Our Politics Is Our Great Shame


“Let’s Roll” . . . Todd Beamer.

I Remember Exactly where I Was and What I Was Doing When the Planes Hit the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the Heroic Actions on United Airlines Flight 93, which was Purposefully Crashed into a Field in Shanksville Pennsylvania.


“It Was The Best Of Times . . . It Was The Worst Of Times” . . . Because it Brought Out the Worst Within Humanity and by Contrast the Best Humanity Can Be.

20-Years Ago Tomorrow, The World Rallied To A Noble Cause . . . Today, Because of the Imbecile in the Oval Office and the People Surrounding him in all Aspects of Biden’s Presidency, The Cause Has Been Diminished, Sullied & Surrendered.

But Whether They Like  It Or Not – 9/11 Will Live In Infamy, Same As The Creature In The White House, Who in Just Several Months Damaged the Unbelievable Exceptionalism of America that Took a Quarter of a Millennium to Create & Build.

But Like All Things & All People Evil . . . They Will Pay The Price & Goodness & Decent People Will Persevere.


That Joe Biden Has No Reverence To The US Constitution Is Only Secondary To The People Who Close Their Eyes.

Every Freedom that has Made America as Great a Nation that it is, which is Slipping Away Before our Very Eyes with Purposeful Assaults on American Exceptionalism, has Been Created through the Greatest Document of Freedom Known to Humanity . . . The US Constitution.

And for Joe Biden & His Accolades to Ignore the Very Foundation of America’s Freedoms Without the People Taking to the Streets in the Millions, Says to me that Academia has Been Successful in its More than a Half Century Global Crusade to Damage, Yet Not Totally Destroy The Freedoms Of America . . . Towards Their Fanciful Shangri-La For Their One World Communist Government.

With That Dire Statement I Also Have To Include The Following . . .

It Wasn’t the Majority of the Population of the 13-Colonies that Destroyed the Colonization of America by the British . . . It Was a Rag Tag Army of Patriots, Poorly Armed, Poorly Dressed & Poorly Trained . . . More Often Than Not – Hungry, Cold & Wet, Who by Sheer Desire for Liberty Stood-Up to the Greatest Military Power in the World at that Time, Who & Which Freed A Nation From Tyranny.

Today’s Left Are In The Vast MINORITY. Today’s Patriots Are Throughout The Land In Significant Numbers . . . And all Those who Sing the Praises of Socialism in America & Songs of Kumbaya, who Want Something for Nothing, but Don’t Have the Guts, the Grit or the Dedicated Wherewithal to Fight for What they Have Neither Earned Nor Deserve, will Much Sooner Rather than Later Cower-Back Under the Shadows of their Rock of Ill Begotten Desire.

20-Years Ago Tomorrow – Todd Beamer Spoke For All Freedom Loving Patriots (Worldwide) . . . Let’s Roll!


Not Only Was It A Waste Of My Time . . . It Was Shameful For The Media, The Politicians & The People Of Canada.

For More Than An Hour, I Watched & Listened to a Group of Men (4) and One Woman Promise How They were Going to be Taking More Money from the MAKERS (Tax Payers) to Give to the TAKERS.

It Was Amongst The Most Useless & Wasteful Hour (Plus) I Could Have Spent.

If I Had any Doubts About Voting for the People’s Party Of Canada Before this Debate . . . Any Reservations I Might Have had are Gone. Not One of the Panderers on that Debate Stage was Worthy of Being the Prime Minister of Canada. FOR ALL OF THEM . . . The Way To Reduce Inflation Is To Raise Taxes. And The Way For Government To Give The People More Freedom Is To Create More Regulations.


To Vote For Any One Of These Frauds Would Make Me Guilty Of Surrendering The Values Bequeathed To Me By My Parents.


I Never Did A Zoom Thing Before & I Was Their Invited Guest.

I Generally Won’t Waste my Time Debating with People who think the Government has More Rights or Should have More Rights than the People who Elect the Government & Pay for the Government.

However, One of the Guest Hosts of the Zoom Meeting was a Longtime Friend & LEFT COAST Resident (Victoria British Columbia), who was a Former Radio Talk-Show Host I used to Do Live Shared Broadcasts with, and I Haven’t Spoken with in More than 20-Years, who used to be a Soft Conservative (Robin Adair), who is Whatever He is Today, who by My Standards Leans Somewhat to the LEFT.

Robin’s Zoom Partner in Crime (John Juricic) is Someone I just Met through Robin Adair by Way of Zoom, who I Believe Also Leans Substantively to the LEFT.

I Don’t Know Where They See Themselves In Politics . . . But I See Them As Either Soft Liberals Or Very Soft Conservatives.

However . . . I Never Did A Zoom Thing Before, and Both of These Guys, Especially John Juricic were Extremely Helpful in me Setting this Thing Up at my End.


The Zoom Discussion & Debate Were What Discussions & Honest Debate Should Be. We Spoke for Just Under 30-Minutes, Holding Nothing Back. I Think They Were Satisfied With The Results . . . I Know That I Was.


