Notes On The Conclusion Of The Durban Conference

First: I used to have a great deal of sympathy for the people of the "Developing Countries". Now; they can screw off and develop on their own time and dime.

Now that the sham at Durban South Africa is over, and I have had an opportunity to think about its results and ramifications, I can say with all honesty that it has changed some of my opinions significantly.

First: I used to have a great deal of sympathy for the people of the “Developing Countries”. Now; they can screw off and develop on their own time and dime. I saw and heard enough from these countries to realize how utterly unworthy they are of our serious thought and attention.

Second: As far as compensatory payments to African countries and Black citizens of other countries for slavery that ended centuries ago in the British Empire; and on this continent with the US Civil war. Up theirs!

The world can not, and should not be living in the past. We must remember the past, and we must punish criminals such as slave traders and slave owners. But; certainly not hold their great great great grandchildren responsible for their misdeeds. This is ridiculous.

Just about every culture and minority on this planet has faced the evils of ethnocentric nationalism, racism and discrimination. So, what makes the Africans of the 21st century special?

If the Africans want to point fingers, the direction to which they should be pointing is towards their ancestral homeland in Africa; where slavery, religious and cultural genocide is an age-old part of their history and is still a daily occurrence on a substantial part of the continent.

I do not remember hearing or reading about the pompous holier-than-thou Africans in attendance at this sham, condemn Mugabe of Zimbabwe and his killers for what they are doing to white farm families.

I didn’t see, read or hear any outrage against the slave trade carried on in African countries such as Sudan, or the genocidal killers of Rwanda. But, how utterly foolish of me. How could they possibly have found the time to be a little introspective about their own current sins, when they were all too busy condemning Israel for trying to survive?

The National Security Advisor to President George Bush, Condoleezza Rice, was absolutely right in her assessment on the call for compensation to African-Americans for the slave trade. She herself being a Black person, said that the world should be looking forward. Not backwards.

There are a great many extremely successful Blacks living and contributing to society throughout the world, most of all in the USA; in spite of the US slave trade that ended after more white Americans died killing each other over the principle of slavery, than during any and all other conflicts.

And in spite of endemic anti-Black racism that came to a head in the 50’s and 60’s when civil rights activists; including Whites, were beaten and killed so all Americans could be equal – equality was guaranteed. All of which, without cash compensation for something that happened far more than one hundred years ago.

And instead of cash compensation in the USA, how about “affirmative action” that cost Whites their jobs in favor of Blacks. Who is prepared to compensate the Whites who were discriminated against?

If the destruction, injuries, maimings and deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans during the Civil War was not enough to appease the people calling for more retribution because of the slave trade. Nothing ever will be. Not affirmative action. Nor cash compensation.

It can be argued, that since the Jews who suffered and lost so much as a result of the Holocaust have received, and continue to receive compensation from the German government on the behalf of the German people; so should the American Blacks whose ancestors were slaves. This argument is without merit.

Germany is paying the victims. Not the children, grand children and great grand children of the victims; as so many at the Durban conference have demanded. Specifically of the Americans.

Third: The demand by the descendants of the slave trade for cash retribution has made me think about one of my very own personal life decisions. No one in my family was either killed or interned in a Nazi Concentration Camp. And to the very best of my knowledge, neither was anyone in the families of my wife or brothers-in-law.

Nevertheless; I have nothing but the greatest amount of disdain for what Nazi Germany did to the people of my religion. So much so, that I would go out of my way not to buy anything German, and that especially included German cars.

But; as of the Durban conference, I have rethought my position, and like Condoleezza Rice, I too want to look forward and not towards the past.

Germany has bent over backwards to atone for the horror that the world knows as the Holocaust. Not only has Germany compensated the victims of the Holocaust, it has also championed Israel’s right to exist, and has gone above and beyond the call to outlaw Nazism in any form. And not just simply with lip-service.

I am certain that there are still many Jew haters in Germany, but then again; I am also certain that there are many Jew haters in every other country on this planet, including Canada. But; to Germany’s great credit, they are doing something about it.

This is a lesson I have learned from the Durban conference. I can neither blame nor punish the children, grandchildren and now great grandchildren for what their ancestors did more than half a century ago. It is time for me too, to move on and look forward.

Fourth: Canada is a shameful excuse for a serious country. We have become a world trollop, willing to sleep with anyone who can give us a shiny bauble.

We decided to stay on at the Durban sham in spite of the fact that the USA and Israel walked out because of principles. We stayed to the end; and then we signed onto the meaningless piece of paper that is now the official document and statement of this debacle.

But; like the prostitute Canada has become (or perhaps always was), we publicly condemned that part of the document which condemned Israel. Nevertheless; Canada’s signature is forever on the official document.

Canada now has it both ways. To the despicable tinpots of the Durban sham, Canada can say with 100% honesty, that they stayed the course in spite of tremendous pressure for them to leave. And; Canada signed the final document. I am positive that this scored highly with the people most of us would not want to sit down to the supper table with.

To the real world of responsible citizens, Canada can also say with all honesty. Yes, we stayed at the conference. And yes, we signed the final document. But, we condemned the part of the document that condemned Israel.

I went to the polling station during the last federal election and did something that I never did before. I destroyed my ballot rather than vote for someone I did not want, simply because he or she was the lesser of a very bad choice. In-so-doing, I voted for none of the above. And with every passing day, I realize more and more how right this voting choice really was.

The Durban sham helped me rethink the way I saw the world, and reconfirmed the way I see Canada’s leadership. Maybe this UN sham wasn’t a total waste of time after-all.

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