If Friends Aren’t Worth Fighting For – Who Are?


This Morning – June 17, 2021, I Read An Appeal On NTD News, That Texas Is Raising Money For The Texas Border Wall.

Each Year, when Anne & I Cross the State Line from Either Oklahoma, Arkansas or Louisiana Into Texas . . . We Take a Deep Breath, Exhale & Smile Broadly – Knowing That We’re Home Again.

For The Last 7-Years, Anne & I Spent Six of Those Years Spending Half the Year in Texas During Each Winter, with the Other Half in South-Eastern Ontario (Canada). We Weren’t in Texas or Florida this Year because of the Stinking China Virus, which was Used as an Excuse by Canada to Lock-Down the US/Canada Border.

But – As I See It . . . It Seems The Border Is Just About To Open.

But Open Or Not . . . Our Texas Friends, Many of Whom are Like an Extended Family, Deserve Far More & Far Better than What they’re Getting from their Federal Government, than to be Thrown to the Illegal Immigrant (Coyotes) Wolves and the Scum who Deliver & Smuggle Murderous Drugs into America.

America . . . And Especially Texas Deserve Far Better Than What The Democrats Are Doing To The Lone Star State.


And Like Most Everyone Else, Especially with the Cost of Everything Going on the Rise, we Have to be Careful with How we Spend our Money since there is Only so Much to Go Around, and Galganov.com Claims much of it . . .  But I’ll Be Damned If I’m Just Going To Sit Here North Of The US Border & Do Nothing, While The Invaders Wreak Havoc On The State We Love!

Texas Deserves A Whole Lot Better.


It’s Not A Fortune . . . But It’s What We Can Afford . . . And Our Money Has Already Been Sent To Help Build The Wall.

Whether You’re American Or Canadian . . . If You Want To Get Into The Fight . . . www.borderwall.texas.gov . . . And If You’re A Canadian . . . The Texas Wall Donation Page Includes Canadian Data.

Let Me Make This Simple . . . If We Don’t Do This For Texas – Eventually . . . There Will Be No-One To Do It For Us.


But After Giving It Some Thought . . . To Hell With Biden – Screw The Democrats & Up The RINOS . . .

I’ll Leave-It-Up to the Mainstream Media to Endlessly Capitalize Ad Nauseum on the Latest Biden Vaudeville Show With the G-7, NATO & Putin.

What’s Happening on the Southern American Border is Far More Important Than all the Supercilious Cruds (Media) Doing their Kabuki Theater . . . Pretending that A Moronic President (Biden) Isn’t Really A Moron, While Ignoring The Real People Along The Southern American Border Who Are Under Siege.


Talk Is Cheap . . . Action Speaks Louder Than Words. Anne & I Are Proud To Be In The Action.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Spartans … give up your weapons!!! Persians … come and get them!!! The 300.

  2. Notice that Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida is sending people to help Texas and Arizona with their border issues. Bless his heart!

  3. Sir, If the border opens, I wish you might consider staying the 6 months in San Antonio Texas. It is a beautiful city with a ton of American History, and it is quite RED. Every year for the 39th straight time I have attended the World Skeet Championship. I was also stationed there in the 70’s, at Fort Sam Houston, as a Army Medevac pilot. My wife, Renate, myself, Sundance II, ( a rescue dog, Bailey Blue a very expensive, miniature Australian Shepard) along with our Voltage 40″ toy hauler.

  4. Being a Native Born Texan (and only 1 state away), I, will Take Up the FIGHT if ever NEED Be! (It’s rather “Comical” to see people leave the store, when I flash my Concealed Carry Badge when shopping!). Thank you SO Much, Howard – for ALL you have Done/are Doing…

  5. Texas border wall is a great cause. Thank you for promoting it; donation made!

  6. Welcome to the war Howard. It is time for vigilante action, catch and hang the coyotes and leave them rot on the wall, or just shoot them in both knee caps, kidnap and hang cartel members and those dealers that are buying the drugs over hear, they are murderers and should receive the max for their actions, and the wall will go quiet. Kill the Cartel and the boarders will be secure.

  7. Mike Renner, your story is funny, but it is also a sad commentary on some peoples’ screwed-up behavior. If I were shopping in that store, I would stay close to you – for protection.

  8. In reference to my comments agreeing with Barry Jackson regarding the June 15, 2021 editorial, I apologize for not being perfectly clear with my use of the name Barry. My last sentence in that comment was “… I was not a racist. Thank you Barry for converting me!” I meant to end with this “… I was not a racist. Thank you Obama for converting me.” I did not mean to imply that I blamed Barry Jackson for me becoming a racist.

  9. I donated numerous times to the Border Wall building project started/run by triple amputee vet Brian Kolfage, which didn’t end well. But they did build portions of wall needed in Ariz. Will do what I can to help Texas try to free themselves from illegal onslaught. I contemplated moving to Texas during Obama’s presidency but decided to stay near family. GO TEXAS – anticipating their Texit vote this fall too. I hope the vote is to secede; others will follow or move to states that do.

  10. Howard, I disagree, Biden IS a moron. I’m all in to help Texas finish building the border wall

  11. Thanks for your editorials! You give Mom and I hope that we WILL win this! God bless you and keep you and your family safe! (Anne and furry family). We are pro-Israel and wish there was some way to tell them that we are NOT on the government and/or the deep state’s side! Thank you again, Howard!!

  12. I do not remember what I wrote on the last email to you. So, I will say have a safe journey back to the U.S. when you and Anne decide to leave your lovely country. I will do my best to get a donation off to our great state of Tx. Have a safe fun drive back down to Tx. My best to Anne & puppy too. God Speed.

  13. Thank you for the link to donate to the wall in Texas….. Shared via FB to hopefully gain more contributors! Thanks for all your posts………. Each and every one is perfect and TRUE!

  14. I’m for putting National Guard troops on the border with live ammo. They can easily spot the coyotes as they cross the river . Shoot them and all other males in the river. Film it and send it to all south of the border countries. It would only take a couple incidents and the flow will stop. Place women and children on a bus to Mexico city they will begin stopping the invaders at their border to the south easy fix to an old problem, they will find away around any wall.

  15. I’m not in favor of shooting members of the cartel. I think catching them and running them through a wood chipper feet first slowly would get their attention!!

  16. As usual, EXCELLENT Editorial. You focused on what’s important…TEXAS…and didn’t waste time on O’Biden! Hurry back to Texas with your new “puppy”! No doubt, after Trump goes to the border, he will have more ideas of how to DEAL with the BORDER issues. AMEN!

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