It Is Time To Send A Real Message

The West's obsession with seeing everyone's side of every argument is foolish. Not every side to every argument is worthy of consideration.

The United States of America has many challenges as a result of the bombing. The first is to save those in New York City and Washington, at least those who can still be saved.

The second is to restore normalcy to every day life.

The third is to find out who is responsible for this outrage.

The fourth is to use as much force as possible against all of those responsible for this atrocity, including the countries who have anything to do in aiding and abetting terrorists.

The democratic world must send a message that no one will ever forget, or have any difficulty understanding.

The West’s obsession with seeing everyone’s side of every argument is foolish. Not every side to every argument is worthy of consideration. Also; most of us in the West seem to have a real problem understanding that there is inherent evil in the world, and not all people on this planet play by the rules of Western democratic civility.

Therefore; to most of us, it is incomprehensible to imagine that there are individuals and governments abroad who are capable of the most heinous of crimes against humanity. Even though we have seen it and lived it countless times.

As the world rushed to condemn this act of terror and horror; Palestinian and Lebanese children and their parents danced in the streets sucking on sweet candies in celebration of the massacre in America.

The world should not soon forget this spectacle the next time Israel responds to an act of terror carried out against its own people.

But in spite of the carnage, and even while the dust still settles and the embers continue to burn in New York and Washington DC, an incredible amount of Western moderates are calling for prayers and a restrained response from the Americans against their murderers. Some people never learn.

I lowered our Canadian flag that flies at the front of our property to half mast yesterday, and I will raise it when the US punishes those who are responsible for this crime against humanity. The time has finally come to send a real message.

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