How Do You Fight An Enemy You Don’t Know?


You Can’t Play A Competitive Game Against An Opposing Team Without Knowing Something About The Opposition.

HERE’S THE BOTTOM LINE . . . Most of us Erroneously Think we Know Something About the Other-Side, the Socialist/Communist Side, which Uses Faux-Reason and Fake Arguments to Convince the Masses that Socialism/Communism is All that It’s Not.

Start First With The World’s Father Of Communism . . . KARL MARX.

A Massive Number of People think they Know Something about Karl Marx, because some People Read his Landmark Treatise “DAS KAPITAL”, which is the Modern Bible of Communism, where all Questions are Studied, Asked & Answered by Marx, on How to Create a Perfect & “EQUITABLE” World Through Critical Theory, which is in Itself One of the Greatest Philosophical Socio/Political Hoaxes Levied Upon the Intelligence & Freedoms of Humanity.

BUT START AT THE BEGINNING . . . Just Like So Many German & European Jews of the 18th & 19th Centuries, which Dictated for Jews to be Nominally Accepted into European Society, Without the Draconian Personal, Professional & Financial Restrictions Reserved Specifically for Members of the Jewish Community . . . Many Elitist Jews Chose to Convert to Christianity in Order to Get Ahead, and to be Accepted Into the Nation where they Lived.

There Were Many Famous European Jewish Converts . . . One of them Being Felix Mendelssohn, one of the World’s Greatest Christian Composers, who Unlike Karl Marx, Didn’t Convert From Judaism to Christianity with a Profound Sick Ideological HATRED for the Jewish People.

It Is Assumed By Scholars That Christopher Columbus Was Jewish, Who Was A Converso . . . Who Also Didn’t Disparage Jews.

In Our Era . . . Here & Now – There are Prominent Jews, Mostly to the LEFT, who, Whether they Like-It or Not Have to Identify Somewhat with Being Part of the Jewish Culture, Because you Can’t Deny Fact . . . But, Who Go Out of their Way to Distance Themselves from their Religious Origins.

The Most Infamous Self-Hating Modern Jewish Anti-Semite Is George Soros.

To Give You An Example . . . Noam Chomsky, one of America’s Best Known Radical Professors was an Apologist Jew (A Self-Hating Jew), so is Bernie Sanders, who Uses Soft Terms to Admit to his Jewish Heritage for Political Purposes, while Simultaneously Railing Against Israel, the ONLY Homeland for the Jewish People, that After Thousands of Years . . . Is Once Again Home To All The World’s Jewish People.

One Of Canada’s Greatest Writers . . . Mordechai Richler, who Wrote Dozens of Really Great Novels & Papers Specifically on his Life Experiences Growing-Up as a Jew in Montreal, Many of which (Richler’s Writings) were Made into National & International Movies, Had as Part of his Final Wishes . . .  Not To Be Buried In A Jewish Cemetery, And Not To Have A Jewish Symbol On His Headstone.

I Could Go On Forever, with The Names of Accomplished Jews Worldwide, Who Are or Were Embarrassed at Either Being . . . or Being Identified as Members of the Jewish Community for One Reason or Another . . . But None Would Come Close To The Venomous Abnormal Hatred Karl Marx Held For The Religion Of His Birth . . . Which Defined His Abhorrence For Capitalism.


In The Thinking Of Karl Marx . . . A Truly Socialist Society Couldn’t Be Achieved As Long As There Was A Jewish Faith.

Even Though Karl Marx . . . Attempted to Camouflage his Anti-Semitic Views & Contempt for Organized Religion, Marx was in Many Ways a Provocateur, Stirring the Pot, while Letting Others Take the Blame.

Marx Could Not See His Utopian Society Emerge Within A State That Wasn’t Secular.

I Don’t Know What Brought About The Grievous Disdain Marx Had For His Fellow Jews & Religions In General, Just like I Have No Reference or Understanding why a Fabulous Writer Like Mordechai Richler, who Made his Fame & Fortune Writing about His Jewish Experiences, and was Admired to the Highest Regard by Montreal’s Jewish Community, would Command that he Not Be Buried with any Jewish Traditions or Symbols.

I Employed A Relatively Famous Montreal “Jewish” Lawyer – Julius Grey, who I Fired Live-On Air (On My Radio Show) for Making a Legal Decision he Had No Right to Make, who was an Immigrant Child from Poland, whose Jewish Parents were Anti-Semitic Polish Communists.

Julius Too Was A Communist . . . Who Like so Many “Communists” Lived what Can Only be Described as a Privileged Life (Rules For Thee Not For Me) . . . Who was Proud to Proclaim to Me, How He Didn’t Much Like The Jewish Religion . . . And how in his Will it was Written that he Could Not be Buried in a Jewish Cemetery, and that in His Words to me . . . “They Can’t Get Me When I’m Alive . . . I Won’t Let Them Get Me After I’m Dead”, which I Thought was Bizarre . . . Since Who In The Jewish World Wanted To Get To Him – Dead Or Alive?


