Canada Once Again Stands For Nothing

Canada will be moderate right to the end. We will stand for nothing, and against nothing.

Listen to what the rest of the world leaders said without hesitation in their condemnation of the attack on the USA. And then listen to what Jean Chrétien had to say.

Listen to Britain’s Tony Blair, a real Prime Minister, who declared his uncompromising support, and promised to stand shoulder to shoulder with the United States. And then listen to the words from the mouth of this pathetic excuse for what passes as Canada’s Prime Minister.

Canada will be moderate right to the end. We will stand for nothing, and against nothing. We will pay all the lip-service a world can bear, and when we are forced to anti-up, we will make certain to do it in the most “moderate” way so as to be part of; but not offend anyone in the process.

Canada signed the Durban Conference document, simply to suck up to the nations that are capable of this type of heinous deed. And it didn’t seem to matter all that much to Chrétien and company that our signature is part of a document signed by international thugs, cutthroats and murderers.

Jean Chrétien is a pretentious Canadian embarrassment. Just look at how this “moderate” stand-for-nothing leader stands against Quebec Separatists. He truly is our national joke.

With the likes of Jean Chrétien at the helm, Canada will never be anything more than a nation of trollops looking for the next comfortable bed.

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  1. Howard, I really, really hope that you are right, about “Obama and all the other very BAD ACTORS”, going down. This will take at least, 2 or more years, to completely get rid of them all. It’s time for Sens. Reid, Durbin, Boxer, Feinstein, Leahey, Rockefeller, Franken and several RINOS like McCain, Hatch and Collins to get rid of, going back to their insignificant lives. What they have done to the USA over the past 30-40 decades, borders on treason, in my book.

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