Thank God For Civil Rights Groups


On This Day – December 7, 1941, 80 Years Ago . . . A Day that Will Always be Held in Infamy, the Imperial Japanese Attacked a Totally Unsuspecting & Ill Prepared Pearl Harbor, while the People of Pearl Harbor Went About their Normal Day.

In Less Than Four Years – The Power, Determination & Patriotism of the People of the United States of America Defeated the Nazis throughout Europe and the Middle East Along with the Japanese Imperial Military in the South Pacific.

How Much Chance Do You Think The Domestic Communist Dick-Heads Have Of Defeating America Today?


In My Last Editorial I Wrote That I’m Not Really An Expert On Anything But Me, Which As It Turns-Out Isn’t 100% True.

I was Reading Yesterday in the Epoch Times . . . Canadian Edition – that a Canadian Civil Rights Group is Challenging the Canadian Government on Canada’s (Trudeau’s) Vaccine Mandate, to Only Allow Travel on Public Carriers (Planes, Trains, Boats & Busses) To People Who Can Prove Vaccination.

My First Thought Was . . . Thank God For Individuals Who Step-Up Out Of Nowhere To Fight The Fight That Needs To Be Fought.

My Second Thought Was . . . What Compels Ordinary Citizens to Make such Sacrifices which Lead to Financial Costs & Exposure to Personal Grief? . . . Then it Dawned on me – I Used To Be One Of Those People – So I Do Have An Expertise.

Even Though I Am No Longer Fighting At The Front Lines . . . I’m still Fighting Nonetheless as Hard as I Can to Bring Everyone who Reads this BLOG all the Truthful & Pertinent Information I Can Muster, In-Spite of the Never-Ending Assaults & Costs on this Website.


I Also Know That It’s Just A Matter Of Time Until My Writing Will Run Afoul Of The Government Or A Government Agency.


And Every Now & Then . . . We Have To Step-Up & Remind The Politicians & Bureaucrats Who Works For Whom.


Because Of My Last Editorial (December 6, 2021) . . . A Number of People Removed Themselves from the Directory, because they Took Offense that I Consider Unfounded Conspiracy Theorists to be No More Reliable than Government Propagandists.

There are Far Too Many People who Desperately Want to Believe so Much in an Issue, that there Seemingly Need-Be Only a Spark of Assumed Reliability for them to Take the Plunge.

It should Boggle my Mind – But It No Longer Does – How People are so Easy to Convince of the Things they’re Begging to Believe, which is How all Tyrants are Initially Able to Addict the Masses to Propaganda.

It’s How Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, Castro and a Massive Cast of Others Did-It . . .  Is How The LEFT Is Doing-It Now Throughout North America (Worldwide).

Tell Me, How Does The Easy Acceptance Of Unfounded Propaganda On The Right Differ From Propaganda On The LEFT?


For A Few Dollars, Or Even For Free . . . there are Incredible Rudimentary Programs Available Online that Allow Rank Amateurs to Create the Most Professional Looking Websites we Can Imagine. And Even with some Limited Writing Ability & Contrived Information that Looks True & Accurate . . . A No-Named-Nobody With His Or Her Conspiracy Theory Becomes A Voice Of Believable Authority.

Years Ago . . . But Not Long After The 9/11 Attack On America . . . Anne & I Had a Well Dressed, Well Spoken Young Couple Working Together to Install some Electronics in our Newly Built Home.

During the Installation, we were Making Smalltalk, when the Male of the Two Mentioned the Attack on the Twin Towers . . . Blaming The CIA, Israel & Jews For Being The Real Culprits Behind This Travesty, even Mentioning that he Knew for a Fact that Not One Jew Died at the Twin Towers that Day, Because all the Jews were Previously Warned.


So . . . Before Passing Judgment On This Guy & His Girlfriend, I Asked Both Of Them How They Knew That?

His Response Was . . . Everyone Knows That and the Only Reason it’s Suppressed is Because of the Political & Financial Power of the Jews. I Asked him How Much I Owed him & his Girlfriend if the Job they were Doing was to be Finished . . . I Paid Them Half & Told Them To Get The Hell Out Of My Jewish Home.

Do You Know How Many People Believe That . . . Starting with Nutjobs like Rosie O’Donnell & Michael Moore, who Spread their Conspiracy Theories, which Become FACTS in the Minds of People who Want to Believe Like the Two Imbeciles I Threw-Out of our House?

Now Multiply That Influence By Billions, Which Truly Represents The Number Of People The Internet Reaches.

