Not Good Enough For You? . . . LEAVE!


Even Though I Have Never Been Real Hardcore – With The Exception Of Freedom Of Expression . . . Things For Me Have Changed.

If You Don’t Like My Freedoms . . . Shove Yours Up Your Ass. And if you Think Jews Don’t Belong Because you Perceive (Wrongly) that Jews are Too Rich, Too Smart, Too Successful, Too Outspoken & Too Tribal . . . Ain’t That Too Bad . . . Shove That Up Your Ass Too!

If You Think I Owe You Something . . . Think Again – ‘Cause I Owe You Nothing Other Than Your Right To Be Free!


If You Think . . . You Can Rain Rockets (Missiles), Fire-Balloons, Fire-Kites and the Such on the Jewish State of Israel, with the Support of Anti-Semites & Self-Hating Jews like Bernie Sanders & Ignorant Self-Hating American Anti-Semites like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez . . . who Couch their Jew-Hatred in DISHONEST Rhetoric Under the FALSE Premise that Israel is Somehow an Evil Nation . . . Don’t Whine When The Jews Fight Back.

It’s Just Too Bad . . . That In The 1930’s – German & All European Jews Didn’t Do What The Israeli Jews Are Doing Today.


Let Me Repeat This As I’ve Written Before . . . On June 23, 1982, as Israel was Once-Again Up Against the Wall with Israel’s War Against Palestinian Terrorists (Yasser Arafat) & Syrians from Lebanon . . . Senator Joe Biden – At A Senate Meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin . . . THREATENED the Israeli Prime Minister, that if Prime Minister Begin Doesn’t Heed the Demands of the US Senate . . . America Will Withhold Necessary Military Aid From Israel.


“Don’t Threaten Me . . . I Am Not A Jew With Trembling Knees.

I Am A Proud Jew With 3,700 Years Of Civilized History. Nobody Came To Our Aid When We Were Dying In The Gas Chambers & Ovens.

Nobody Came To Our Aid When We Were Striving To Create Our Country.

We Paid For It. We Fought For It. We Died For It.

We Will Stand By Our Principles. We Will Defend Them. And When Necessary, We Will Die For Them Again . . . With Or Without Your Aid”.


Nothing Has Changed Between 70-AD & 2021 . . . Other Than Enough Jews Will Fight Back . . . And That Bothers Anti-Semites.

In Israel . . . As In the United States & Elsewhere . . . The Anti-Semites & Israel-Haters (Same Thing) are Using a Page out of the Antifa & Black Lives Matter Playbook, Demanding by their Chant . . . “Say The Word – Palestine”, are Encouraging Arab/Israeli Nutjobs to Riot, Beat, Burn & Cause Mayhem in Israel, while Israel Fights an Existential Battle Against An Enemy Sworn to Destroy the Jewish State & Drive the Jews Into the Sea.

THROW THEM OUT . . . Arab Israelis Have the Exact Same Rights, Freedoms & Opportunities as Do Jewish Israelis, which Places Arab Israeli Lifestyles Above all Non-Elitist Arabs Living Anywhere in the Middle East. These Arab/Israelis should Kiss the Israeli Ground they Walk-On.

And If That’s Not Good Enough For Them . . . And Especially During a Time of War, if these Israeli Arabs Want to Riot & Destroy Jewish People & Jewish Owned Property . . . Put Them On A Bus & Kick Them The Hell Out Of Israel . . . Let them Live in Gaza, the West Bank, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran or Anywhere Else – Israel Doesn’t Need Them. And these Reprobates Don’t Deserve to Live in Such a Wonderful Free Country as is Israel.

And Now That I’m On A Roll . . . Let America Do The Same Thing With Antifa & Black Lives Matter – Kick Them Out!

If the United States of America is Such a Piece of Crap Place for these People to Live-In, to the Point where the Rule of Law Isn’t Even as Much as a Suggestion for them, where they Riot, Loot & Burn their own Country, what Gives these Thugs the Right to Live in Such a Free Society?

Beware . . . The Comeuppance For These Thugs Is Right Around The Corner.


So While I’m At It . . . Kick-Out the Illegals & Pass Legislation that will Forever . . .  NEVER Give Citizenship or the Right to Vote to Dreamers in Any Type of American Election – School Board, Municipal, State Or Federal.

If The So-Called Dreamers Want To Be Citizens . . . Let them Leave America & Do It Like Everyone Else.


We Are Living In A Kafkaesque Dystopian Society Of Evil Ignorant People Who Can Be Best Described As Lunatics Who Are Governing The Asylum – Worldwide.


First They (Nazis & Communists) Took Away Freedom Of Expression Then The Guns . . . That Was Then – This Is Now.

This Insanity Is Going To Change . . . It’s Beginning to Change Now – And Sooner Rather than Later, there will be a World War, but Not the Kind of World War we all Imagine. This World War Will Pit Freedom-Loving Conservatives Against the Despicable LEFT Worldwide, which we’re Already Beginning to See, and which will be Coming Much Sooner . . . Rather Than Later To A Community & A Country Near You.

Why Do You Think The LEFT Are So Concerned About The Second Amendment? If I Was Them I’d Be Too.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. May Israel lead the way for us all. We need to stand with Israel at all costs. Because to not stand with Israel will cost us all. Our Israeli flag is proudly flying at our house.

