The Truth Is Hard To Take


We Have Several Friends Who Haul Big Rigs . . . And The First Thing We Did Was Call Them & Give Them Our Thanks.

The Second Thing We Did Was Send Personal Money To Support Their Efforts. These Truckers are the Lifeblood of Everything we Need to Survive, and Just as Equally Important, the Truckers are the Sharp Point to Our Spears for Freedom to End the Government Imposed Madness of the Lockdowns & Unconstitutional Restrictions on our Freedoms.


As I’m Writing This . . . My BC Trucker Friend Who Joined the Convoy Sent me a Photo of Alberta Mennonites who’ve Also Joined the Convoy by Horse & Carriage . . . to Show & Lend their Support. We & The Truckers Are Not Alone In This Fight!

When Anne, Tavor & I Get Home In April . . . We’ll Apply A “We Support Truckers” Applique On The Back Of Our 5th Wheel.


One of the Commenters (January 24, 2022) who has been Very Supportive of – Who I Like, Castigated me for Calling Americans Idiots (Or Whatever) for Voting-In an Imbecile like Joe Biden, to be the President of the United States of America.

I Understand Her Angst & Frustration, Considering That The Election Results From Start To Finish Were Pretty-Much Rigged.

Her Beef With Me . . . Was that I Didn’t Recognize that the 2020 Election was Probably Fixed for Biden to Win & Trump to Lose, which is Probably Accurate, which Doesn’t Change The 100% Reality & Truth That MANY Tens of MILLIONS Of Americans – Actually Voted for this Walking, Talking Disaster & Imposter of a Decent & Qualified Human Being, who was Actually Sworn-In as the 46th President Of The United States of America.


1 – Joe Biden is the 46th-President of the United States of America.

2 – By Hook or Crook (Probably Both) . . . Biden Recorded More Votes Than Trump.

3 – Many Tens of Millions of Eligible American Voters Voted for Biden.

4 – It Matters that the 2020 Election Wasn’t Fair or Honest – But That Doesn’t Change What Is.

5 – It’s Probably True that Trump Won the 2020 Election by a Landslide – But Trump Isn’t the President.

6 – Even if Biden Won by Cheating – It Doesn’t Change the Fact that Many Tens of Millions of Americans Did Vote for Biden.

7 – It Also Doesn’t Change the Reality that Many Tens of Millions of Americans Would Again Vote for this Imbecile.

What Only Matters To What’s Happening In The USA & The Rest Of The World Today, Are The Preceding Issues – 1, 2, 3 & 6.

The Fact that Many Tens of Millions of Americans Voted for Such a Disgusting Empty Suit, Screams Volumes About the Long-Term Future of the United States of America, Because a Free Country Evolves on the Intelligence & Ability of its Electorate to Choose the Leaders it is Willing to Follow.


The American & Canadian Election Process Really Needs To Be Re-Evaluated, But Not According To Values Of The LEFT.

I Have Argued For Years . . . That Not all People Should be Allowed to Vote, Since Far Too Many People are Too Ignorant & Too Dependent on Free Stuff from the Government to be Qualified to Vote.


A Successful Family is Built on Discipline, Mutual Respect, Understanding & Common Goals. A Successful Business is Built Upon Hard Work, Intelligence & a Goal to Succeed. A Sports Franchise is Built Upon a Desire to Win, to Be the Best the Team Can Be and to Work in Unison.


Bad Apples Tear Families Apart. Incompetent Managers Destroy Businesses & Inept Coaches Create Losers.

THE PRECEDING SENTENCE IS A FACT . . . Yet we Consistently Elect some of the Worst Actors to Positions of Authority & Leadership to Guide our Very Existence. How Smart Does That Make Us?

The Following Has Been Said By Many . . . “I’m More Worried About The Electorate Than I Am About Who They Elect“.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. 75% of the voting public. Have no idea what they are voting for. If they did. Trudeau and the left. Would never get elected. Same goes for Biden and his mob. Keep up the good work

  2. Thanks HG, The Truth sometimes is very hard to accept for many of us. Yes Tens of millions voters would Still Vote for Obiden. The media Promotes, and Lies for the Communist Cause 24/7. The Left wants & allows Open borders for One Reason they want more Dependent Sheeple Voters. The RINOs are as much to blame as the Dems for not Stopping this Insanity. Remember that Bill Gates has more power over our Health than our own Doctor – Ask how much Media does he Influence? God help us.

  3. Many, many Americans are just plain dumb and too easily persuaded by just about anything. Every time I go out I’m amazed by all the people I see wearing masks like a herd of sheep thinking they are avoiding viruses. They look absolutely stupid.

