A Leader Who Will Live & Die In Infamy


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I Watched The Sad Return Of The Fallen American Warriors At Dover Air Force Base On Sunday ((August 29, 2021).

I Watched America’s Commander-In-Chief (Biden) Stand with his Hands Folded Behind his Back as Biden’s Generals, Other Officers and Even Biden’s Hapless Wife (The Pretend Doctor) Stood at Attention with their Hands Respectfully at their Sides While Waiting for the Warriors’ Caskets to be Carried-By.

I Saw Biden Try To Surreptitiously Look At His Watch As A Coffin Was Carried-By, As If Biden Had Somewhere Else To Be.


I Watched The Disgraceful Press Conference Yesterday (August 30, 2021) Late Afternoon/Early Evening, as Blinken Touted America’s Huge Success, as if it Really was Somehow a Success Opposed to a Disgusting Rout & Defeat . . . Which It Was Caused by a Stone-Aged Army of Savages (Taliban, Al Qaeda, Isis) Ending The 20-Year Afghan War In Loss & Humiliation For America.

I Never Saw Trump Walk-Away From The Media Mob. Nor Had I ever Seen Trump Refuse to Answer Media Questions, even Unfair, Untrue, Angry – Contrived “Gotcha” Questions. And I Never Heard Trump Pick Who He Was Going To Call-On From A Preselected List Of Media Names.

But That’s Biden’s & His Sick Entourages’ Stock-In Trade.

But Walking Away From The Media Without Answering Questions, which the American People Deserve to be Answered is an Unconscionable Biden Administration Hallmark.

Deceased Senator John McCain Went on Record at a Senate Hearing About Antony Blinken, who was to be Appointed to a Cabinet Post by Obama . . . (To Paraphrase) . . . “Blinken Wouldn’t Be A Bad Choice . . . Blinken Would Be The Worst Choice Possible For Any Cabinet Position”.

And this is the Man (Blinken) Currently Leading & Guiding America’s Foreign Policy Agenda, and Biden’s Point-Man to Solve the Israeli/Palestinian Issue, Especially Now that Israel has a Prime Minister (Naftali Bennett) . . .Who Sold-Out His Friends, Allies, His Soul & Integrity Just To Be The Prime Minister Of Israel By Making A Deal With Several Devils.

I Didn’t Know What Looked Worse . . . Bennett Talking To A Sleeping Biden, Or Biden Sleeping While Bennett Was Talking.

As I Was Watching The Biden/Blinken/Milley/Austin – Shit-Show and their Many Skilled Lying Mouth-Pieces, I Had to Wonder How Stupid these Poor Excuses for Public Service Really Think the American People Really Are?

And Then I Came To The Conclusion Immediately Upon Thought . . . Not Stupid Enough Anymore, But just Stupid Enough to Have Voted for this Mess of Inhumanity on November 6, 2020, But I Discerned Still Stupid – But Not Stupid Enough to Vote for them Again, Even though Much of the Damage is Already Done.

Have You Seen Or Heard Much From Pelosi, Schumer Or The Squad Lately? . . . No?

That’s Because the Prostitutes on the LEFT Can’t Deal with Being Found-Out. That’s Also Because Members in their Own Sick Democrat Party are like Rats Trying to Figure-Out How to Abandon the Sinking Ship Without Looking like the Rats they Really Are.

How Bad Is It For The American LEFT . . . Perhaps Bad Enough for Pelosi to Shove her Several Trillion Dollar Spending Spree Up Where the Sun Don’t Shine – is How Bad it Might be for the Democrats.


Canada’s Dufus Dilettante Prime Minister Was all But Convinced He Had his Reelection in the Bag by Calling an Early Vote Catching the Sleepy Nation Off-Guard.


To The Bought & Paid For Canadian Media . . . Vociferous Trudeau Agitators Are Part Of Canada’s Far Right Wing-Mob.

Guess What? . . . Trudeau – the Ultra Liberal (Communist) Canadian Tyrant Wannabe is Down in the National Polls, where a Neophyte Not-So Conservative (Erin O’Toole) is in the Lead, And Wherever Trudeau Goes, Trudeau is Met with Angry, Vocal & Vulgar Canadian Mobs Expressing the Opinions of Most Informed Canadians About the Mess Trudeau has Created for Canada.

And It’s Not Just In Canada & The USA . . . Resistance To Communist Control Is Breaking Out Globally.


Anne & I Will Fight For Our Rights By All Means Necessary. But if you Really Want to Witness a Vicious Fight, where Anne & I Will Literally Destroy Someone, Just Let Some Bastard Touch One Of Our Animals . . . Especially Tavor Our German Shepherd.


What Can One Say About US Military Leadership That Abandoned Their Caged K-9’s To The Mercy Of The Savage Taliban?


A Good Friend of Mine who Lives in Florida, About 60-Minutes from Orlando, Just Sent me a Link to a News Story of an Orlando Restaurant which Posted a Sign on its Door, Essentially Saying . . . After What Happened In Afghanistan With Our Dead American Warriors – If You Support Biden . . . WE CAN DO WITHOUT YOUR BUSINESS!

To Read The Full Article . . . Click Here.

