The Winners Lost & Don’t Know It


Here’s A Fact . . . Socialism In Canada & The USA Is Already Having Dire Effects.

The Voting Analysis by Canada’s Television Media was so One-Sided Towards the Liberals, the Socialist NDP and the even More Socialist Green Party, with a Pretend Equal Conservative Party Analysis once it was Clear that the Conservatives were Going to Get Clobbered . . . with Near Total Silence for the Only Real Conservative Party – The People’s Party Of Canada . . . That I Could’ve Sworn We Were Watching CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC Or CBS . . . As They Generally Describe The Election Of Any Democrat Versus Any Conservative Republican.


It’s Really Not Accurate to Say Canadian Voters Have No Eyes with which to See, Since . . . What Were They Supposed To See – Besides a Plethora of Useless & Worthless Socialist Candidates with the Exception of just a Few Real Conservatives (PPC – People’s Party Of Canada)?

Canada Had A National Election Monday (September 20, 2021), Not because Canada was Due for an Election or Needed an Election, but Rather, because Justin Trudeau Felt Compelled to Call a National Election Hoping to Win a Majority Government Against a Weak Conservative Opposition, so Trudeau could Do Whatever he Wanted to Do . . . “Communizing” Canada to Become Even a More Serious Member of the World Government WITHOUT Any Opposition to Stop Him.

The Result . . . Was that Canada Spent More than a Half Billion Dollars of Money Canada Doesn’t Have on an Election that Didn’t Need to be Called, Only for Trudeau to End-Up No Better-Off than he Was as a Minority Leader (Plus One Seat) Before Monday’s Election . . . Trudeau’s Still A Minority Leader . . . What a Waste Of Consternation, Time, Effort & The People’s Money!

The Good News . . . Trudeau Failed To Do What He Wanted To Do To Canada.

The Other Piece Of Good News, at least to me, is that Erin O’Toole, the Non-Conservative Conservative Party Leader Took a Drubbing, Regardless of How O’Toole and the Conservative Party Hierarchy Try to Spin-It . . . O’Toole Led The Phony Conservatives To An Embarrassing Defeat.

They Screwed-Up So Big . . . Nothing Can Make This Sow’s Ear Look Like A Silk Purse.


For The Last Two National Elections, the Conservative Party of Canada Chose the Worst Two Candidates (Respectively Andrew Scheer & Erin O’Toole) Not to Fight for Real Canadian Values Instead of Putting-Up a Street Fighter to Take-On Trudeau and his Failed Policies, the Conservative Party Put-Up Pansies who Stood for Appeasement, so as Not to Rock the Socialist Vote . . . Maybe They’ll Get It Right The Third Time (Leader), Which Could Be The Charm.

But Based On Their Track Record . . . I Wouldn’t Hold My Breath.

The People’s Party Of Canada Didn’t Win A Seat (Maxine Bernier) . . . But what the People’s Party of Canada did Win, was a Great Deal of Support from Conservatives Nationwide who Rightfully-So, Feel that they’ve Been Abandoned & Cheated by the Conservative Party of Canada, which Went Out of its Way to Demonize & Expel Conservative Members from the Conservative Party who Stood for Conservative Values.


Winning . . . Isn’t Getting Just Enough Votes To Form Another Minority Government.

Trudeau Didn’t Win Anything . . . But the Big Loser Besides the Canadian People is the Feckless Conservative Party of Canada, who Once Again Pulled Defeat from the Jaws of Victory, because the Good-For-Nothing Conservative Party Once Again Chose a DUFUS (Erin O’Toole) who Flip-Flopped More than a Fish out of Water & Campaigned Like a Liberal AGAINST Conservative Values.


Canada is Nothing like the USA, which is a Majority Conservative Country In-Spite of what the American Media & Democrats want the People to Believe. In Socialist Canada, we’re Already Drunk & Addicted to Unfunded Entitlements, which will Sooner Rather than Later Disappear, since a Country Can’t Pay for the Toys it Enjoys with Toy Money, which Makes Canada’s Welfare-State a Ticking Time-Bomb.


Argentina & Venezuela Were Financial Superpowers (Manufacturing & Agricultural Exporters) Before They Became Failed:


At The Height Of Their Corporate Power . . . Argentina & Venezuela Went to the LEFT  & Decided to Buy-Off the People with Borrowed Money. As a Result, the Spending Went Wild as Everyone in these Two Countries Partied on Free Stuff, Until that is, When these Countries Could No Longer Afford the Free Stuff, which Caused Argentina & Venezuela to Print Massive Amounts of their Currencies, which Led to Uncontrollable & Unaffordable Inflation . . . Which Led To The Fiscal & Social Demise Of Both Countries.


If You Want To Know How Good Socialism Is For The People? . . . Ask the Eastern Europeans who were Forced to Live Behind the Soviet Iron Curtain.

These Countries & Others Like It Rendered Their Currencies Useless.

This Is No Secret. Nor is it an Educated Guess . . . This Is 100% Guaranteed History. Wherever Socialism was Tried Under the Name of Socialism or Communism, It Has Failed Miserably. And Every Time Some Politician Says . . . This Time It Will Be Different . . . It Never Is.


Where Free-Wheeling Spending, Borrowing & Printing Is Government Policy, Inflation, Depression & Dystopia Are Sure To Follow.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Canada’s fake conservative party is in more trouble now , than before the election. Max garnered enough support to be “ allowed “ to participate in the next set of televised debates ( which may not be to far down the road ). He will be heard. Congrats to all who voted for true conservatives and refused to swallow all the “vote splitting “ nonsense.

