It Never Ends With LEFTIST Jews


A Day Ago . . . The Little Prick Fauci was Telling us to Wear Two Masks, even if we were all Vaccinated. But Yesterday . . . All Of A SuddenLike Out Of The Clear Blue, the CDC (Non Declared & Non Voted Government Of America) Declared that all People Who Have Been Fully Vaccinated Don’t Need to Wear Masks, Nor Do they Have to Social Distance . . . HOW’D THAT HAPPEN?

I’m Sure you all Saw Biden Leave the White House Yesterday for the First Time Since Becoming President . . . WITHOUT A MASK, Joining the Equally Disgraceful Kamala Harris, who was Also Without a Mask, Stood Side by Side, even Giving Each other a Hug to Send Everyone a Message – THAT WHAT? . . . We’re Free Again?

If You’re Not Outraged With This Kabuki Theater . . . Nothing Will Ever Outrage You.


I Never Want To Write Disparagingly Of My Co-Religionists . . . But Not Writing About Their Bad Choices Is Worse.

When Moses Came Down from the Mountain with the Tablets of the Ten Commandments . . . The Jewish Idolaters Were Worshipping The Golden Calf.

When the Assyrians (Greeks) Tried to Force Idolatry & Conversion (Hellenization) Upon Jerusalem Jews, Many Jews Complied, while Some Jews (Maccabees) Chose to Go to War (Chanukah) to Fight for Jewish Freedom.

Even During The Inquisitions & The Pogroms . . . There Were No Shortages of LEFTIST Jews who Chose to Sell-Out their Jewish Beliefs & Values for Safety, Profit, Privilege, Status & Gain.

When Karl Marx Published His Communist Manifesto, Jews throughout Europe Chose Communism Over Freedom . . . As Their New LEFTIST Jewish Religion.

Even as Stalin was Shipping Jews Off to the Gulags for Practicing Judaism, Many Jewish Russians were Deeply Embedded in the Russian Communist Cause.


Even After Hitler Published His Book Mein Kampf . . . Hitler’s Blueprint to the Elimination of Jews in Germany . . .  LEFTIST (Reformed Jews) Jews Led the Way to Talk-Down the Nazi Threat to Fellow Jews, as the Reformed (LEFTIST) Chief Rabbi of Germany (Leo Baeck), Instructed Jews to Comply with Hitler’s Demands to Get Onto the Cattle Cars to Perdition . . .

Leo Baeck, Who Was Negotiating With Herr Hitler Told Jews That Everything Will Be Fine As Long As The Jews Complied.

As The Global Population Expands Everywhere . . . Isn’t It Interesting that Before the Holocaust, The Worldwide Jewish Population Never Rose Above 16-Million Men, Women & Children? And Today . . . Three Quarters Of A Century Later – The Global Population of the Jewish People . . . Is Still Several Million Jews Less Than Pre-Holocaust Numbers.


HISTORY ALWAYS REPEATS ITSELF . . . And Every Time Jews Took it on the Chin, Simply because of Jewish Success though Education, Risk & Hard Work, there Has Never been a Shortage of Self-Hating & Self-Apologizing Jews For Our Jewish Success.

A Perfect Case In Point Has Been The Rush Of Major Jewish Groups To Embrace Black Lives Matter & Apologize For Being White.


The Second Case In Point . . . Has been the Near Hysterical Jewish Grasp Amongst the Vast Majority of American Jews for the American Democrat Party & the Far LEFTIST Thrust of Un-American Social Policies, which Includes the Extreme Anti-Israel Rhetoric Coming from the Democrat Rank & File.

When for the First Time Representative Ilhan Omar Disparaged Jews & Wasn’t Politically Punished for Omar’s Blast of Anti-Semitism . . . By Either Pelosi or the Democrat Party . . . What Was Left To Be Said About How The Democrats Felt About Jews?


Let Me Be Succinct . . . Obama and the Way Obama Treated Netanyahu was No Friend to Israel. Biden Was Always No Friend To Israel. And even Today, Biden can be Counted-Upon to be Pretending to Stand with Israel as Biden Presses the Shiv into Israel’s Back.

