Anti Israel Bias In The Media. Michael Harris And All He Doesn’t Know

Michael Harris; not to be confused with the Premier of Ontario has an insatiable appetite to condemn Israel.

The bodies are still being recovered from the rubble; yet the appeasers are at it.

I listen to some who blame America for what happened on this blackest Tuesday, and I absorb this obscenity in near disbelief.

To say that the Americans brought this onto themselves because of the way they support the democracy of Israel, and because of the way America “treats” the Arab and Moslem world, would be laughable, if it wasn’t so widely held a view amongst many whom we would think should know better.

Occasionally, Anne and I tune into CFRA (Ottawa) radio, on or near our lunch break to hear what the world that surrounds Canada’s capital is generally thinking. And usually, I am never very much impressed with either their hosts or callers.

There is one talk-show host who grates far more than the others. His name is Michael Harris. Not to be confused with the Premier of Ontario. This Michael Harris is a former Maritimer who used to appear every Sunday on the Mike Duffy show, broadcast on CTV.

For the longest time, Michael Harris has been playing the role of the “honest moderate” when discussing the Middle East; specifically the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis. And what I have heard from Michael Harris is ignorance and bias. He regularly speaks about how poorly Israel treats its Arab citizens, and how wrong Israel is to be occupying any part of the West Bank; including Jerusalem.

Perhaps he is unaware of the fact that Israeli Arabs sit on 10 of the 120 seat Knesset. Perhaps he doesn’t know that the street signs in Israel are in Hebrew, “Arabic” and English. Perhaps he doesn’t know that Arab children are entitled to the same education as Jewish children. And on and on.

Can he say anything remotely similar about how the Middle Eastern Arabs treat their minorities; or even their own people?

Like so many other people with a public voice who don’t have the courage of conviction to come out and simply say that they don’t like Jews, or that Israel shouldn’t exist, he couches his opinions in “moderate speak”, mostly allowing his callers to spew their filth, every now and then throwing in a holier-than-thou remark against some particular anti-Semitic vitriol; giving the impression that his opinions are balanced.

Whenever Israel retaliates against a terrorist enemy that sends its children into the streets to fight armed and trained soldiers for the benefit of the international news media, Michael Harris is always there to condemn Israel for harming children; and to declare, in mute tones, how Israel can expect these kinds of things because of the way they treat the Palestinians.

Michael Harris is just one of a number of too many public people who are either outright Anti-Semites, or who have absolutely no clue as to the reality that surrounds the world. Especially the world of the Middle East.

He certainly uses his radio show to paint the Israelis in the worst light possible, while the “poor Palestinians” are constantly shown to be the beleaguered victims.

This time though, it isn’t the Israelis who were slaughtered. It was Americans and citizens of other countries, at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and on those four planes; no less innocent than the Israeli children and their parents who have also died violent deaths at the hands of the same murderers.

Did Michael Harris feel somewhat angered by the spectacle of Arabs; children and their parents dancing in the streets in celebration of the “courageous” victory of their heros over the great Satan that is America?

And if he did, did he feel the same anger when the Palestinians took to the streets in celebration when Jewish children were blown up at a pizza parlor and elsewhere?

If the American people are at all responsible for what happened on Tuesday, September 11, 2001, a day that will truly live-on in infamy, it is because of their intrinsic belief in the goodness of humanity. But even the most optimistic person has to rethink their moderate view when it comes to this depth of hate inspired violence.

Although it is true that every story has more than one side, and even the Palestinians have justification in some of their demands, it all becomes irrelevant when discussion, debate and demonstration are replaced by terrorist violence directed at innocents.

The world stood by as terrorist after terrorist blew things up and took Jewish lives in Israel. The mantra from the world to Israel, after every attack, was for Israel to show restraint.

The message being; that terrorism must therefore be a legitimate form of dialogue.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, was absolutely right when he said that he will not open any form of peace negotiations with the Palestinians as long as the violence continues.

He understands that violence is not an acceptable form of debate. The appeasers should have paid greater attention to the example set by Sharon. People who blow up discotheques, pizza parlors and markets will also blow up airplanes, office towers and military offices. The mind-set is the same.

As of Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001, the entire world was attacked and moved toward war. It was inevitable. The signals given to the terrorists and their host countries were clear. Intimidation through violence is acceptable.

What was not clear to the people responsible for the carnage in the USA, was that not everyone in the world is too frightened and “intellectually superior” to buy that type of “moderate elitist” thinking.

The terrorists taught the world a lesson on September 11, 2001. The world will now teach the terrorists and their sponsors a lesson of its own.

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  1. I too am concerned that there is more than enough people in this country (Canada) that believe in the “something for nothing” ideology and will bring in a Trudeau government. Just like the Obama regime down south, I am not so sure that the Canada can be saved from the doom that is quickly approaching. Israel is the only nation that I think that know’s what path they have to be on to make it through to the end.

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