The Tyranny Act – Canada’s Shame


This Editorial Is A Succinct Comprehensive Opinion On What’s Become Of Canada.

BEFORE GOING-ON . . . Please Understand This – The Government of Justin Trudeau and his LEFTIST Parliamentarian Cohorts Didn’t Pass the Tyranny Act Because they Felt they were In-Charge . . . They Passed the Draconian Emergencies Act . . . Because They Knew They Weren’t In-Charge.

The First Thing We Need To Do . . . is to Clearly Understand What the LEFT Means when Pressing their Favorite Narrative, which Involves the LEFT’S Constant Battle (Harangue) Against Conservatism . . . of How “Democracy” is at Constant Risk of Being Lost Because of Conservative Thoughts, Words & Policies.


And This Isn’t Just In Canada . . . America Is No Less At Risk Of This Disastrous Un-Truth.

There Are No Longer Any Secrets, since Trudeau and his Socialist Liberals in Lock-Step with the NDP (New Democrat Party – Communists) Voted Unanimously Yesterday Evening (February 21, 2022), to Extend the Draconian Emergencies Act (Law) which “Temporarily” Strips-Away (Temporary So They Say) all the Freedoms of the People of Canada.


Imagine the Utter Stupidity & Ignorance of the People Who Voted to Support a Law that Takes Away the People’s Freedoms to Purportedly Save the People’s Freedoms (Democracy)? Well . . . That’s Exactly What Happened Yesterday in Canada’s Parliament, as IDIOTS Applauded the Loss of their Freedoms.

I Watched & Listened To The Parliamentary Debates On Extending Or Ending The Emergencies (Tyranny) Act.

One Jewish Liberal Member Of Parliament, Ya’ara Saks – who Represents a Riding (District) in Toronto, is so Brainwashed by Liberal Bullshit, that all she Saw in the Freedom Demonstrators were Swastikas, Rebel Flags (Stars & Bars) & White Supremacists.

Perhaps there was a Flag or Two of the Stars & Bars or Even a Swastika – SO WHAT? Who’s to Say they Weren’t Anti-Freedom Plants? And Who’s to Say that they weren’t Carried by Just a Few Nut-Jobs, which Represented No-One But Themselves?

And Who’s To Say Those Flags Weren’t A Comment On The People Who Supported The Tyranny Of Trudeau?

Even More Ridiculous . . . This Idiot MP (Member Of Parliament – Ya’ara Saks) Said During her Pro-Tyranny Speech in Parliament, Before the Final Vote to Suspend Canada’s Freedoms & Liberties . . . How Every Time Saks Heard Horns Honking in Ottawa During the Demonstration (In Her Own Words) – “HONK-HONK” . . . Ya’ara Saks Heard “Heil Hitler”.

Ya’ara Saks Is An Insult & An Embarrassment To The Memory Of The Holocaust & To The Jewish People.

I DOUBT VERY MUCH . . . If Ya’ara Saks ever Took or Gave Blows, Physically Fighting Against Real Anti-Semites – Or Stood the Line Against a Truly Major Anti-Semitic Media or Elected Anti-Semites in Government . . . I Have.

Has Ya’ara Saks ever Seen a Caricature of herself in a Deadly Serious Separatist Magazine Published by a Convicted Murderer, with a Cowboy (Cowgirl) Hat Emblazed with a Star of David on her Hat, with a Gun (Carbine) Pointed at her Head, with her Head in a Noose . . . I Have.

Ya’ara Saks is Also the Embodiment of the Lunacy & Brainwashing of the Liberal Party of Canada and all the Socialists (Communists) in our Schools, Bureaucracy & Parliament.

It Burns My Ass When People – Jews Especially – Use The Swastika & The Holocaust To Further Their Ignorant Narrative.

YA’ARA SAKS IS PROOF POSITIVE, That The Enemies Of Freedom In Canada & The USA Are The Enemies From Within.


Canada’s Electoral System Spells-Out How We Got From There To Here.

