Fake News – Propaganda . . . A Stellar Failure


Before We Get Into The Crux Of This Editorial – I Wish Every Reader A Reflective Good Friday & A Wonderful Passover.

On This Day . . . Christians will be Remembering the Suffering of Christ on the Cross Dying for the Sins of God’s Children, While Jews will be Remembering the Exodus from Egyptian Bondage to the Promised Land of Israel.

We Should Never Forget The Message Delivered By Both Faiths As The World Cascades To Perdition.


While It’s True That A Conspiracy Of Fake Propagandized Media Hurt Trump’s 2020 Reelection – It’s Not The Reason Biden Won.

But First I Have to Clarify what I just Wrote in the Preceding. Biden Didn’t Win. He Cheated. So I Don’t Quite Know What you would Call Biden’s Non-Election Victory. But What I do Know, is that the Media, through all their Anti-Trump Collusion, which Helped Defeat President Trump, WAS NOT Nearly as Instrumental in Biden’s Pyrrhic Victory & Trump’s Non-Defeat as Everyone Imagines.


No Matter How Dark & Bleak A Situation Seems . . . Light  Manages To Shine Through, Just Like Water Always Finds Its Way.

And No Matter How Much the Media, which Includes the Mainstream Legacy Media and the Burgeoning Social-Media Do to Suppress the Truth & Purvey Distortions, Slants & Lies . . . Their Combined Efforts Never Really Succeed.

In-Spite of the Massive Media Assault Against President Trump and the Republican Party – Coupled to the Unfair & Equally Massive Media Promotion of Joe Biden . . . the Only Way Biden Became the President of the United States of America was Through Unprecedented Cheating at all Levels, for the Purpose of Manipulating the Electoral College.

And . . . Even Though all the Media Declared an All-Out War Against the RIGHT (Truth & Justice), Republicans Still Managed to Tie in the Senate, and Finished-Up the 2020 House Election just a Few Seats Away from Taking the Speaker’s Gavel from the Decrepit Hands of Nancy Pelosi.


President Trump Is Holding Rallies All Across America . . . Does the Mainstream Legacy Media Promote the Where, When & Theme of the Trump Rallies? Does the Mainstream Legacy Media Show these Rallies on their Television Networks? Does the Mainstream Legacy Media even Report on these Trump Rallies After-The-Fact?

Does Fox News Even Carry These Trump Rallies Or Make A Big Deal Of Them?

And Even Further To The Point . . . Are the Trump Rallies Promoted On-Line through the Big Social-Media Purveyors like Twitter, Facebook, Google and even YouTube? And are the Trump Rallies even Covered in Traditional Print Media?

The Answer To All The Above Questions Is No.

The Only Media I Can Think of which Promotes & Carries all the Trump Rallies Live are Newsmax and RSBN,  Both of Which are Internet-Fed Sources of Honest Media, Available throughout the United States of America & Canada.


With Virtually A 100% Major Media Blackout Of Trump Rallies . . . How Does Trump Manage to Repeatedly Rally Tens of Thousands of People to Indoor & Outdoor Sites in Far Removed Places Around the United States of America?

More To The Point . . . How Does Trump & The Trump Message Continue To Grow & Resonate Throughout America & Worldwide?


Trudeau – Through A Bill Which His Liberal Party Passed In Parliament, Has Literally Bought & Paid for the Support and/or the Silence of the Canadian Media Spanning a Number of Years with the Exception of Just One Struggling, Yet Growing Disseminator of Online Honest & In-Depth News & Opinion . . . Rebel News, which has Just Been Banned by the Trudeau Government from all things Ottawa-Political, and from all the Benefits, Including Tax Advantages & Access Accorded to What Trudeau Believes is “Acceptable” News Media in Canada.

But That Hasn’t Stopped Rebel Media From Fighting.

Pierre Poilievre . . . Canada’s Rising Conservative Star, who is Running to Become the Leader of the Canadian Conservative Party is Being Bludgeoned by Conservative Party Insiders, Party Opposition Candidates for the Conservative Leadership, Trudeau and the Mainstream & Social-Media, all of Whom are Terrified of a Poilievre Party Leadership Victory.

So How Come – With Every Passing Poilievre Event, The Poilievre Rallies Are Sold-Out & Standing Room Only?

And Why – In the Midst of all this Negative Media Coverage Accorded to Poilievre, Or No Coverage At All, is Poilievre Resonating Nationwide with Voters who Generally Vote Liberal, Vote NDP Socialist & Vote Green Party Nut-Jobs . . . Not to Forget to Mention the Swelling Ranks of Conservatives Who are Joining the Party to Make Sure . . . That Poilievre Will Be Elected Leader Of The Conservative Party This September (2022)?


