Much Of Canada Has Crossed The Rubicon


Today, February 12, 2022 . . . Is The Day Of The 72nd Year I’ve Been On This Earth. I Didn’t Think I Would Make It Past 65.

So For All The People Who Emailed Or Texted Their Birthday Wishes To Me . . . I Am Extremely Grateful. And as a Birthday Present for Myself . . . What I Want Immediately is a Clear ANTI-MANDATE VICTORY for the Truckers and all of Us.

And The Long-Term Gift I Want For Myself . . . Are More Great Years With Anne, Tavor, Our Friends & Another Year Of Writing Editorials . . .That Will Hopefully Make a Difference.

Doug Ford, Premier Of Ontario Fired The Shot That Will End No Where Good . . . And Trudeau’s Ratings Are On A Par With Biden.

Ford Announced (February 11, 2022) Massive Draconian Fines & Punishments, Including Imprisonment to the Truckers if the Truckers Don’t Retreat & End their Peaceful Demonstrations & Blockades. In Ford’s Own Words – Ford Accused The Truckers Of Creating A State Of Emergency.

So Why Wasn’t It A State Of Emergency When Ford, Trudeau & All The Others Locked Down Canada?

And How Can Canadians Demanding Constitutional Freedoms . . . Create a State of National Emergency, when Trudeau, Ford and Other Ham-Fisted Canadian Politicians & Bureaucrats State . . . Mandates Are The Governments Ways Of Preserving Democracy.

I HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THIS . . . The Government Will Take Away The People’s Freedoms To Protect The People’s Freedoms?

Ford, Trudeau & Other Government One World Order Conspirators are Apoplectic that Canada’s Trucker Demonstrations are Screwing with the Supply Chain. So where was this Extreme Concern over the Trucker Unions in Ports Throughout North America, with the Exception of Free States like Florida, which have been Paralyzing the Supply Chain FOR MONTHS ON-END?

The Propagandized Handling Of This Whole China Virus Fiasco Has Been A State Of Emergency.


If You Want To Know How Crazy Our Governments Are . . . Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, who is in the Political Tank Compared to her Republican Challenger, Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig who is Leading Whitmer by 8-Points in the Latest Polls, Mused About Sending her Michigan National Guard (American Military) Into Canada with Bull Dozers, to Forcefully Move Canadian Truckers from the Canadian Side of the US/Canadian Border (Ambassador Bridge).

Does This Numskull Not Realize That She Was Musing Of Invading A Sovereign Country?


FINALLY – They’ve Overplayed Their Hand & They’ve Woken The Sleeping Bear.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. First..Happy 72 Birthday from a 78 year youngster. As you I have been vaxxed and had my booster because I enjoy traveling but hate it that I was forced to get them in order to travel…it should be a choice. Any truth to the rumours that Canadian banks are refusing bank transfers to the truckers. I understand that the deadline for removal of truckers from the bridge has passed without any action.

  2. Happy birthday Howard I didn’t know, what a spot on article whwn I saw what your government was talking about sky high fines and JAIL ????? they all must be nuts. And, speaking of nuts Gov Whitless invading Canada give me a break. Keep up your good work and just maybe cool heads will win.

  3. Happy Birthday Howard! I hope by your next birthday things will look a bit better. One might think at this stage of the game, any change would have to be an improvement! I turned 78 in December and never thought I would live so long as to see the bottom of the barrel so clearly! We must keep the faith I suppose!

  4. Happy Birthday Howard……….. I hope all your dreams and wishes come true! Be Blessed….

  5. Happy #72. For my 80th (coming soon), I’d like the US Congress to go major GOP majority as a result of Nov elections, & Conservatives at that. Then start the investigations, charges & justice for the Dems’ many abuses of power against the American people.

  6. Happy Birthday to one of our favorite friends! Hope your wishes come true.

  7. Happy Healthy Birthday Howard ! Our Granddaughter turns 18 tomorrow and they drove from Hamilton Ontario to Ottawa to celebrate with the FREEDOM Truckers……..she said she has never met such a happy bunch of people! GO TRUCKERS get our freedom back.

  8. Howard, Happy, happy 72nd birthday and many more! Keep up the good health and welcomed editorials! I’ve a few years on you and never thought I would live to be 90! Here I am still enjoying life and having positive thoughts about the future of both of our great countries and freedom!! God Bless you, Anne and Tavor!!

  9. It took the CANADIAN TRUCKERS to show the world that Enough is Enough! How can we support them? Thanx for keeping the info lines open for us down here. And here’s to you, Howard…Happy Birthday!!!

  10. Howard, I wonder if anybody thought that some of these politicos are getting kickbacks from the U.N. to make it easier for a one-world govt. to form???? Maybe it is time to follow the money.

  11. Happy Birthday Howard … interesting that you share the birth month and day with Abraham Lincoln, yet another force for good.

  12. Happy Birthday my friend from Canada! Keep up the good work with your writing! You are the best voice from Canada that represents all of conservative in North America!

