They Hate Trump More Than They Love America


The LEFTIST Media Don’t Have The Right To Criticize Biden Over Afghanistan. Without Them – It Would Never Have Happened.

WITHOUT . . . The Many Millions of Democrat & Independent Fools who Voted-In a Man with No Discernable Accomplishments in Almost 5-Decades in Government, who has a Known & Confirmed History of Plagiarism, Narcissism & Dishonesty (Lies), who Never Revealed an Election Platform & Didn’t Leave his Basement to Campaign . . . Won The Votes Of Bigger Fools Than Him.

And How Are The Biden Fools Explaining This Gargantuan Fiasco . . . “It Was Trump’s Fault” – Have You Heard That Before?

We Have to Look at Two Important Issues, the Second in my Opinion Being More Important than the First . . . Is How America is Going to Get the TENS of Thousands of American Citizens & Afghan Supporters of America out of Afghanistan?

I Don’t Even Want To Think Of How Bad It Is & Will Be For Abandoned Americans & American Supporters.

As Far as the Billions of Dollars Worth of Lost Equipment and the American Secret Strategies the Taliban have Probably Seized and will Either Sell or Trade to the Chinese, Russians and or Iranians – That Horse Has Already Left The Barn . . . And There Is Nothing America Can Do About It.


How Americans Will Be Able To Get To The Airport & Get Out Of Afghanistan Is A Terrible Mystery. What is Also a Mystery to me, is What are the 7,000 Or More American Troops – Who are Either in Afghanistan or Being Flown into Afghanistan Going to Do as they’re Surrounded in the Narrow Tract of the Kabul Airport by an Overwhelming Number of Taliban & Al-Qaeda Fighters Armed to the Teeth with their Own Weapons and the Abandoned American Weapons & Ammunition?


BUT TO ME . . . As Horrible As The Preceding Is – The Much Greater Fear Is What Is America Going To Do About The LEFT?

How Long Can America Sustain The Idiocy Of The Entire American LEFT, and who is Going to Step-Up to Stop the Madness of Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, the Squad, the RINOS and all the Others who are Responsible for Driving America and the Freedoms of America to the Edge of Collapse?


Where Is The Third Pillar Of The American Government, Since The Government In Place Is The Enemy From Within?


I Can’t Imagine the Level of Fear & Mental Torture the People who Have Been Deserted by Biden and his Lunatic Administration in Afghanistan are Going Through, or all the Loved-Ones Waiting in Safe Harbor (The USA & Other Safe States) for the Safe Return of their Families & Friends . . . Who Have To Run The Gauntlet Of Biden’s Afghani Crafted Hell.


How Do You Think The Taiwanese Are Feeling Today, the Japanese, the South Koreans, the Philippines, the Vietnamese, the Australians, the Sunni Gulf Arab States . . . And Israel?

Do You Think Ukrainians Are Sleeping Well Now?


How Do You Think The Israelis Feel Hearing From The Biden Administration That Israel Can’t Act Without Biden’s Approval?

Imagine This . . . If Israel Feels the NEED to Go after Iran, Hamas and/or Hezbollah before Iran has the Wherewithal to Nuke Israel, Israel NEEDS the Permission of Biden.

If I was an Israeli Right Here & Now, I would be Sickened to my Core Knowing that my Government is a Hodgepodge of Disparate Israeli Parties, LEFTISTS Included . . .  INCLUDING an Arab Party that Hates Jewish Israel, Formed Only Because Stupid Power-Hungry Israeli Politicians Wanted to Get Rid of Netanyahu at any Price.

And The Future Of Israel Lies In The Hands Of The Imbecile In The White House & His Anti-Israel Cabinet?

If I Was An Israeli . . . I Would DEMAND a New Election to Re-Elect Netanyahu & Ramp-Up my Military Capability to the Max-Plus, and be Prepared for a War of Survival, Because as long as this Idiot Is In the Oval Office . . . Nothing Good Is Heading For Israel.

And If I Was A Gulf State . . . Including Saudi Arabia. I would be Scrambling to Get as Close to Israel as Possible, Fully Knowing that Biden will Throw Moderate Arab States Under the Bus as Easily as he Screwed the Allies in Afghanistan.

And If I Was A European . . . I would be Giving my Trust in Biden’s LEFTIST America a Hard Second Look, Because this is Not the America that Liberated Europe from Germany in Two World Wars.