  2. Funny but the US doesn’t build wall to keep people in rather to keep people out. How is that no the most obvious indication to a liberal that their theory about this country being the bad place is not completely screwed up? Sorry, sick and tired of giving a pass to those too dumb to come in out of the rain. Let them all drown for all I care. The classic “don’t let the door hit you in the fanny on the way out” applies here.

  3. I agree with you about Israel and the so called palistinians. There is no country called palistine. They make things up as they go along and the reprobates and degenerates of the world accept the b.s. I hope your right about conservatives rising up to fight but sorry, I don’t see it.

  4. Born in Canada tracing my immigrating ancestors to 1793. I am Christian. All who come to Canada to live Shall abide by our Judeo-Christian, British Common Law, Rule of Law, Freedom For All, Speech, Assembly, Equality. The Law of God and Man combined from the Bible, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, Constitution. Do not come here to live and bring your Crap with you. Live by Our Standards or Pack Your Bags and Leave. We have enough issues to deal with. We Do Not Want Yours !

  5. Antifa & BLM kicked out of America… NO WAY ! The bastards will all come to Canada and be welcomed with open arms. We’ve got enough home grown pains in the ass as it is, and our school system is producing them non stop.

  6. I find it almost unbelievable that you have to have written today’s post. But your words are indeed true. These transgressors have no place in our society! So I say kick them all out – of Canada, the U.S., and especially our Congress!

  7. Go Israel! They have done it again. They have a new rifle that shoots pepper spray 100 feet that they use to control riots. It leaves the person they aimed for and those around them unable to do anything. They only have five rifles at this time, but you know them, they will have many more soon. The Jews are gifted in inventing and maybe it is a lot of jealousy as to why ignorant people demean them. Not a good idea, God is for His chosen people.

  8. HG, you said it All regarding the THUGS. the ILLEGALS, etc. Also, instead of people ‘suffering the REPERCUSSIONS of their actions’, they are immediately FORGIVEN and ALLOWED to move on! Meanwhile, these same people EXPECT those who are ATTACKED to just stand by and ACCEPT their lifestyles as being NORMAL! There appears to be many INSANE people in this world, and with very GOOD REASONS! These same people usually live in FEAR and are most EASY to be politically CONTROLLED! GOD help us all! AMEN!

  9. As history has shown us and will continue to repeat: They almost always come for the Jews first but it never stops there they just keep on coming for everyone else.

  10. When did the bus leave the road? This is a country without moral, we forgot God. Now we have relative morality that changes with the latest street or media chant. Reset button? Is there one anymore?

  11. Your editorial is spot on. As for Antifa & BLM, give them free passage to China and see how they like their ‘freedoms’ then, if they last long enough. Xi will call for them to be shot or otherwise disappear. That would take care of one problem. Congress is something else since we can’t count on honest elections anymore, for now anyway.

  12. Biden is sending millions of dollars to Hamas. That alone tells you where his loyalty lies! I think Israel is too kind. They should just rain down with fury on Hamas and get it over with. But, they won’t because they are a compassionate people unlike the EVIL Hamas terrorists! Send the squad on a one way trip to Palestine if they love it so much! I STAND WITH ISRAEL!

  13. What really bothers the Israel haters and Anti-Semites is that they know deep down who is on the right side, and there is nothing they can do to change that fact. They can’t handle the fact that their Palestinian buddies started this conflict and that Israel has the right, just like any sovereign nation, to defend itself and its citizens. If these people only knew the truth, and had seen first hand what the Palestinians are truly like. I did. I served in the IDF for 2 years. I saw plenty!!

  14. Like Patricia says and what I am getting from all those idiot anti-semites,they are somehow offended because Jews like to call themselves God’s chosen people.Really, talk about totally insane, and if this is the same reason hitler and the communist and all others today that hate Jews and want them eradicated, then what does that say about humankind. Talk about taking a petty saying and making it all Jews must die.What the f**k is wrong with these idiots and why Jews only? Am I getting it or not?

    As A Jewish Person, whose Family & Many Friends are Jewish . . . I have Never called Myself, or Considered Myself or Heard any other Jewish Person Call Themselves or Referred to Themselves as “God’s Chosen People”.

    I Know Many Christians Who Make That Reference To Jews . . . But Not Jews – HG:

  15. The one question never thrown to BLM followers is to which country in Africa would you like to return to if you so dislike the US? The Congo is a very nice central African country or for West Africa what about Nigeria, the Ivory Coast or the Gold Coast. All of these places I am sure will provide the equality that you want along with the opportunities provided by the US. You will be welcomed with open arms, I am sure. Have a nice trip.

  16. I have had many bad thoughts of what will be the Outcome should Antifa, BLM, and other Anti-Semite start moving into our Conservative Strongholds of Good Honest Working People. When the Gov’t comes for weapons, who will they send to my door? The Police Officer I have coffee with regularly, a Military Unit from the UN (Blue Helmets), or some Hapless Fool that thinks he has the Power and Right to take them. Hell is coming here on Earth time to make Peace with God or suffer for ever.

  17. Howard you have just pointed out and said what should have been said in 1948, This is one of your best commentary’s.

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