So You Ask Yourself This Question . . . Why Are LEFTISTS, Including so Many Prominent Jewish Elites & Regular Members of the Jewish Community – Such Jew & Israel Haters, even if they Won’t See-It in Themselves or Admit it?

To Me, The Answer Lies In The Foundation & Construct Of Communism At Its Source, Where the Father of Communism Blamed the Jewish People for Capitalism, Which was in his Demented Mind the Simple Greatest Impediment to His Non-Existent & Non-Possible World of Socialist Shangri-La.

For People Who Don’t Know, Which Includes The Vast Majority Of Jews & Others . . . When Israel was Recreated in 1948 at the Behest of the United Nations, After A Two Thousand Year Exile From The Jewish Homeland, Russia Saw in the Nascent State of Israel a Future Communist Society, which in Many Ways, Israel was Moving-Towards, Until Two Realities Overthrew The Illusion Of Communism.

The First Reality . . . Includes The Teaching Of Freedom In The Torah (Five Books Of Moses), Which Supersedes Communism.

The Second Reality . . . Was That Israel Was Impoverished Without A Free, Fair & Competitive Market.


Whether Karl Marx was an Educated Lunatic or Not, is Almost Irrelevant to this Editorial, since Karl Marx is Long Dead & Gone, but the Lunacy of his Philosophy of Communism is Not Dead & Gone. And even though Wherever Marx’s Theory of Communism has Been Tried, it has Failed Dramatically & Disastrously in the Suffering, Death & Demise of Whole Societies Everywhere it was Tried . . . There are no Shortage of Lunatics Willing & Able to Try it Again.

So Instead of Debating, Studying & Trying to Learn What Karl Marx Preached, and How it Could Fit Into our Society & Way of Life, there is No Rationale for Reasonable People to Debate How Many Angels Can Dance on the Head of a Pin, Than there is Any More Rationale to Debate the Virtues & Reality of Marxism, since the Proof is Apparent in the Plus 100-Million Lives Lost (Murdered) in the Name of Communism & Every Failed Society which Believed Communist Control was Superior to Capitalist Freedom.

I Don’t Believe We Can Explain The Rationale Behind Communism, Any More Than We Can Explain The Rationale Behind Lunacy.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Please stop referring to George Soros as Jewish. He is NOT. He is Atheist. And before then he was raised Roman Catholic. The most one could call him is a “PLOP JEW”: a Jew who plopped out of a Jewish womb but whose association with Judasim ended there.

  2. I know bloody well who they are. They run our gov’t, media, schools and major institutions. Most of my neighbours also fall into the category of willing idiot or unable to distinguish between truths and destructive leftist lunacy and lies. Communism and willingness for it permeates mainstream thought. It is rational, conservative thinking that people no longer have. A two minute conversation with anyone on topics like Biden, Trump, Israel, Trudeau will easily tell how they think and stand.

  3. Until the day he died, Marx, whose disdain for baths and smelt like it, was dependent on a friend whose family’s money paid all his bills. Todays equivilent to Marx are the delusional drop-out antifa morons who live in their mother’s basement pontificating to their younger ignorant and gullible siblings how brilliant they are while dreaming about saving the world from their betters by becoming a Congressman like AOC.

  4. You have nailed it as far as I am concerned. We have for far too long attempted to give credence to the concept of communism and its potential application to any society. Like trying to prove that putting one’s hand on a hot stove only to have it burnt each time. How many times do we have to burn our hands before we realize that the stove is hot? So too with Marx and his version no matter how it is presented with the concept of communism.

  5. Congratulations Howard, you are the first one I have seen besides myself to have the guts to expose the RAT of Rats, George Soros, A cowardly Hungarian Jew by another name. (wikipidia) who probably has been the cause of more Jewish deaths then Hitler. No man is a man that denies his heritage, and then be a traitor to them, like that slime ball was.

  6. As Albert Einstein said.” The difference between Stupidity and Genius, is that Genius has its limits.”

  7. Several countries have a seven-figure reward for Soros. I’m amazed that some Blackwater types haven’t snatched him up and delivered him to Vladimir or Viktor. Soros must have a PRIMO security detail.

  8. Funny, Jesus IS a Jew. Those “righteous” Jews had him crucified. Had he NOT been resurrected, we wouldn’t have Christianity. Their (Jews) own Old Testament proclaimed his coming. The guys who converted and didn’t “disparage” Jews probably did so because they were able to see the truth. These people will get their just desserts. THANK YOU, JESUS!! Praise His name.

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