There are Approximately 37-Million People In Canada. Of the 37-Million Canadian Citizens, Approximately 27-Million Citizens were Eligible Voters in the Last Federal Election (September 2021) . . . Of The 27-Million Eligible Voters – Only 17-Million People Decided To Vote.


Of The Eligible Voters . . . 5.6-Million People Voted for the Liberal Party (Trudeau) of Canada (160-Seats), Representing 21% of the Total Eligible Population.

Of The Eligible Voters . . . 3-Million People Voted for the Communist NDP (25-Seats), Representing 11% of the Total Eligible Population.

Of The Eligible Voters . . . 397,000 People Voted for the Communist Green Party (2-Seats), Representing 0.014% of the Total Eligible Population.

Of The Eligible Voters . . . 841,000 People Voted for the Conservative People’s Party of Canada – PPC (0-Seats), Representing 0.03% of the Total Eligible Population.

Of The Eligible Voters . . . 1.3-Million People Voted for the Ethnocentric BLOC Quebecois Party of Canada (Candidates Ran Only In Quebec) (32-Seats), Representing .05% of the Total Eligible Population.

Of The Eligible Voters . . . 5.7-Million People Voted for the Conservative Party of Canada (119-Seats), Representing 22% of the Total Eligible Population.


The Conservatives Won More of the Total Eligible Votes by 1% Than did the Liberals. But the Liberals Won More Seats Making the Liberals the Primary Party.

The Communist NDP Won Less of the Eligible Votes in the 2021 Election than they Did in the Previous Federal Election, but in Combination with the Liberal Party, their Combined Vote Amounting to Just 32%, Which Equals 185-Seats Gave These Two Far LEFT Parties Total Control Over Parliament, as Long as the NDP Maintains their Support of the Liberal Party.

And Why Wouldn’t A Loser Party Like The NDP Not Support The Liberals, Which Keeps The NDP In Political Fat-City?

And to Further Illustrate the Insanity of the Canadian Electoral System . . . How Does a Ridiculous Green Party, which Stands Primarily for Nonsense, Win 2-Seats In Parliament, when a Serious Conservative Party (People’s Party), which Stands for Significant Social & Economic Values, Which Wins Almost Three Times The Number Of Votes Than The Fringe Green Party . . . Wins ZERO Seats?

And as a Result of Canada’s Ludicrous Electoral System – Two Parties Representing Just 32% of the Entire Eligible Voting Population, Gets to Chart the Course for Canada’s Inevitable Demise as a Free Country?

Effective Immediately (Officially By Law) . . . What I Write On Violates Trudeau’s Emergency Act.

I Spent a Great Part of the Day this Morning, Dealing with my IT People Making Significant Arrangements to Protect from Being Shut-Down by the Trudeau Government, by Moving Much of our Data & Operating Systems out of Canada and out of the Reach of the Draconian Trudeau Government’s Act of Tyranny.

If For Whatever Reason . . . You Stop Receiving Editorial Alerts – Please Keep Checking, Because as Long as I Can Write & Publish, I Will Write & Publish.


Never Did I Really Believe This Could Happen In Canada. But It Did. And It’s Time To Fight & I Have No Intention Of Stopping.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Someone once said that it’s always darkest before the dawn. Well I agree with you Howard, the sun is about to rise.

  2. My heart is breaking for y’all in Canada. Your electoral system is hard to understand so thanks for the explanation. I hope there is a time limit on the Emergency Act and people up there ,especially in Ottawa get tired of going without and put an end to it. But Howard, know that you Anne and the animals will always have a home in Texas if you need it.

  3. Is this the end of Canada as we know it? Could or would Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba consider seceding from the liberal provinces?

  4. I just received a news letter that the last truck from the Freedom convoy was seized by police, and it was seized while parked on PRIVATE PROPERTY!!!!!! So now, your property is no longer private from the federal tyrants of Canada. No warrants needed to arrest people either. I always thought we would see this first in the USA. I never thought Canada would be the first to fall to the tyrannical fascists.

