Canada’s Moment Of Shame In Durban – When you stand for everything. You stand for nothing.

Canada has decided to keep our junior minister, Hedy Fry, a joke in her own right, in South Africa, in the hopes that Canada can be a moderating influence and once again be everyone's friend.

It is sometimes very difficult to be proud of Canada. While it is true that Canada fought in both world wars, it is also true that Canada was under an obligation to Britain that more or less forced it to do what was right. And as a member of the UN, Canada also served in the Korean war; not in appreciable numbers, but at least Canada was there.

But just about everywhere else in the world, Canada has been a voyeur; always on the fringe, but never in the action, other than to be the friend to everyone. We send out peace-keepers with orders not to engage the “enemy”, let alone fire in self defense.

We even stood by in places like Rwanda, where Canada’s general in charge, Leutenant General Romeo Dalaire, begged for the right to defend innocent men, women and children from certain massacre. His pleas fell upon deaf ears as close to one million people were murdered; and many more wounded, maimed and orphaned. I guess Canada, through the UN didn’t want to offend the murderers.

And if the UN wouldn’t give Canadian troops the green light to fight off the murderers, Canada should have either done it anyway, or publicly left. Canada did neither.

When you stand for everything. You stand for nothing. And when it comes to Canada, that is precisely where we stand. Canada has become a nation of platitudes, careful not to disturb its reputation of being the great world moderator.

Mike (Lester B) Pearson, Canada’s Prime Minister who brought Canada the Maple Leaf flag, and who in 1957 won the Nobel Peace Prize for establishing a peace keeping force set the tone for our Country. Canada effectively became the world’s honest broker, which saw every side to every argument; so much so, that the truth became irrelevant.

In the 50’s and 60’s, the world learned to love Canada, because Canada never took sides, and when it did, it took everyone’s side; skillfully maneuvering so as not to offend anyone in the process. By doing so, Canada has made some significant gains for itself. It has become the sweetheart to some of the world’s most despicable leaders, tyrannies and third world countries.

Not to mention the wealth Canadian firms have gleaned from those horrible countries who love us so much.

Let me list a couple of quick examples. Cuba is a country where the Cuban people have no political choice whatsoever, no freedom of speech, assembly or association. But Castro loves Canada. Castro also loves the fact that Canadian firms seem to have no problem doing business from American facilities that were “stolen” by the Castro communists.

Another great insult is China, a mammoth country that conducts public mass executions to perceived enemies of the state. China also uses slave labor, child labor and “harvests” human organs for profitable sale from condemned convicts.

The Middle-East Arab world also loves Canada. Here is a region where the word democracy doesn’t exist in their dictionary, and Canada is not in the least bit bothered.

Syria seems destined to win a seat on the UN Security Council with Canada’s support. I guess it means nothing to Canada that Syria is a “dictatorial police state”, and the last time there was serious opposition to the deceased dictator, Hafez Assad (the father of the current dictator), he had his troops encircle the Syrian city of Hama, from where the Moslem Brotherhood organized. And with tanks and artillery, on February 2, 1982, he had his generals proceed to decimate the city over a 27 day barrage; killing an estimated 30,000 to 40,000 men, women and children: including their animals. Afterwards, another 15,000 people of Hama went missing.

In this city of some 350,000 people, one third of it was destroyed. And after the annihilation, Hafez Assad ordered the former city’s rubble to be crushed and flattened as a perpetual reminder to anyone who would question or resist his authority.

In the Sudan, Canada has shown complicity in Talisman Energy of Alberta to finance the Sudanese civil war. And more than one Canadian company is involved in African “blood diamonds”, without any official Canadian government condemnation.

Canada’s number one international philosophy seems to be: “offend no one”. No one that is that can put a buck in Canada’s pocket, or influence someone who can. And as a result, Canada is showing the world what it is truly worth.

The latest joke is unfolding in Durban South Africa, where the United Nations is hosting a world class summit on what has become an orgy of anti-Semitism. Where all of Canada’s despotic buddies, and poverty nations are falling over themselves spitting anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli venom and hatred.

These are the countries that know nothing about democracy at best, and are killers and thugs at worst.

Many of the most vile Jew and Israel haters in attendance of this sham in Durban are also Islamic fundamentalists who have absolutely no regard for equal human rights and dignity. And even the “great” Nelson Mandela considers Libya’s Quadhafi to be one of his special friends, even though there was a strong Jewish element in the South African anti-apartheid civil rights movement.

Every time a Palestinian killer blows up Jews who want nothing more than to live in peace and security, Canada’s silence is deafening. Yet, when Israel retaliates, Canada can not wait to get to the UN in order to add its name to the list of tin-pots in condemnation of Israel.

Now, in Durban South Africa, where these despicable little people are gorging themselves on anti-Semitism, The USA and Israel have said enough is enough, and have left.

But not Canada. Canada has decided to keep our junior minister, Hedy Fry, a joke in her own right, in South Africa, in the hopes that Canada can be a moderating influence and once again be everyone’s friend.

When you stand for everything. You stand for nothing.

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  1. Interesting is it not , that the US is about to toss control of the Internet to someone else , the backbone and basis of the communication you are referring to and lauding . Sly move to have someone else limit access for them , limitation and censorship will be the result . At the very least access will have a “cost” attached as a control mechanism .

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