And Current America Under Biden Isn’t Even A Shadow Of America Under President Trump & The Greatest Generation.


America Can’t Wait . . . If The American Government Isn’t Changed TODAY – Tomorrow Will Be Too Late!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It is already too late. If anyone thinks the country can be saved by voting then I’ve got some nice beachfront property in Arizona I can sell you real cheap. Of the 4 ways we’ve burned through 3 of them already. Those are the soap box, the ballot box and the Jury box. The jury box could have done it but the supremes ran and hid under their desks. All that’s left is the ammo box. It’s just waiting for the trigger event which will be either the assassination or imprisoning of President Trump.

  2. Good to have recognition of the third branch of our federal government put into the light so the People KNOW all three branches have failed to uphold their oath of office.

  3. GREAT ..editorial Howard …sorry i missed you on Sunday 15 @ Tim’s in Lancaster

  4. Howard, there is no way to add to or take from this article, only that the events you are seeing were predicted in the Bible 2000 yrs. ago. “The enemy shall dwell with in”, and to think this is just the beginning of those times.

  5. Howard, you are 100% correct. Thank you for your honest assessment!

  6. You know….I still have hope for America….maybe because…my hope…is in God Almighty, and I may be foolish enough to believe…Trump…will be back. At least…am praying, and I don’t intend to stop…In my humble opinion…without…HIM…(GOD)…..we have nothing…. Thank you again…as you will remain…a bright light…in the darkness. Best wishes to you, and your sweetheart!

  7. Howard, you are spot-on, as usual. When will the flashpoint come? The only thing that came save America is a civil war. We need a true NATIONAL LEADER who can communicate and lead: General Flynn, Gov DeSantis, Senator Paul —– ????? .

  8. Wow… Wow….Wow…. Yesterday and today! Right on and it is so SAD but TRUE! Every word said!

  9. I’d give my right arm if this great article was plastered all over the Kansas City Star !!! Excellent truth. Scary too.

  10. I guess the problem with most Americans is they have little knowledge of the REAL truth of what the Biden Admin is doing/causing because MSM is still covering for them, at least most. But some are starting to question some policy decisions, esp. this one in Afghanistan. I too believe Biden is in there as part of God’s judgment on this nation due to our gross sins–legalized abortions of millions, legalizing gay marriage, etc, & we as a people have done nothing (yet) to really fight back.

  11. Yes, the LEFTIST MEDIA contributed to Biden’s SCANDAL…along with the RINOS! They have succeeded in creating the GREATEST FEAR in America, which is NOT COVID but our Country’s SAFETY. Considering the increased power of the TALIBANS, et al, are we to EXPECT another 911 in the near future? It’s NOT a CRAZY idea; it’s now a GREATER possibility. AMERICA is in GREATER DANGER on all fronts than ever before! The HATRED of TRUMP has SURPASSED the SAFETY of AMERICA! TRUMP WILL RETURN, and BEWARE! AMEN!

  12. The real question is…. Who is paying the Biden Foundation ( which has replaced the Clinton Foundation in the “pay to play” scheme) to keep doing this? It for sure is not the Saudis who were the largest donors to the Clinton Foundation prior to her loss to Trump ( and who learned their lesson when they discovered that they were better off with Pompeo/Trump). Biden would not be doing this for free. He has never done anything for free. Hunter’s Chinese Trust Fund keeps growing.

  13. The Biden administration has kicked the allies to the curb, it’s an act of treason to America and these leaders will go down in history as murderers. I shake my head, turn the news off and pray . . .that’s our only hope now.

  14. I believe we are in Revelations now. We have the evil ones wanting to Mark us to show we are Vaccinated with their poison. They want us in Masks at all times, for control. They want us to stop Praying. It is time to make sure you have what it takes to protect your self and your family, Donald Trump by himself can not save us, but can lead us out from this path of destruction Biden has put us on, only if he gets a chance. Why are there so many Citizens in AF, money, let them figure out how to get

  15. What a stinking mess, shame shame on the Democrats another screwed up mess they have made & will end up having our Americans killed for their stupide, As long as they open their mouths they are LYING.It is like watching the same movie over again & our people are the ones who will be killed for it. This comment goes for all you have had to say. Prayers for the people to get out safely. For you and your family as well God blessings to you each.

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