  2. I am from Western Canada. We are tired of being neglected by Eastern Canadian elites and voters. We did not vote in a Liberal Government. We voted on a Conservative Government, even though we agree OToole is a very weak leader. The GTA, and most of Quebec, like the free $$. We in the west are realists, and don’t like debt. If we hadn’t sent trillions to mostly Quebec over the years, we would have no debt. Don’t know how we’re going to do it, but we need to separate. We have no option!

  3. The U.S. nor Canada will never become Communist nations. Watch closely this next election in the U.S. more so after the election. If the commiecrats try to pull off what they did in the last one and get caught, there will be blood in the streets of the U.S. People are fed up, every where you go in my area mid and upper N.Y. State, there are Gadson flags and Trump Banners, even intelligent Democrats are flying the Trump banners. The people are slow to anger but when they do America will change

  4. Western separation would make an equitable relationship- something the blood sucking east does not want.

  5. Trudeau is PM again. 40 Liberals profited from PPC votes. If the PPC voters had voted Conservative, the Conservatives would have a majority with a mandate to bring the economy under control and protect Canadian’s rights. Max achieved his goal to reelect Trudeau.

    I Voted PPC. And I Would Vote for them Again. I Refuse to Vote for the Lesser Evil. But let me Flip this . . . Had you and all the other Conservatives Voted for the PPC, they could have Won the Election on Real Conservative Values. So maybe you’re Responsible for this Result? – HG:

  6. Six Hundred Million (borrowed) Dollars tossed in the trash bin for a failed ego trip by our Vanity Queen! Disgusting !

  7. I have been voting for 50 years. This election was a disgrace. A farce. A SCAM ! The Fear inside politicians to Not say the Right thing about a Wrong thing and be accused of Anything is so overwhelming as to be Debilitating in their duties. Ontario Premier Ford kicked MPP Belinda Karahalios out of caucus because she would not vote to extend the Covid emergency act without a debate before voting. Some Caucus MPPs never read the Bill, just voted yes. Blind Obedience for a 6 figure paycheque.

  8. Quote for today: “The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are now outnumbered by those who vote for a living.”

  9. I can’t remember where I read that no bread and butter issues were debated. People have always voted with their pocketbooks. O’tool never brought up any issues that really mattered like the carbon tax or other sick green POS regulations. As you keep saying the CP is liberal light. F

  10. To all of you who bought into this “vote splitting” joke, you have your wishes now with Trudeau back in as O’Toole (flip flopping pandering politician) would have been no different!!!!!… I’m extremely proud to have voted to the closest “real Conservative” that was our only chance to turn things around!!!… You’ve made your bed now so get ready for more “Socialism personified!!!!” lol

  11. The true travesty in all this is there is nothing to vote FOR, only AGAINST! Our seat distribution is so skewed that one only has to pander to Ontario to win. Quebec calls itself a nation so why is a provincial party ( BQ) allowed federal status to influence policies in another nation. The west truly needs to get serious about separating. My sense of patriotism to this this once wonderful country has been sapped.

    Very Sad . . . Yet Very True!

  12. Howard I believe the conservatives intentionally got to defuses in their leader ship positions the last two elections. I believe the hierarchy of the conservative party is just as globalist as Trudeau and the reason they chose O’Toole and Scheer it’s so that Trudeau could pull out a win. At least that’s the way I see it.

  13. Before the election, we ALL had a choice. I believe firmly those who voted conservative but didn’t want to, split the vote. What boggles my mind is we had a REAL chance to bring in another option to Liberalism & supposed Conservatism, but were to afraid to vote PPC. Don’t accuse those of us who did of vote splitting. I voted for the PPC because I fully support & believe in them. Can you say the same? This is far from over, but I will continue to put my faith in the PPC.

  14. Until the full executive of the CPC who are all red tory globalists are replaced, they interfered twice at making Pierre Poilièvre drop out of the race and state family reason. If there were truly family reasons, Pierre would not have run at all. The executive of the CPC is nothing less than the mafia and probably used treats like telling Pierre he would be removed from caucus if he continued to run for the leadership. If I was Pierre right now, I would leave the CPC and join the PPC.

  15. Great Editorial, Mr. G. When I saw the final vote within Canada, my heart stopped. This ‘election’ will have detrimental results that will last for years, just as we are experiencing in the USA. With NUTS running the countries the One World Order is coming down the pike. YUP, Argentina & Venezuela all over. We only have ourselves to blame. Sad but true.

  16. Forget the Canadian election. What really matters is that the Democrats in the House just tossed out 1 billion dollars of funding for Israel’s Iron Dome Defense. This while refusing to agree to anything less than 3.5 TRILLION USD for their “Infrastructure” deal. If that doesn’t open they eyes of American Jews then nothing will.

  17. The Free Everything Kids won in Canada, you all will follow the other countries that tried Socialism. Failure is but another spending bill away. In the US, the College and Young Lib Vote will be the destruction of our Country. Give it to us free or else. When the fuel dries up or goes to $7 a gallon, and food cost more than you make, Zombie Land will be real as starving illegals invade, City Dwellers realize that they have nothing, the streets will run Red with innocent blood, blame Washington.

  18. I am so sorry for y our country to have losers just like we do . The DEVIL lives with in them all. :(( :(( I know you will do all you can to protect yourself & your Anne along with that pup who must be really starting to get big. We had ALL better think good thoughts to run the DEVIL out of out land that does not belong to it. Hang in there God be with you as he always is.

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