How Far We’ve Fallen


FIRST . . . Thank you to all the Many People who Have Shown Concern for our Safety Vis A Vis the BC Flooding. It’s A Real Mess Here, but Thankfully, we’re High & Dry So Far, Without Any Imminent Risk of Flooding, However, it Seems that for Anne, Tavor & I to Make it Back Home in April (Thinking That Far Ahead), we will Have to Cross the US/Canada Border, which is just a Few Miles from where we’re at, and Drive East along the American Rocky Mountain Roads.

We Don’t See That As A Punishment Of Any Kind.


I’m Not Overly Concerned For Our Safety, But Anne Is Already Packing A Go-Bag In Case We Have To Get Up & Go.


I Realize That Things Are Tough For Everyone, Given our Dreadful Socio/Political Situation, which is being Made Worse Daily by the Horrible People who STUPID People Elected into Office. I Understand that it is Hard for People who usually Contribute – Who Because Of No Fault Of Their Own Can’t.

But Many Of You Were Able To Send Support. And Even though this is Going to be a Tough Month (What Else Is New) for, I Can’t Sufficiently Express My Appreciation For The Support You Gave.

Personalized Thank You Emails Will Shortly Be On Their Way.


But Not To Stop With The Politicians . . . Our Educator Unions Are DIRT. Teachers who Teach Pornography to Children are DIRT. Teachers who Teach that Boys are Girls & Girls are Boys are DIRT. Teachers who Teach Lies about Racism & National History are DIRT. Big Business Leaders, who are Gougers, who Have Proven they will Steal from the Blind are DIRT. Bureaucrats who have Become the New Bourgeoisie (Elitist/Ruling Class) are DIRT. The Media which Peddles Propaganda are DIRT . . . And All The People Who Go Along To Get Along Are DIRT Too.

Anne & I Went to the Grocery Store the Other Day, which is Part of a National Canadian Multi-Billion Dollar Grocery Chain (Loblaws), for us to Pick up a Few Food Necessities, such as Bread & Milk, which both Shocked us and Made us Furious.

Imagine Our Surprise, when Anne Picked up a Double Package of Bread, a Specific Brand Anne Likes, Only to See that this Double Package of Bread, which always Cost $6 For Two LoavesWas All Of A Sudden $12 For The Same Two Loaves.


How Does This Happen In A Country Like Canada . . . Which Is Awash In Wheat?

Russia is the Number One Global Producer of Wheat. Canada is Number Two with America Being Third. We are Drowning in Wheat & Grains with our Wheat & Grain Elevators Overflowing . . . So What The Hell Is This 100% Price Gouging All About?

I can Tell you From my Personal Relationship with my Farmer Friends, as their Costs of Farming, which Includes Seed, Planting, Fertilizing, Harvesting, Diesel Fuel and a Huge Variety of Expensive Equipment are also Going-Up. . . They Have Not Had The Selling Price Of Their Produce Doubled – NOT EVEN CLOSE.

So Why Is An End-Product Grown In Canada, Railed In Canada, Produced In Canada & Baked In Canada Priced Out Of Reach?

Why are Just About all Products Made in America & Canada Priced Off-The-Roof? Do you think it’s Because of the China Virus & the Supply Chain? Which to some Extent it is. But That Not What It Really IsIt’s All About Unadulterated Greed Through Gouging.


As The Rittenhouse Jury Deliberates . . . All The Media Is Focused On Potential Violence From Black Lives Matter & Antifa . . . I’m Sure you all Remember the Song – “It Takes Two To Tango”. So Think about This.

How Many Times Do The Media & Politicians Think Mainstream America Will Be Willing To Turn The Other Cheek?

The Answer To That Question Is Simple . . . Mainstream America, Not the Useless Parasites Feeding off the System, which Includes the Drugged-Out Garbage, the Lazy & Criminal Detritus, who all Want Something for Nothing, who think it’s their Civic Right to Riot, Burn, Beat & Loot . . . And the Uber Wealthy, Who Live in their Own Segregated Utopia, BUT RATHER, the Working Class (The Makers), which is Probably 90% of the Reasonable American Population, is Finished Turning the Other Cheek to Political & Social Freaks.


We Are Seeing It Every Day, As Regular People Are Now Fighting-Back – Who Have Reached Their Limit & Some.