If You Were Ever Interested In Seeing How I Would & Could Hold My Own In A Debate With Liberals Click The Above.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • I too wasted my time on that useless debate. BTW there was no debate, just prepped for statements and no answers. It galls me that Blanchet was even on the stage even before he stated that he had NO intention of leading Canada and continually referred to the provinces and the nation of Quebec.All candidates promised to create jobs when the jobs are already there but aren’t filled because of government handouts to the lazy and existing businesses can’t get workers. I pray to God that we survive

    GARY COOPER, Vernon BC, ,
  • Can’t wait to hear you. I can only imagine that you shine…… It is sooo sad that we have finally lost so much to insane governments that don’t believe in the countries they are supposed to be leading. Knowing how communism never has worked they are determined to go for it again.

    Patricia Quinlivan Eubank, Cheyenne, WY, United States
  • I did not watch the “debate” because such productions are rarely actual debates but sales pitches for whatever the instigator is selling. Furthermore, it only results in disclosing which is the better debater.

    Van Your Are Right, Except Not One Of Them Was A Worthy Debater. They All Stunk-Out The Joint – HG:

    Van D Kleiner, Corinth, TX, United States
  • Not worth watching a debate with all the same socialists and communists. The best party wasn’t invited. PPC.

    Iain Gunn, Rivers Manitoba, ,
  • I watched your Zoom interview and really enjoyed it. As always, you express yourself well and your opinions and observations can all be validated with facts. Well done, reminded me of Galganov at High Noon!

    Bill Merkley, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • Wow, I listened to the interview. I am losing friends and family over the NAZI passport. I will not talk civil to anyone who agrees with it, to me it shows a complete lack of ignorance and understanding of history. Gouvernment want to take our guns and we see where this leads, Australia. Enough being nice. The protesters are treating Trudeau the same as he treats ALL of Canada. I also believe PPC will have seats and will do far better then people think

    Erle, Barrie, ON, Canada
  • It’s very SIMPLE because at this time, the LEFT/COMMUNISTS & the FAKE NEWS are in CONTROL of our Government.Hence, DEBATES will accomplish very few POSITIVE outcomes, as it’s impossible for CONSERVATIVES to put their MESSAGE across.There WILL, however, be a CHANGE in 2022 because O’Biden & his COHORTS will be FACING CRITICAL POLITICAL circumstances which will be to their DETRIMENT. Meanwhile, we must HOPE & PRAY that the LEFT can, somehow, still be CONTAINED during these times!GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

    PAULINE M DEMERS, Woonsocket, RI -,
  • The main trouble with politics and politicians is they think it’s OK to lie as long as they win. We generally call them hypocritical, when we need really to start saying to them, they are all Lying.

    Charles Adamson, Torrance, CA, United States
  • Howard, everybody seems to be forgetting Bengasi, and the big Obama, Biden and Hillary screw up ever, refusing to send help to an American embassy under attack, actually holding troops back that were already on the plane waiting to go, What kind of Scum bags are these people? This was tragic enough, i can not understand anyone who would even vote for these slime, but I guess stupidity is more widespread then the pandemic.

    Paul E Costello, Hannacroix, NY, United States
  • Enjoyed your Zoom discussion to the max!!!

    John Smith, Toronto, ON,
  • Howard I understand your views about the election and the lack of a true Conservative party, but our number one goal must be to GET RID OF the weasel Trudeau. And while you may be right about O’ Toole’s less than conservative views, he does have a resume a little better than being a snowboard instructor. Please don’t waste your vote and give him a chance.

    Robert Turnbull, Richmond, British Columbia,
  • You are correct in your blog. I thoroughly enjoyed the zoom meeting.

    Carlos Finkle, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
  • We the People have lost any control that we assume we had. When you elect people who vote themselves higher salaries, more benefits, more control, we created a monster. Does my vote count, I believe not, they have found so many ways to cheat. Does Praying help, for some it sooths the soul but does not do much else. God cannot fix what we created, but he did give us Free Will, It is going to take a huge sacrifice from Patriots that are ready and willing to fight against overwhelming odds to chang

    Azevedo, Star, ID, United States
  • Where I reside, it could be a close vote between Liberal and Conservative. First step is to get rid of the vote buying, lying scumbag, Trudeau. So I will strategically vote Conservative. If a lot of people vote for Bernier, this will only help Trudeau.

    Don Bos., Thorhild, Alberta, Canada
  • Voted for the best team that actually stands a chance to win against Turdeau…PERIOD! Am not interested in someone who’s been a: separatist, liberal, conservative and a self appointed leader of a party on paper. A real leader would have a leadership race AND a leadership review after his disastrous defeat in last election. Each has a right to vote their choice. Choose wisely, as Canada will not survive a Turdeau 3rd term of office!

    Colleen McIntosh, North Gower, Ontario,
  • Have you wondered who is the power behind Biden? Have you wondered how/why America would abandon an airfield, leaving $80+ billion most advanced military equipment for the Taliban. If you have been watching the 911 ceremonies you might take a guess it’s the person standing right next to Biden at WTC and Shanksville. He’s black, a Muslim, kissed the ring of the King of Saudi Arabia while touring (I vaguely recall) 12 muslim countries apologising for America; BO the puppet master, pseudo president

    Ken Davies, Cornwall, Ontario,

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