There are so Many Really Good People of all Genders, Races, Cultures & Ages (Young & Old) Who Do the Very Best they Can to Fight for Honesty & Integrity, Who Fight for People they Don’t Know and Will in all Probability Never Know, who are Willing to Sacrifice & Take the Slings & Arrows . . .

. . . That It’s A Terrible Pity – That Fools who Swallow the Conspiracy Theories Hook, Line & Sinker . . . Run Contrary To – And Obstruct The People Who Legitimately Fight To Make A Positive Difference.

One Thing I Can Promise You . . . At – You’ll Never Be Fed The Hook, Line & Sinker.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. In my humble opinion, internet Jew hate dropped like a stone while President Trump was in the White House.

  2. Of all your writings of the past, this one makes the most profound common sense. Well said.

  3. I agree that there are some really nutty nut jobs passing out all kinds of wacky ideas. As for Jews being insidiously vile sub humanoids guilty of all evil in the world is a prime example of fresh dog poo. Stinks to high heaven. I actually know some really good folks who happen to be Jewish. You and Anne are two of them.

  4. Always come for the Jews first, it is an old song and dance but as history shows it never ends at the Jews. Oh and just a fact according to the CDC there are over 10000 deaths from covid jab, in years past a vaccine that murdered 50 people would have been taken off the market immediately. This is a conspiracy fact!!!

  5. After the November 2020 elections, when it was so obvious that they were rigged and stolen, and there was so much evidence tp prove it, I was so infuriated and angry, that I was ready to believe anything the conspiracy theorists were dishing out. It can only go so far though. After hearing that this is going to happen, and “My sources” are telling me this and that, and just watch what happens on this day or that day. Then, nothing happens, NADA!! So, I just unsubscribed from all of them.

  6. Folks believe what they WANT to believe, whether it is factual, proven or not. The fact there are pictures of something on the internet doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. What’s to say it’s not been altered or used from a different site or event? People lie all the time, so info on such sites may be nothing more than outright lies. I too subscribe to The Epoch Times – a good alternative to MSM.

  7. The term “conspiracy theory” was coined by the CIA to deflect criticism away from the JFK assassination. As for deaths and adverse effect from the jabs, VAERS records the data on the CDC site. If you have thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands adverse effects reported worldwide, warning others can hardly be called a conspiracy.

  8. Finally, I think I finally get it. There are about 14 Million Jews on the planet and quotes like this “Because of the Political & Financial Power of the Jews” and “the Jews are God’s chosen people” are the reasons that Jews are so hated. HOW RIDICULOUS !!!! If that’s it, those reasons for hating Jews, then as a society we are in deep caca. We can add to Dr. Martin Luther King expression of “they will not be judged by the color of their skin (add religion) but by the content of their chara

  9. Howard, that statement you made, “THE INTERNET IS THE WORLD’S GREATEST-EVER PURVEYOR OF PROPAGANDA” hits the nail right on the head! It is so hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. I can’t remember the movie, but, Groucho Marx once said, “Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?” and that sums up the propaganda that we are fed every minute of every day. by government, media, etc. then everybody spreads it around to each other with latest gossip that gives The View its credibi

  10. There is so much misinformation out there that is very hard to separate what is true from what is false. In Washington, we have our own breed of “leaders” that can not or will not tell the truth. Rioters and looters do noting peacefully. They damage and destroy what others worked hard for. Arresting and releasing them only increases the number of times they will do their deeds. Mandates create divisions between families and friends. Jim Jones proved that making them Drink The Koolaide does wor

  11. Who to believe!–Believe in GOD..who has NOT abandoned his people–EVER! Do not doubt the fallibility of human logic or ability to believe lies! Always accept that YOU could be wrong too–and be willing to consider your own theories are suspect! Wisdom sometimes comes with age–but not always! Look at life like an engineer–and always follow the numbers!–It takes more work..but at least you have some basis!

  12. It is just a shame, that the people in both our countries, would not take the time to READ, and learn, a little about Jewish history, beginning w/ Noah. and at least through Abraham. I believe that it would change their whole outlook especially on current events today and the stupidity that is flowing from the mouths of educators. (FOOLS).

  13. People who are HONEST & have INTEGRITY are not easily led, thus they don’t usually believe in rumors, etc….They also realize that the SOCIAL MEDIA is UNSTABLE! Omission of certain FACTS which the MEDIA & the LEFT are GUILTY of is LYING! The TRUTH always RISES & will begin to do so prior to the upcoming NOVEMBER 2022 election. Trump’s own NEWS MEDIA will be a GREAT TOOL to GENERATE the TRUTH! His followers will have a SOURCE where they can EXPRESS their Conservative & true American views! AME

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