  13. If the truckers Leave let them but then DON’T DELIVER to Ford country, and then find out how they like it!

  14. Happy happy birthday to you Howard. I hope and pray with all I’ve got that the Freedom Truckers turn the tide for us all. They are giving us hope, a priceless gift.

  15. Happy Belated B Day, I hope for many more..Keep up the Good Work!!

  16. Can’t help wondering if “Trudeau” is the French form of “Biden”…. LOTS of similarities!

  17. Passive resistance drove British half crazy in India and eventually led to the Brits departure. Intended or not the truckers are having a similar effect on the socialist power mongering politicians and the cops are just as bewildered. The truckers and protesters are doing an amazing job! Go truckers, go protesters!

  18. HBirthday Howard. Answer to Oswald Ziesmann, yes, TD has frozen $ earmarked for the truckers. “Big Red”, one of the protest organizers confirm earlier by video. I was on the hill today, very peaceful protest…the MSM is full of BS.

  19. Happy Birthday Howard. You share your birthday with my daughter who turned 57 today. My wishes for both of you is: May you (we) soon see a distinct change and end to what is occurring in the USA, Canada and many other countries around the world. The actions of the truckers woke many, many people up. People often talk about change coming from the top down, this time the change is coming from the bottom (the People) to the top (our leaders). When people work together, they can be successful!

  20. The great day is almost over and may all your dreams and wishes come true. Happy Birthday Howard. No political comments today, enjoy it with Anne and Tavor and best wishes for a much better year ahead. The Truckers must win, there is no turning back and Canadians must keep donating to provide for those magnificent convoy guys and gals. BTW there were a lot of F Trudeau flags on the convoy that left SD&G on the first Saturday as it passed through Monkland; I was there to see.🍾🍷🎂

  21. Happy 72nd Birthday, Howard and thank you for all your excellent editorials. You give us hope. God Bless you and I wish you a super year ahead!!!

  22. Happy Birthday Howard, /wishing you many more to come. I hope you had a great day with your beautiful wife Anne and that handsome dog Tavor bet he is getting big. Now I can call you youngster for I beat you in age. I will be 81 on July 4th. Not to worry about the truckers all will be good with them. Have faith, and trust in our God above keep saying prayers to Him and He ill handle all of this in good time. My best to you, on your special day.

  23. Happy, happy birthday Howard. I wish you many more years with Anne and Tavor. Thank you for all you do to keep us aware. Trudeau has got to go (good slogan)! The Truckers are brave patriots and inspiration to freedom lovers all over the globe. Soros, Gates, Fauci should realize this is only the beginning.

  24. First, Happy B-day Howard. I believe Trudeau is finished, and I think he knows it. Ford should be joining him. You can’t jail & fine ANYBODY because they chose to use their democratic right to protest. However, here lies the problem. Eventually, these truckers are going to have to go back to work, or we, the people, are going to suffer when none of the goods we need to buy are making it to the shelves. How long will the support last when you can’t buy food to put on the table?

  25. Ford, the past drug user from years past, now is a demanding Politician. How you all left him in office is beyond belief, as us voting in an idiot. So many of these political folks love the Cocaine it is beyond belief. I have a distance cousin that spent years in WH, his experience of these High Rollers is that most love nose candy. Passing out safe drug stuff to win votes is dumb, but they want the population Stoned on Weed and unthinking as it is when they voted in Biden and crew.

  26. Dear Howard. I want to wish you and the family a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and for all your wishes to come trough. I hope it was inadvertent but riding your bike was not on the list. We still have a lot of riding to do, so that is my wish for you. Bikerly huggsses and a low five to Tavor Andy

  27. Happy, happy! Have you noticed there aren’t any Left Tards out there counter protesting? I guess they’re “fair weather” protesters who go loot and burn when it’s warm.

  28. Freedom loving Canadians better pull their heads out of the sand soon and support this Convoy. Those who don’t can’t complain about the socialist country we will be! Why hasn’t govn’t, at any level, had respectful and meaningful meetings and negotiations with the organizers? So Doug Ford didn’t shoot himself in the foot, he blew his leg off. He won’t get my vote next time. Caledonia Ont. 2.0 No state of emergency when a town was held hostage for 2 yrs. Read Christie Blatchford – ‘Helples

  29. Happy Birthday Howard. Hope they are healthy and happy for years to come.

  30. Howard: I’m late to the party, but am wishing you a happy birthday. May you have many more years of sharing your wisdom and thoughts with us.

  31. We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness—-That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Governmen

  32. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Howard, Wishing You and Yours All the very Best . THANKS for All that You do for the cause of FREEDOM

  33. Happy Birthday Howard and may you have many more. We need you around for a much longer time to keep proceedings in perspective. Alan Seeling has very eloquently put my thoughts into print and only time will tell if our freedom endeavors will bear fruit. Thank you for all your commentaries. Gus Steinhauser, Toronto, On. Canada

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