It Starts & Ends With Freedom Of Expression


What Can Possibly Be More Important To A Nation Than The Suspension Of The Nation’s Civil Rights & Liberties?


And Don’t Let Your Children Be Influenced By The Communist American LEFT.

THE ANSWER IS NOTHING . . . That is More Important than the Loss of a Nation’s Civil Rights & Liberties, since Freedom or the Lack Thereof, Defines the Very Nature of How we all Live in our Society from the Cradle to the Grave.


As I’ve Written Many Times, Canada’s Mainstream Media has been Bought & Paid-For by Trudeau’s Act In Parliament Several Years Ago, which Gave the Federal Government (Under Trudeau) the Unrestricted Power to Pay-Off the Media of Trudeau’s Choice, with the Excuse of Helping the Legacy Media to Compete with the New Social-Media.

The Absolute Truth . . . Is To Silence & Bend The Media To Trudeau’s Bidding & LEFTIST Propaganda, Which Is Working.

There are Only a Few National News Publications Giving Short-Shrift to What Happened in Ottawa over the Past Few Days . . . But So Few To Even Matter.

And Perhaps, Even Amongst the Few which are Still “Talking” About what Happened Over the Past Weekend (February 19 & 20 – 2022) they Too are NOT Focused on the 800-Pound Gorilla In The Room – Called The Emergencies Act, which is Nothing Less Than the Absolute Loss of Freedom & Liberties for All Canadians, Including the Parliamentary Numbskulls who Voted for the Loss of their Own Freedoms & Liberties . . . And the Unprecedented Abuse of Raw Federal Power . . .

. . . Which Has NEVER BEFORE BEEN EXPERIENCED In Canada From The Time Of The Founding Of Confederation In 1867.


What This Act Of Tyranny Does, in Addition to the Overall Suspension of Civil Rights & Liberties Throughout Canada, and Freedom of Expression, which are Deemed “UNACCEPTABLE” in the Exact Spoken Words of Canada’s Minority Prime Minister Justin Trudeau . . . Is To Question What Is Acceptable?

Is What I Am Writing Right Now Acceptable? And Acceptable To Whom?

Tomorrow Afternoon At 12:30 Eastern Time (February 24, 2022), I am Slated to be Going Live-On Air With Florida Radio Firebrand Joyce Kaufman, to Speak About the Issues Happening in Canada, Which You Can Hear Live Tomorrow At 12:30 Eastern Time By Clicking Here, or if you Live in South Central Florida – By Tuning Into 850-WFTL.

Will What I Say To Joyce Kaufman Be Considered Acceptable Views & Speech? Maybe Not by Trudeau & Trudeau’s Dummy Followers in Canada, But Joyce Kaufman’s Show Isn’t in Canada, and the Last Time I Looked – WFTL-Florida is in the Thus Far Still Free Constitutional Nation of America.

It’s A Travesty That I Have To Learn About Canada On Conservative American News Media – Fox, Newsmax, Breitbart – Etc.


I Have Done the Best I Can to Protect Anne, Tavor & Myself from Trudeau’s Recriminations . . . But if they Want to Come & Get Me for What I Write, Say & Do, They Will . . . But None Of Their Threats Or Actions Will Shut-Me-Up.

I Was Born Free. I Will Continue To Live Free. I Will Die Free.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Don’t let your Country (USA) become Canada you say! Well, I think the US might be even further down the socialist, Marxist, Fascist rabbit hole than Canada. Their entire media is Socialist, FBI, Military ,Court system taken over by Woke Leftists. Election Fraud. Weaponizing these against Conservative people, including 5 years plus of going after Trump on phony charges. Our system is bad and Trudope had to go, but I think the US has 1 last chance to change in November.

  2. America take note. Canada has crossed the rubicon and slid quite a ways down that slippery slope. We are a good lesson to be learned , if you still value what you have. May freedom remain to be what’s most important in your country , and God bless.

  3. People who accept limitations of their rights & freedoms, like freedom of speech, are basically those who do do nothing of importance or have nothing important to say. The govt does not care to stop anyone from being a useless simpleton who is only a danger to themselves. They are, however, only concerned with limiting people who are intelligent who might think for themselves and stand in their way. This example is played out a thousand times a day in a country like Canada.

  4. I am praying for you & your country as well as mine here in the U.S. We are a few yrs ahead of you HG when the man in office at the W/H took over. Well that is a joke The big shots who run this country keep the media in tole have for years. Yes HG you have done all you possibly have been able to by writing to us all. Thank you sir , I pray over & over for you, Anne, & Travor I will do my very best to listen to you on the radio with Joyce K., Until then sir I give you my prayers to all of y

  5. I am sick that our government did not con dim Canada government for what they did!

  6. I will start by commenting on Mickie Purifoy’s comment. The reason your government did not condemn our government is because it was Biden that advised Trudeau to do this. He told him to use his “Federal Powers” to squash the protest. That being said, it has now been reported that Fidel Trudeau has revoked the emergency act. Well of course he did!! He knew it would get shot down in the Senate, so here he is trying to save face. It’s over for Trudeau, and in the same breath it’s over for

  7. Rise up world. USA. Unite freedom fighters. Do not comply with tyranny = police = governments = ALL crooked and corrupt to the core $ Welcome to fascist, communist Canada…rise up, plan…fight back or else. Corrupt, FASCIST PIGS, OPP, RCMP know only one language – VIOLENCE – and COPS will be the FIRST to INITIATE VIOLENCE. End the mandates lying governments = police scum. Never forget: You have the right to physically resist unlawful orders ! It’s your right ! Don’t comply with tyranny.

  8. Suddenly Trudeau withdrew the Emergency Measures Act, because the BANKS have massive runs on WITHDRAWLS. If the banks have no money the country doesn’t run. There was NO trace of an apology. All the destruction his minions caused will be swept under the rug. Schwab & Soros had not expected the SHEEPLES to do this!! Canada needs an apology then THROW THE BUM OUT! Just as we must do in the USA. We have a declared NATIONAL EMERGENCY…the Truck Convoy is on its way!!

  9. Yes, money talks. A run on the banks got noticed quickly, honest folks took there money and stuck it in there safe place. My wife and I made a paltry 9.65 on our accounts last year. We do have a small savings that is about to be put in a safe place, not in the bank. Biden or Pelosi ordered a multi-million dollar fence be put up around the WH to keep the bad Trucker Convoy folks out, I wonder what Relative to the WH won that contract. Our money used against us. The American People own the WH.

  10. And here in America, does anyone think Biden won’t issue an emergency EO because “The Russians Are Coming!”? I’ll be tuning in.

  11. Russians have invaded Ukraine. Oil $100 a barrel and going higher. Stock market plunging. Canada under the rule of a dictator. WWIII next?

  12. What a growing mess our world is in. And I fear it will only get worse. I believe we are seeing at least the beginnings of the “end times”, and the US may not even exist as the United States of America if things don’t change. But then with the Ukraine mess now, watch out for China to make a move. Was that what Xi & Putin discussed and agreed on at their meet-up before the Olympics began??

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