Tale Of Two Leaders . . . A Hero & A Zero


Before Getting Into This Editorial . . . Over the Last Few Days, I’ve Received Several Emails and a Comment by Readers of Galganov.com Wondering if I, Anne & Tavor are OK, Because I Didn’t Publish for a Few Days?

The Immediate Answer Is Yes, We Are All Fine . . . And Thank You For Your Concern.

There is So Much Happening in the World Today, Between the Propagandized China Virus, the Tyrannical Virus Mandates, the Scourge of Inflation, the Insane Price of Fuel, the Truckers’ Convoy & Canada’s Draconian Emergencies Act (Martial Law), that I Needed a Break from Writing just to Keep my Head from Exploding.

But I’m Still Here – Writing, Speaking & Doing Whatever I Can Do To Promote Truth, Honesty & Freedom.


There is No Debate Whatsoever, that Putin is a Genocidal Maniac Leading his Country to the Type of Ignominy that is Reserved for Despicable Thugs in the Names of Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Castro, the Ceausescu’s and an Assortment of Other Socialist (Communist) Fascists.

Even Now, Long Before The Dust Settles – Vladimir Putin Has Become A Man Devoid Of Humanity.


Volodymyr Zelensky . . . The Jewish Actor/Comedian Come President Of Ukraine Is Now Enshrined As A Historical Hero.

Where Politicians Throughout History Ran From Threats, Volodymyr Zelensky Stayed the Course & Publicly Stood with his People, Publicly Vowing to Go Down if Ukraine Goes Down.

How Many Leaders Do We Know Who Would Commit To Such A Sacrifice? . . . Off-Hand, I Can Only Think Of Three.

At The Beginning Of WWII, Churchill Stood His Ground & Stood with His People, as He Never Left London. Churchill Walked Amongst the British People, and When he Could Churchill Traveled on Public Transit so the People would Know that their Leader was With Them all the Way.

As The Twin Towers Were Ablaze . . . New Yorkers were Running Away from the Inferno of the Crumbling Towers to Safety, while One New York Leader & His Cohorts were Making His (Their) Way to the Hell of the Islamists’-Making. His Name Is Rudy Giuliani.


Forget for a Moment that Donald J Trump was the Best President America has Had in My 72-Year-Old Lifetime & Maybe Even Ever – Since Abraham Lincoln, No President Has Ever Had to Face the Slings & Arrows Thrust Towards Him the Way Trump Has Had To Do . . . Not Forgetting That Trump Is The ONLY Man Standing Between Global Freedom & Tyranny.

Trump Can Walk Away & Live The Rest Of His Life In Absolute Luxury . . . But He Doesn’t.

We Always Speak About Trump’s Incredible Achievements in Business & Politics, and the Unbelievable things Trump has Already Done for Security & Prosperity for America & Much of the World, But we Seem Never to Talk About the Constant Threats Against Trump from the Deep American State, as they Scheme to do Whatever they can To Immobilize A Trump-2024 Re-Re-Election.

Trump has Said in Various Speeches He’s Given, Especially at Trump Rallies, Including Trump’s Latest Speech (February 26, 2022) at the CPAC Conference, that He Can’t Imagine any Other Politician who Could Have Withstood the Never-Ending Attacks on Himself, His family, Associates, Friends & Supporters . . . Neither Can I.

When The History Books Are Finally Written About This Era In American & Global Politics, There Will be a Special Asterix Beside the Name of Donald J Trump, in the Historical Likeness of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln & Teddy Roosevelt.

Hypocrisy Is The Name . . . Propaganda Is The Game – Deceit Is The Tool Of Despots.

How Many Times have We Heard About the Abject Corruption of the Ukrainian Government? How Ukraine Cannot be Trusted? How Corruption Runs so Deep in the Ukrainian Government that it is Endemic.

I Suspect A Lot Of That Is (Was) True. But I Also Suspect that the New Government of the Ukrainian People Led by President Zelensky is all About Reversing that and Making What Used-To-Be a Totalitarian Satellite State of the Former Soviet Union into a Democratic State . . . that will be – Of The People, By The People & For The People, is Partly Why Putin is Waging a Genocidal War Against the Government of the Ukrainian People.

I Also Suspect That Is A Good Part Of The Reason . . . Why Biden’s America & the Western Countries were so Late Coming to the Party in Defense of the Burgeoning Democratic Nation of Ukraine . . . They Like The Corruption.


In the United States of America, How Does Someone of No Wealth, who Becomes a Member of the House or the Senate, Earning Less than $200,000 Per Year in the House or the Senate, Become a Multi-Millionaire Virtually Overnight?

How Do Friends Of Members Of Congress Also Become Fabulously Wealthy? And Explain The Wealth Of Hunter Biden?

In The Democratic Countries Of America & Canada . . . How do Innocent People Get Arrested & Locked-Up for Demonstrating Against the Abuse of Government? And in the Case of the United States of America, People are Arrested & Held without Bail for More than a Year, Incommunicado and in Solitary Confinement for the Simple Crime of Trespassing . . . How Does That Happen?

In The Case Of Canada . . . What Gives the Canadian Government the Power to Order Canadian Banks to Freeze & Seize Bank Accounts from Legitimate Peaceful Protestors?

And What Gives The Canadian Government The Right To Decide Whose Speech Is Acceptable & Whose Is Not?