Anne & I Were so Touched by the Courage & Commitment of this Woman (Angie) Who Owns this Restaurant (Debary Diner), that I Called-Her to Thank Her & Tell Her that Anne and I will Pay for a Meal for a Service Man or Woman & His or Her Guest . . . To Which She Said That I Wasn’t The First Person To Make This Offer.

Angie Took My Name & Number . . . And will Get Back to Me as Soon as Angie Establishes a System to Organize the Many Offers to Treat the Veterans who Frequent Angie’s Diner . . . Debary Diner.

This Isn’t An Expensive Restaurant . . . So I’ll Kick-In $50.

And As For My Florida Friends, They’ve Already Made Plans To Dine At The Debary Diner & Kick In Some Too.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  2. Americans have short attention spans. To prevent this new cycle from dying we require a “reality-type” TV show whereby a camera crew broadcasts nonstop in realtime from the hospital beds of the 40+ Americans injured in the blast who “survived” and were transferred to Germany for care.The curator for the show should be on a rotational basis. Rep Dan Crenshaw, Sen Tom Cotton, Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley, and ( ex Dem with a soul)Tulsi Gabbard. Also, force AOC. She and her Squad need a dose of reality

  3. Less noticed than the Biden ‘watch’ gazing was woman behing him apparently overcome with emotion, fainted, and as the group turned to wlk after the ceremony, Biden put one hand casually in his trouser pocket. Biden is such and arrogant, disrepectful, incompetent fool, much like our own P.M. North America is in trouble as long as these two unpatriotic idiots are in control. I heard people were throwing beer bottles at Trudeau, I hope they were empty, shame to waste good beer. Your page rec’d o.k.

  4. What Biden has done (and been allowed to do by his Admin. and both Dems and Rebs in Congress) in under 8 months to the USA is beyond terrifying! This is how fragile our freedom is and shows how easily it is lost. We the People MUST stand up and fight in every little way we can. Hearing of Angie in FL and her Debary Diner gives us all hope and shows how much the ‘little things’ we can each do will encourage and make a difference. We must hold our heads high and be not afraid to speak out!

  5. All of this makes me sick. Shame on all of the people who are running the Democrat’s today, Look at what they have gone and done. God have mercy on their sick, sick, souls. They make me sick to my stomach.. Was bad enough to leave humans there but to leave the animals who will be tortured and killed. Shame, Shame, Shame on all of you sick devils. Your disgusting , I am not perfect at 80 yrs. old but never would I do what you have done Biden and your nutty greedy people. Be safe and well HG

  6. Please keep in mind, this is oBAMA’s (Small “o” by intention) 3rd term. Biden is a true talking head. oBAMA talks about the destruction of America in his book “Dreams From My Father.” And, he is doing a damned fine job. Following Saul Alinsky’s rules to demoralize the enemy (USA) is be attacked by using fear, confusion & retreat. This is precisely what is happening. Or, from a completely different view, historically (for centuries): “Afghanistan is where empires go to die.”

  7. Howard your post about TruDope and sleepy Joe is soo true, Time for the masses to wake up 2022 is still a long way off. I’ll send some $ too, when I see her link of where to send. Thanks again to both of you Anne and you. Mike

  8. Yes, the O’Biden administration is definitely Obama’s THIRD term! There is NO DOUBT that the 2020 FRAUDULENT presidential election was BEING PLANNED during Pres. Trump’s term. The Afghanistan CRISIS has more than DECLARED the DEMOCRATS’ FATE for YEAR 2022! The CRUELTY which has been DISPLAYED by that administration regarding this TRAGEDY will NOT be FORGOTTEN by the AMERICANS! O’BIDEN and his “CIRCLE” have AWAKEN a SLEEPING GIANT and they will SUFFER its REPERCUSSIONS! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  9. Just sent an e-mail to DEBARY DINER to donate a meal for a veteran and guest. Thanks, Howard for the information.

  10. All of them have disappeared – Harris, OAC, Ilhan, Schmumer, Pelosi, on and on and I think they anticipate another “revolt” of some kind. What really bothers me is, who the heck is handling Biden and pulling his strings? Those boneheads’ days are seriously numbered, either by age, angry voters or both. The unknown evil force behind Joe scares the crap out of me.

  11. Today, for the first time, I actually heard the opinion unequivocally voiced that it’s China pulling the strings! Makes sense to me. This column is the first I heard about the dogs. Honestly didn’t know I could get any sicker to my stomach. We Christians are admonished to pray for one another, especially for those who most need our prayers. I am truly struggling with that. Thanks for what you do.

  12. Biden was forced to do it, by China. China wants to become a world leader in the manufacturing of electric vehicles, and what better place to get control of all that lithium in the mountains of Afghanistan. Then there are the poppy fields, but’s that’s a discussion for another time. The Chinese must have a lot of dirt on Joe and son that they left him no choice but to run out of Afghanistan. Soon China will be in Afghanistan. They will either make a deal with the Taliban, or, wipe them out.

  13. This Afghanistan pull-out by Biden Administration is like Viet Nam on steroids. Talk about pulling America down in respect of other nations? There is no respect for this administration within the US itself. Thanks Howard for this editorial. I doubt many had heard about the canines left behind as well as 600+ Americans still. Unbelievable can’t even cover it as anger builds as more details surface. Sorry, but must stop before I say something I shouldn’t. Thanks again.

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