We are Seeing it Through the Terrified Eyes of the Most Horrible Nancy Pelosi, who Sees Insurrection Everywhere she Looks, which to a Normal Person is Just Opposition, but to Nancy Pelosi, Schumer, Biden & Biden’s Puppeteers – They See & Feel The Rumbling Of A Movement . . . That is Going to Lay-Waste to their Treasonous Incompetence.

Every War Needs A Casus Belli . . . 18-Year-Old Kyle Rittenhouse, The Kid Who Tried To Do Good Might Be That Trigger.

The Fact that this White House, Regardless of Who’s in Charge . . . Has COVERTLY & Now OVERTLY Weaponized The Justice Department, the FBI and the American Military AGAINST The People, Says Just One Thing . . . The People in Charge are Terrified of the Coming Conflagration of their Own Making & Have No Idea How to Stop what they Started.


It’s Time The Media Gets Their Collective Heads Out Of Their Collective Asses & See The Coming Storm Of Their Own Making.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Great to hear you and Anne are well. We are fine here in Harrison Hot Springs but cut off from the rest of the world for now. (Valley) This whole thing (flood, food and gas running out, roads and Hwy’s closed etc.) makes me think of what could happen if this plandemic continues without any stoppers being put on it and continues to spin out of control exactly what the powers to be want to see happen so they can further their control over the people. People wake up is all I can say.

  2. The old saying “never let a good crisis go to waste” applies to more than just politicians maybe!!! For sure some corporations, big and small, might be using the plandemic and all of its fake/exaggerated issues to justify these price increases! Here in Canada, it doesn’t help that governments are charging us for carbon…an element that is part of everything we are made of, use, eat, etc…. before you know it, there will be a breathing tax! Start bottling your air, LOL.

  3. The corporate robbers see Phizer et al gorging on public money so they all join the feeding frenzy!

  4. There are so many reason why I read your prose when it hits my mail, but I can gauge the impact by my level of giggles at the end and immediate out loud statement, “Go get’m Howard”!!!!!! This one was a block buster. And thanks to Anne and Tavor as the best partners you could have. I believe all who read your words are doing the best we are able. Thank you again for your superior efforts. We will prevail.

  5. Glad you & yours are okay. The world is in turmoil & will soon be looking for someone who can FIX it all. I believe times & situations will only get worse from here. What we’re going through seems written about in the Bible; but I’m aware that such times of trial have happened before throughout history. So look to signs from above, or ‘nature’ – hard times which were not a part of historical hard times since Jesus died on the cross. Then you’ll know it is the last time. Watch & be ready.

  6. Can’t imagine the nerve of Loblaw’s, who got $60,000.000.00 of Canadian Tax dollars to upgrade their coolers, then turn around and gouge those same taxpayers who gleefully went without to stuff their coffers. The nerve of them!

  7. I’m really surprised at all of you blaming this on Corporations. You sound like leftist loonies. Did deep, the cause of all of this is Government, or more succinctly, Government Imcompetance. Stop,drilling, shut down pipelines, give money to people to stay home instead of work, keep interest rates at low levels to drive up demand. Suddenly demand exceeds supply. This is 100% Government driven. Don’t blame the Corporations. You should be thanking them for trying to keep the shelves full!

    Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, the Banks, the Media and Giant Corporations are NOT our Friends. They are the Epitome of our Enemies. EVERYONE Prospering off the backs of the Working Class are not Our Friends, which also Includes Veterinarians, Dentists, Corporate Restaurants . . . Etc – They Are Not Our Friends – HG!

  8. Trickle down economics. The more the Gov’t gets in taxes, the more the Corp world raises prices. Gas prices bounce because of Corp greed and local criminal business owners. Gov’t wants us to stay home during the holidays, so they give false news to the Media, who puts their spin on it and lie to us. The more they can get us to stay home away from our families and friends the more decent is to a higher level. BLM, ATIFA and others want an excuse to riot and steal and burn. Kyle will be sacrificed

  9. Howard, how dare you refer to politicians as dirt! DIRT IS GOOD. Dirt has nutritionally value to grow things. Politicians do not have traits even close to dirt. They should be referred to as Dog Poo. Dog poo, like politicians, smells. If you step in Dog Poo the smell goes with you, the same as politicians. Dog poo like politicians will stunt your roses and other life forms. POLITICIANS = DOG POO GLAD TO HEAR YOU ANNA ARE SAFE.

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