Back To America . . . Where in a Free “Democratic” (Constitutional Republic) Country, is it Written in the Constitution that One Political Party Should Have the Right to Use the Unrestricted Tools & Power – Or Any Tools & Power of America’s Formidable Spying & Policing Agencies (NSA, CIA, FBI, IRS – Etc) to Destroy the Political Opposition to the LEFTIST Government in Power . . . Or Seeking To Regain Power?

And How is it “Democratic” for American Bureaucrats to Create Rules, Not Laws, but Rather Sketchy Rules in Defiance of Written Laws, which Restrict Fair, Honest & Reliable Elections?

And Where In A Free Society Is Literally All The Media An Extension Of The Government In Power?


What is Happening In Ukraine. What will Probably Happen in the Middle East Between Israel & Iran. And What Might be a Short Distance Away Between Taiwan & Communist China . . . is Because of Global Greed, Propaganda & The Worst World Leadership Imaginable. And That Might Be The Least That Could Happen In The Short Run.

As The Guts Of The World Spins Out Of Control . . . The One Thing We Need Most & Have The Least-Of . . . Are Leaders.

Let’s Pray For Tomorrow . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I agree with your choice of Churchill, but don’t forget King George VI & Queen Elizabeth who could have moved to Scotland or any other safe haven during the bkitz, but stayed in London & went to the east end every morning after the air raids, to comfort the Londoners. They were first class leaders. Love your editorials, H.G. Dave Innes

  2. Watched CPAC most of the last couple of day’s. Great speakers all. But Trump brought the house down. How does he always communicate so well with his followers? IT’S HIS HONESTY!!! I was glued to the tube, as all the guest speakers had great points and explained the issues clearly, issues we are all facing, both here and in Canada. Hope you had a chance to watch some of it, I never had any interest in watching such stuff, boy was I pleasantly surprised. HOWARD KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT-LOVE IT!!!

  3. Let’s see Biden, Turdeau and the Western leaders all say it is Putin and that the Ukraine is innocent. Well considering the track record of illustrious leaders , I would guess the west and Ukraine started all this bs. Oops don’t forget Minsk accords 8 years ago. Ukraine is not part of NATO so what gives….

  4. I am a huge fan of Tucker Carlson and never miss his show but I was very disappointed in him when he didn’t care about the Russia/ Ukraine situation which was before the actual invasion, because it has nothing to do with America. I hope after seeing the heroism of the Ukrainian people and the price they’re willing to pay to be free and Putin revealing himself as an evil imperialist he’s now whistling a different tune. He condemned Ukraine for being corrupt when America is worse.

  5. I’m not a Putin fan but I believe he and Trump are probably the only significant world leaders today that are not in agreement with the New World Order/Great Reset. Invading Ukraine is terrible but imagine how peed America would be if Russia had a potential military presence just inside the Mexican border. Maybe Biden wouldn’t care but a sane POTUS surely would. All that needed be done to avoid this was for NATO to deny membership to Ukraine but have her back 100% anyway. The coin has 2 sides.

  6. The last half of your editorial was essentially describing Klaus Schwab’s (WEF) design for his Great Reset. All nations’ leaders or reps attend the annual World Economic Forum & are grilled on steps toward what Schwab feels is a needed reset. World leaders & Big Tech seem to be walking in lock-step with his bidding. It’s all about owning nothing & being happy. Thing is that applies to all but the wealthy elite. And covid was 1st installment set up to take control of masses. WE MUST FIGHT BACK

  7. I am praying for this planet for Satan surely has a hold of it and many of the people in it. Glad you and family are well. You not writing for a few days was understandable all that was going on in your beautiful country. Any one going through what we are all going through need a day or so off to get our minds in gear again. So, if you had people writing back to you saying hope you and family are all well. it was out of concern for all of you and your country. Always grateful to you & Editoria

  8. Howard I loved the toss in of re- re-election of President Donald Trump. Especially concidering Trumps total count over 72 million votes. While Biden the basement man received from fairy dust land was 83 million. The two together totalling ten million more than the total registered voters of all 50 States. Then throw in the Cash of considering the highest percentage of total registered Voters have never been even 80%. Rounds out to 38 Million more votes than mathematically in reach of “HELLO”

  9. The Sheep of this world always need a big bad sheep dog to protect them. While hunting, I have more than once accidently came upon a sheep herd with a bad ass dog, put me up a tree. That is there job. As with people who open their mouths to ingest food and spit out BS, they bleat but do not fight, wolves love them. Our Countries are in a mess due too a few lying, power grabbing pieces of Crap (who never have seen a day of hard work) bully folks, their day is coming, I hope before they cause WW3.

  10. As Trump says, “Putin is smart and our “leaders” (if that’s what you want to call them) are dumb.”

  11. To add to the “Zero” list is JT. Hid in his basement with fake covid when a few trucks arrive to protest…not much of a leader compared to Zelensky!

  12. To answer your question about, how a congressman or senator can become wealthy. Look at how Hillary did it—given inside investment tips. Illegal of course BUT? Putin is a tyrant and 3 yrs after the Abrham accord is signed by the Palestinians, he will attack Israel, breaking the peace treaty ref: BIBLE.

  13. I could be wrong but I think Zelinski is part of the New World order. And as such will do what is in his power to further that agenda. There is a lot of fake news and made up propaganda from both sides going around the MSM and other media.

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