribution of one form or another against the terrorists and their host nations, the World was quick to condemn Israel; including, and especially Canada.

It is no secret that the Syrian Police state ruled by a dictator has long been a sponsor and safe haven for terrorists. Yet; up till this latest outrage, this did not stop Canada in its support to have Syria, of all nations, named to sit on the UN Security Council.

It did not stop Canada from signing more than one UN declaration that condemned Israel for one thing or another. This is Canada, giving terrific credibility to the least credible nations.

What was it that compelled the terrorists to think they could possibly pull off this mass murder and get away with it? And why should anyone be surprised?

What else can one expect from terrorist organizations that are tolerated by the western democracies, that are supported by eastern and middle eastern nations, and applauded by much of the “Third World” that has such a deep-rooted hatred towards the USA, Democracy And Jews?

Without world condemnation and a unified effort to fight this scourge, the terrorists have felt empowered. And why shouldn’t they have?

I have watched, heard and read as much as anyone about the horror that befell the United States of America and the entire World, on that fateful September 11th morning in New York City, at the Pentagon and on the four crashed planes.

I think I have heard it all, and I am completely aware of the shock, pain, horror, disbelief, anger, calls for revenge, and the search for the enemy. But; what strikes me most is the elitists’ analysis of why people would do such a horrendous deed. And the common description that is used to describe the enemy.

The people responsible for this attack are called “faceless” by virtually every international government and news media.

The President of the United States, George W Bush, says that Osama Bin Laden is the prime suspect. The US Secretary of State, Colin Powell is looking at Afghanistan as the nation accomplice for harboring Bin Laden, while he (Powell) works patiently to build his new international coalition.

This might very well be a red herring. Perhaps it was Bin Laden. Perhaps not. Perhaps Afghanistan could be accused of complicity. Perhaps not. So; what does the USA and the rest of the world do?

Do they get Osama Bin Laden and bomb the Afghani Taliban into another time zone and call it a good day’s work? Or do they deal with the real problem? Osama Bin Laden and Afghanistan are only symptoms of a much larger disease.

I hear calls from all leaders of government and community representatives not to show hostility to our Arab and Moslem neighbors; a plea of which I agree.

And I see Moslems flocking to every news media, specifically televison, to show their grief for the victims, and anger at the perpetrators. The news media hosts are inevitably sensitive and sympathetic to the Moslems who appear to be so contrite.

But this question that I have not seen, heard or read anywhere has to be asked from the those “saddened” Arabs and Moslems. Are they as saddened by this same type of atrocity carried out against innocent Jews at an Israeli discotheque, pizza parlor or shopping center, as they are by this abomination caused to a society which can bury them, and all of their compatriots in a sustained act of revenge?

I know the answer, because the silence from these same “saddened and contrite” Arabs and Moslems is deafening when Israelis are butchered by Islamic terrorists; and then the “moderates” slither out from under their rocks to point blame at Israel; mostly because Israel simply has the temerity to exist.

To kill a Jew in the Middle East is apparently of no great concern to anyone, except perhaps other Jews. But to kill Americans, and face the wrath of the mightiest nation on the planet, all of a sudden, this becomes a great concern to everyone.

I do not want Arabs and Moslems who have never picked up a hand to harm anyone to be targeted for violence and derision. I have more than a few friends of Arabic heritage, who I know, are as hurt and outraged as I am.

But; like me, they are western born, and they understand the meaning of democracy and multi- culturalism. To the rest of the Arab and Moslem world; they can keep their crocodile tears

It is galling to watch the little Palestinian hate monger, Yasser Arafat make a great display of giving blood to send to the Americans in his expression of grief. It is just as incredible to read the “sincere” condolences of Hezbollah, a terrorist organization that has enough blood on its hands to smear the world. And I marvel at the countries rushing forward to deliver their condolences; such as Iran and Syria.

I am not an expert on terrorism, but I can certainly name a few terrorist groups, such as: Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Arafat’s Fatah. And it is just as easy for me to point out a few principal nation sponsors and hosts for these terrorist organizations, such as: Syria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lybia, Algeria, Sudan and of course the Palestinian Authority.

So; when the leaders of the world and the news media call the perpetrators of this crime against humanity faceless, they are wrong. The faces are clear. And so are their sponsors. It might be just one group that pulled the trigger in this latest outrage, but is was all of them that held and loaded the gun.

When President George W Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of State Colin Powell say they will punish all nations that have aided, abetted and offered sanctuary to terrorists, to me, who those nations are, is abundantly clear.

They are the same terrorist groups and nations that have terrorized the democracy of Israel for generations.

If the USA and the rest of the world is really serious about fighting terrorism, then that fight is going to have to include the countries I have mentioned in the preceding. And more than that, the world must be prepared to meet the enemy of the democratic free world in places like: the Philippines, Indonesia, the Middle East, the Far East, Africa, the Balcans, the Caucasus and the Ural states.

The USA and the rest of the world has to rethink its past policy on Israel, and how the world responds to terrorism. And more than that, the entire world must be prepared to suffer everything from energy shortages to financial hardships in the war against terror. If there is to be one.

Instead of trying to understand and intellectualize why some people, can in good conscience murder so many others, we should better concentrate our efforts in eliminating those people from the face of this earth. And instead of feeling grief over the murders of just Americans, the World must feel grief for all victims of terrorist murders.

I have heard it said several times since the attack on the soul of America; that as of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, “Today, We Are All Israelis”.

That is not true. Israelis have never accepted, nor succumbed to terrorism. And until the rest of the World decides to fight against this international menace and threat to humanity with the same resolve the Israelis have demonstrated over the span of generations, nothing will change. And Israelis will continue to stand alone while the rest of the world awaits its next terrorist obscenity in ignorant bliss.

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