  4. Anybody with a minimum of intelligence would have detected the scam. Or more than one scam. Still, enough persons voted for Hunter’s dad to ring a warning bell. As we confront imminent dangers as consequence, we must seek corrective actions. What can be done to defuse war.?

  5. I see people driving down the road in a car alone wearing a mask, more than likely Democrats. I gave one of the masks a test by wearing one when I painted a truck bed using the aerosol cans. I was painting black paint and when I was done painting, I had black paint up my nose, the paint had got through the mask. Anyone with a right mind would know that the Covid germs would be much smaller than the paint mist. Screen wire would work just as good as the masks for keeping the germs out.

  6. Vietnam convinced me I could NEVER TRUST the government!–Since then–I have never been proven wrong! Only GOD gets It right! The kingdom exists in Heaven! NOT on earth! Satan rules this world and ALL Governments are corrupt! We all can expect the judgment of the law of GOD–instead of the salvation of the Savior! Judgement matters! GOD DOES HAVE A PLAN–for each of us.

  7. I am amazed how clueless some people are.. In speaking to a retired very succesful/intelligent man today who said Trump was a loser and can’t understand why Biden has a such low approval rating since he is so decent in comparison to DT…go figure? Has to be media conditioning…God help us!

  8. Yes, there are many dumb people voting. One is a cousin of mine. During the 2020 campaign in a conversation about the election, I encouraged her to vote for Trump. The first words out of her mouth were, “Oh, no, he’s so arrogant & a liar.” Then, during the ensuing discussion about Trump, she said, “Biden is a nice person & such a polite man; I like him a lot.” I tried to reason with her, citing Trump’s achievements & Biden’s failures. She told me she would never talk to me again and hasn

  9. I have said it many times and will say it again, 80% of sheeples in any country including the U.S.A., Canada and in Europe should not be allowed to vote. As you said, they are too dumb to know what they are voting for. They don’t keep informed of what’s going on in their everyday world, just what is inside their own sheeple bubble. Trump did win 2020, the demon rats did cheat big times but in the Republican Party there are more rinos than Conservatives to fight back. If all were like Jim Jorda

  10. Most people who vote on the left, are takers, not makers. It always amazes me how important most government employees think they are. Teachers, Firefighters, most Nurses, Doctors in Canada, and all government departments like environment, forestry, etc. They don’t financially contribute anything positive to the economy. All their salaries are paid for through taxation of companies and individuals. Yet they want to destroy money generating industries like oil and gas. Clueless!!

  11. It is a shame that Females are allowed to vote. Since the early 20th Century they supported the lying Left, or so called Left from Hitler to Obama to Biden. They have abandoned their Men, yet they want their first Husband to be a Trump, a right wing go getter whose assets they can take.

    Man – Have You Ever Been With The Wrong Women – Can You Spell Misogynist? – HG

  12. Their are very intelligent folks in all walks of life, male and female. Their are those folks who have no common sense, not enough to so simple tasks or repair simple items. I have been paid many times to do simple repairs by vey educated folks, who are either just lazy or cant figure out how to do it. Ballots are written by Lawyers that in most cases are very confusing when it comes to making laws. Media is the most corrupt of all, they are not held accountable for their lies and misinformation

  13. Had a brother, considered a “genius”. He always told me that most “PHD” recipients were nothing but educated fools. “Do.” O’Biden, First Lady, is prime example. No common sense.

  14. Thank you, that was a kind response, accurate and I agree with your points. But #5 and #6 do not support your statement “the American voters” voted in the idiot. Just because he is there, does not mean the majority of voters put him there. I still like you and 99% of your writings are outstanding, a GREAT track records. Please just say the idiot now in the White House. Your readers ALL know how he got there. Hugs to you and Anne and Tavor!!!

  15. Can you explain the voting process in the USA? Do all states have the same rules and regulations regarding voting? Thanks Danny Palladini Lancaster, Ontario

  16. Personally feel one of, if not THE, things most attributable to the 10s of millions people you’re talking about is higher education (academia). The infiltration of communists into various (now most) universities began in the 1940s & 50s on. Now graduates in places of authority, learning, businesses & corporations plus governments at all levels, is the reason we’re having division, anarchy, lazy/self-interested/no common sense voters. BUT, more millions have had their eyes opened to reality.

  17. Just a little info Howard and a matter of recorded fact —–Biden got 10 thousand more votes in one district in Wisconsin than, there are voters. He also got thousands, plus more votes than Hillary nationwide.

  18. I’m with you all the way Howard.. I have family and friends that don’t agree with your comments or mine. And these are so called educated people.. people are sooo gullible and have no common sense.. they go with all the other sheep and will go to their demise eventually.. I know that GODS GOT EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL and things will get better on his time clock.

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