They Hate People Like Me . . . Of Whom There Are Many:

The Reason Why the Truth is Shining Through & Getting the Message-Out, Is Because Of People Like Me, who Won’t be Intimidated, who Will Write the Facts, the Truth & Expose the Lies, Cheats, Thieves & Traitors.

The Reason Why Trump Rallies & Socio/Political Philosophies (MAGA) are Still Busting Out All-Over . . . Is Because Of People Like Me. Same Can be Said About the National Burgeoning Political Growth of Pierre Poilievre . . . Because Of People Like Me.


As Tough As It Is For Me To Write, Say And Do All That I Can – It Makes A Real Difference – It’s Worth It.

Between Fair-Minded Conservative Media Bloggers, Podcasters, Onsite Videographers, Radio Talk-Show Hosts & Independent Online News Streamers Like Newsmax, RSBN, One America News Network & Rebel News to Name but a Few – WE ARE THE MAJORITY.

We Create The Narrative . . . And we will Decide our Own Fate as Soon as we Realize that we Are Only the Victims of our Own Doubts & Thoughts.

Which Is Why I Ask You As I Always Do On The FIFTEENTH Of Every Month For Your Financial Support For Galganov.com.

GALGANOV.COM HAS NO SPONSORS. We Don’t Sell Ads or Products. Galganov.com is Free to Read for Everyone, it’s Free to Comment-On, And I Read all the Comments & Emails I Receive, Answering Most of Them.

In One Month From Now, I will Literally Have to Spend a Small Fortune Revamping Galganov.com from Top to Bottom to Comply with the New Internet Platforms & Online Credit Card Services . . . Just To Be Able To Continue Doing What I Do.

And Since You Are The ONLY Source Of Revenue For Galganov.com . . . I Am Depending on Your Generosity as Always, to Help Me Do What I Do in the Battle for all of our Freedoms & Liberties.


Thank You In Advance As Always & Happy Holidays.

Best Regards – Howard Galganov

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  1. Poilievre, like Trump, is getting blocked from the news audience by silence. You get to see him talking, but no sound. The reason? He makes sense, is well spoken, and shows up Trudeau for the drooling idiot he is.

  2. I rarely donate to any web site, but, Galganov.com, isn’t just any web site. Howard speaks for me as well as many others and his words give me the strength to believe that we will eventually get ourselves, out of this mess. Evil forces are all around, and seem to be louder than ever. The only way to defeat them is by better and louder forces, Howard Galganov, is one of those strong voices we can all depend on. SO DON’T BE A CHEAPSKATE AND DIG INTO THOSE POCKETS, AND LET’S KEEP HIM FUNDED. Ch

  3. Thanks for the reminder – I need to do my mid-month check-writing. Have a great spring, summer and fall in your home space with your animals. Happy “Resurrection Day” to Christians, and a blessed Passover to you & Anne & all of Jewish faith.

  4. Enjoy your travel break; then safe travels after that. Extra $$ for the website upgrade.

  5. Happy Passover to you and Anne, Howard and may your week-end be filled with peace and joy. Another great article and thanks for the reminder. There will definitely be a cheque in the mail this week. Thank you again for all your hard work and diligence.

  6. Tells me a lot about this Guy Will not be voting for him!!! Conservative leadership candidate @JeanCharest_ says @PierrePoilievre should be disqualified from the race for supporting the “Freedom Convoy.” Got my vote Pierre Poilievre

  7. Poilievre who sure looks like the people’s choice has a rally in Toronto next Tuesday. Charest, the major media choice, has a rally next Thursday in Oakville. Hopefully Rebel News and True North will cover both and compare crowd sizes. I expect MM to cover Charest. Poilievre’s Calgary rally with a 2 KM traffic jam and 5000 people he mingled with was pretty astounding for a Canadian leadership meet and greet. Love it.

  8. The Liberals of this World are trying to achieve one thing, Hell On Earth. By trying to make it so difficult to live financially for a vast majority of folks, the hope is we will flock to the Gov’t for aide. Many will let their votes be bought for so little but strong conservatives will not. We must resist the buying of Votes at all costs. All the Illegals coming into our country will Vote if given a chance while many Fence Sitting Folks will not vote and the complain about what we lose. VOTE

  9. I get your blog from a friend and agree with you on just about everything. Please add me to your list of subscribers and advise where to mail a donation. God Bless you for writing this newsletter!!!

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