Don’t Think The Republicans Haven’t Been Infiltrated


Do You Remember Lin Wood, the Silver-Tongued Southern Lawyer, who Became Internationally Famous for Being one of President Trump’s Lawyers, who was Suing Everyone on Behalf of “Trump” for the Rigged Election Results?

Was Lin Wood Really Suing On Behalf Of Trump Or Putting On A Show?


If you Saw the Tucker Carlson Interview with Kyle Rittenhouse Monday Evening (November 22, 2021) on Fox News . . . It was Revealed by Rittenhouse how Lin Wood & his Associate Lawyer Ripped-Off Kyle Rittenhouse for More than a Million Dollars & Did very Little to Nothing to Get Rittenhouse out of Prison.

Even Though I Was Unprepared For That Revelation About Lin Wood – It Didn’t Come To Me As A Shock.

On December 2, 2020 . . . After Lin Wood Made that Impassioned Speech Leading Up to the Two Run-Off Elections on the Cusp of the Two Special Georgia Senate Votes, where it was Neck & Neck for Victories or Losses for Either Side, which the Republicans Needed to Win just One of the Two Seats to Maintain their Senate Majority . . . Lin Wood Finished His Speech Of Fire & Brimstone By Encouraging All Georgian Republican Voters NOT To Vote . . . To Show Their Disdain For Georgia’s Dishonest Electoral Procedures.

What Kind Of A Fool Or Quisling Would Say Such A Thing?

Subsequently . . . A Black Former Democrat (Football Legend Vernon Jones), who Came to his Senses & Saw the Democrats for Who & What they Are, will be Running for the Governor’s Office as a Republican.

Vernon Jones was at the Same Rally as Wood, who Took to the Microphone Immediately After Wood Made that Outrageous Suggestion, When Vernon Jones ENCOURAGED all Georgians to Get-Out there and Vote for the Republicans.

In The End Though – It Wasn’t Enough & Lin Wood Got His Way . . . Both Republicans Lost By Squeakers.

America and the World are Paying the Extraordinary Price Today, Because the Republicans LOST Both of the Georgia Senate Seats when it Didn’t Have to be that Way.

Were The Words Of Lin Wood Responsible For The Losses? No One Knows – But They Certainly Weren’t Helpful.


In My Last Editorial . . . I Lumped Libertarians In With LEFTISTS, Which Brought Castigation From Some People.

I Know Several People Who Call Themselves Libertarians, who Believe that the Most Amount of Freedom is the Best Freedom, which Would be True if we Didn’t Live in a Society with Other People, where What one Person Does – Effects the Lives of Many.

It’s Good To Be A Libertarian & Not Wanting To Pay Taxes . . . So Who’s Going To Pay For All Of Our Infrastructure?

The Libertarians I Know . . . Love to Drive on Well Maintained Roads. They Like the Fact that their Children Receive Free Public Education. They like Free Healthcare (Being What It Is In Canada). They also Like to Know, that if they Need Help from EMS, the Police or Fire Department, these Services are Just a Call Away.

But These Services Are Not Free & They’re Really Well Organized . . . So What Do The Libertarians Want Or Expect?

LIKE IT OR NOT . . . Everything in Life Lives by Rules. Even Savage Beasts Live by the Rules of the Wild. Without Rules, there would Only be Chaos. Imagine if there were No Rules Equal to Everyone on a Playing Field like Football. Why would Someone Believe that Everyday Society would be any Better or Different than Football Without Rules.

Who Would Even Want To Watch A Game That Would Only Be A Free-For-All Played With An Oblong Ball Made Of Pigskin?


Remove Speed Limits. Allow Drinking & Driving. Open Borders. Unrestricted Voting. Defund the Police. Empty Prison Cells. Make all Drugs Available to all Who Want Them. Forget About Child Porn. Allow Teachers to Teach Ribald Sex Education to our Children . . . And On & On.

Is This The Type Of World You Would Want To Live-In? And How Different Is It From The LEFT?

These Libertarian Thinkers Are Very Confused. There is a World of Difference Between Being a Conservative Wanting Smaller Government, Less Taxes, Less Regulations & More Competent Political Management Based upon Real Needs Opposed to Ridiculous Wants . . . To Someone Suggesting A Societal Free-For-All.


The Fact that the Current Force of Flash Mob Looting is Focused on LEFTIST Communities, Stretching Out to the Wealthier Class of People in Blue States & Blue Cities Leaves me with a Single Thought.


When the Animals of Black Lives Matter (BLM) & Antifa Ransacked Throughout America, the LEFTIST Elitists Basically Said & Did Nothing. As a Matter of Fact & History (For The Record), Many Amongst the LEFT, Including Vice President Kamala Harris Helped Bail-Out the Rioting/Looting Thugs so they Could Riot & Loot Again.