  5. Hey Howard. I think that Trudeau’s handlers scripted everything from the first announcement of the convoy to our present situation. From Day 1 Trudeau painted the convoy as, white supremacist, misogynistic, Nazi, etc. parroted by major media and faithful Jagmeet. In Ottawa he made no response for three weeks except for lies and insults, building tension and hoping for violence. Then he declared the Emergency Act and released Blair’s thugs. Now he has the planned despotic power for how long?

  6. The sad part is, the opinion polls say 63% of Canadians support Trudeau. If folks only get their information off the news channels, CBC, Global, etc, they all demonize the truckers/protestors. And remember Trudeau marched with BLM, and took a knee with them. What a country we live in. Too much immigration from areas that support socialists. 400,000 plus each year, and growing. This would be equivalent to US 4,000,000, since US population 10 times Canada. Sad but true!

  7. Trudeau is a tyrannical dictator and a communist and he will not give up the emergency measures as he’ll always conveniently find another excuse to keep it going and us under his dictatorship. Very sad and scary.

  8. We have a very good friend here in the Edmonton area who gave funds to the truckers. Now she is scared that the tyrants will block her from all of their financial assets and destroy their business. She is prying hard that this won’t happen. When true patriots have to live in fear, something is very, very wrong. From Leviticus, Parsha Behar: Proclaim Liberty throughout the land. You can see this inscribed on the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

  9. Thank you, Howard, for being willing to fight the good fight! We need to know the truth, both in Canada and the U.S. Trudeau and Biden: two peas in the same pod

  10. Even from here you have our support. I lived for a long while in New London Ohio and drove North many times to visit with friends in Canada. Today’s Canada is not so to my memory and nether is the USA. You do a gigantic job on behalf of both.

  11. Wow it is insane there. I am so sorry for you and your Country. Keep writing as long as you can, Satan sure is alive and doing his best to destroy your country with the nut cases you have there running your country. Don’t feel cheated we have one here in the U.S. as well. You and Anne along with Tavor are more than welcome to come here if you do not have a place. Our prayers are with you and the family. Don’t give up God is with all of you. The journey is hard now but it will get better

  12. I was going to write how I really feel, but if Your Gov’t Thugs are now monitoring you it could draw more attention than you need or deserve. Both countries are in peril with Idiots in positions of power and hiding from the general population. I believe that hard times like most of us have never seen are around the corner. The Zombies are coming, those who are not prepared for the lack of so much to survive. They will be at your doorstep trying to get what you have set back, prepare for it.

  13. Do not comply with tyranny = police = governments = ALL crooked and corrupt to the core $ Welcome to fascist, communist Canada…rise up, plan…fight back or else. Corrupt, FASCIST PIGS, OPP, RCMP know only one language – VIOLENCE – and COPS will be the FIRST to INITIATE VIOLENCE. Arms out people…protect yourselves. End the mandates lying governments = police scum… Keep at it truckers. Unite with US freedom fighters….we are at war here people….Rise up!!!

  14. I sent to your email a wonderful article written by a 20 years old on this very topic. However, it was rejected by your email provider. I tried to email it several times.

  15. Justin Trudeau supports BLM and not the peace loving Truckers? Well! When the people fear the Government there is tyranny! When the Government fear the people there is LIBERTY!! Let us not allow these Communist to take over our country Fight back for our FREEDOM

  16. Canadian news agencies are commenting after the fact. Reporting the whereabouts of camps; describing our fellow Canadians like an occupying force. They’re commenting that this is the gold standard operation in that it went so smoothly. Of course it did! Unarmed protesters cannot defend themselves against thugs. I heard that many vets at these protests stood at the very front of the line, protecting civilians. These brave ones are still on guard.

  17. The persecuted truckers, their donor and all those exposed illegally by the despicable hacker are all martyrs to the cause of freedom.

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