Many in the Democrat House, Including the Likes of Maxine Waters Encouraged the Anarchy, Not to be Outdone by the Entertainment Industry and the Media.

So . . . Should I Feel Sorry for these People who are Being Savaged by the Horror of their Own Making, as the Mobs they Encouraged Yesterday, to Burn & Pillage Others, Are Today The Victims Of Their Own Creation?

I Can’t Write This For A Fact . . . But if I had to Bet Money on the Race of the Pillagers, I would be Willing to Bet they Aren’t Mostly White or Asian.


The Bastard That Ran-Over Dozens Of Innocent Christmas Parade Celebrants Is Black.

Most – If Not All Of His Victims Were White. Imagine if a White Person Would Have Done the Same thing to Black People During an Event that was Held in a Mostly Black Community? Why Hasn’t This Reality Even Been Mentioned On Any Media?


We’re Watching The Self-Implosion Of The LEFT. All We Need Do Is Hang-In Until Their Socio/Political Suicide Is Done.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Libertarians always seem more popular and sensible when tax and spend democrats are in power!

  2. HowRD .DON’T FORGET THE HOWARD, DON’T FORGET THE RHINO’S, MITT j(JEALOUS OF TRUMP) ROMNEY , Paul Ryan , Tin Lizzy Cheny and the ZIP from Maine, all detrimental to the Republican Party.

  3. Senator Mitch McConnell is married to the daughter of one of the wealthiest men in China. You don’t say that wealthy in China without being a member of the Communist Party. With respect to GOP infiltration what more needs to be said?

  4. Lin Wood was NEVER Trump’s Lawyer. He was simply Pro Trump and Pro honest elections and did his part unlike so many others. He was the first to reveal the relationship between Paul Ryan and Mike Pence. He also opening accused Justice Roberts and addressed why he is compromised . Is he eccentric? Yes. As far as Kyle’s representation…I don’t know. But I’m also not buying this narrative. The recent defense Attorney is not exactly 2A and he wanted to distance from Lin Wood for whatever reason. So Let’s just hold off and wait for all the representations and full truth to out shall we? Have we learned NOTHING about these early stories that defame?

  5. OOOPS—The career criminal that killed 5 and injured 48 in Wisconsin just doesn’t fit the “right wing radical Trump supporting gun crazy nutcase” narrative—so his story and any followup will be buried and simply “disappeared” in the MSM!

  6. Unfortunately in Arizona you can’t register as an independent. If a person gets totally fed up with the RINOS Party the only other possibility is to register as a Libertarian. Not a perfect system.

  7. Lin Wood is a career ATTORNEY —— first and foremost! I live in Georgia and Lin Wood got two Democrats elected. His comments kept many Republicans from the fraud infested DOMINION voting machines, i.e., voting!!! To quote FRD: “In politics nothing happens by accident.”

  8. Lin Wood likes to hear himself talk as the saying goes. I liked Sydney Powell over Wood anytime. At least she’s serious and does her research. On the looting – it is Calif (so far), a state run by Dems who promote sanctuary for illegals, so yes are getting the results of lawlessness they created. I figure NY is next. I’ve been saying for sometime there’s been purposeful infiltration of the GOP by Dems to undermine. RINOs need to GO, and TERM LIMITS should be a ballot initiative.

  9. Re: the looting of up-scale stores in CA. When voters elect prosecutors who don’t want to apply the law, this is what they get. The same voters upped the amount that is required to be stolen to be considered a felony. Again cause and effect. Finally, voters who keep idiots in their state government who can’t see beyond their party’s ideology; again this is what you get. When the upper class get their votes thrown back at them and pay the consequences; maybe, they will learn the lesson.

  10. In politics, He who has the most Money usually wins. And He who has the most lawyers as friends, usually wins. Lawyers are Professional Liars who become Politicians. Tell the Voters anything to get elected then do what you want and use the excuse that you did not get the support to pass legislation. Lawyers, tramps and thieves is what Washington is all about. How many could be arrested for drugs (cocaine)use, alcoholism, taking bribes , and other criminal activities? 50%, 75% , or more who knows

  11. News from a friend: Darrell Brooks Jr has been identified as a black Muslim and that would be a plausible explanation for the heinous deed he commited. For more information check with duckduckgo browser.

  12. I am convinced that the social media has been hijacked by liberals claiming to be conservatives Some comments are so absurd that they defy the imagination, “YANG”. Other posts are more subtle.

  13. Lin Wood was not Rittenhouse’s criminal attorney. All decisions pertaining to Kyle’s arrest were made by his criminal attorney, John Pierce. Wood was responsible for raising $2M for Kyle’s bail with his Fight Back Foundation. He raised $1.5 million within 30 days and the rest by the end of November. Wood personally guaranteed a $150,000 promissory note in order to get Kyle out of jail as soon as possible. Wood deserves praise; not condemnation.

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