Black Lives Matter Hates Israel & Hates Jews . . . But Nonetheless – the Jews Kowtow to Jew-Hating – White Hating Black American Communists. Why? – Because Jews Feel Guilty for our Hard-Earned Successes & our Love to Publicly Self-Flagellate. Not All Of Us . . . But More Than Is Healthy.

I’m Believing That This Has Become Inculcated As Part Of Our Sick Jewish DNA.

AND BY THE RECORD, Opposed to Mere Perception of the Democrats Lack-Of Affinity for Israel . . . The LEFT SCREAMS Jew-Hatred From The Rafters. Yet, In-Spite of all this, Far More than 75% of Jewish Americans Vote for the Party (Democrats) who Hate us and Revile the Party (Republicans) & Leader (Trump) who are America’s Best Friends to Jews & Israel in the World.


With Every Rocket, Bullet, Knife & Rock Thrown At Israeli Jews . . . And Acts of Anti-Semitism in the United States of America (And Canada) . . . I Blame the Jews Who Support & Vote for the People who Would Love to see a “Judenfrei” (Jew-Free) World.


STOP LISTENING TO THE ANTI-SEMITES . . . And do what Should Have Been Done a Long Time Ago. No Nation & No People Should Have to Live with the Constant Threat of Violence and the Constant Harangue of Jew-Haters in the Public Forum (Mainstream & Social Media, UN, EU, International Criminal Court – Etc), and Take It as if the Victim (Israel) is Somehow the Victimizer.


The So-Called Palestinians have Been Given Hundreds of Billions of Dollars to Make a Life for Themselves . . . And What Have they Done with all that Money (Your Tax Dollars & Mine) other than to Squander it on Massive Widespread Corruption in the Creation of a Dystopic Society Built on Lies through Hate & Violence.


In Just About The Span Of Two Years (2020-2021) . . . Israel is Facing it’s FIFTH Democratic General Election to Make Sure that . . .The Voices Of All The Israeli People (Jews, Moslems, Christians & Whomever Else) Are Heard.

Now Compare That To The Palestinians . . . Who in all their Few Years “PRETENDING” they are a Nation, there has Been Only One Election 15-Years Ago, Since the Death of Yasser Arafat, the Father of Modern Terrorism, where Both Elections were as Honest & Transparent as a Vote at a Monkey-Trial.

If Some Loser Is Going To Hate Your Guts . . . Because of Who you Are, such as Black Lives Matter Hating White People Because They’re White, or Antifa Hating Successful People Because They’re Successful . . . Or Hate Jews Because We’re Jewish – In A Few Words . . . F-THEM.

We Live In A Screwed-Up World Where The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum. It’s Time To Take Back The Asylum.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. We need to understand that under Trump and the Republicans, the M.E. was quiety moving toward Peace. Biden and the Democrats are busy undoing everything Trump has done and have given approval to Iran and money ( $250 Million ) to Abbas to help finance these Rocket Attacks.

  2. I’m very fortunate to have Jewish friends who are just as conservative as I am. What makes me a genuine conservative is the fact that I ignore their ethnicity and base our friendship on the values, morals, principles and ethics that define their very essence. We are all equal before God. The problem is, libtards have kicked God out of their lives because they have chosen to worship the Devil in all his guises: immorality, degeneracy, corruption, perversion, lust, selfishness and ignorance.

  3. All Leftists have a tick in their brains that convince them to appease their enemies. It is a mental deficiency that knows no bounds. The more absurd the cause and harsher the enemy, the stronger their stand. Leftist Jews have a history of following this pattern and choosing their enemies against themselves. They never learn and we all end up suffering because of it. And all the self-hating Mark Zuckerbergs leading big tech, and leftist idiots of Hollywood and Govt, lead the way and do the same.

  4. Thanks for another GREAT editorial for me to write. Hope all of your readers are doing the same. We need to get as many people educated as possible.

  5. I have never figured out why anyone would attack repeatedly knowing they would always get their ass kicked.

  6. HG, I don’t blame you for feeling the way you do about what’s going on in Israel! O’BIDEN and his COHORTS are quickly DESTROYING America, but WAIT, Trump is slowly RETURNING and will become even more ACTIVE in the very near future!We KNOW that the Democrats FEAR him and have NOT forgotten him!You mentioned the Ten Commandments; wouldn’t it be INTERESTING to see HOW O’Biden & Kamala would RESPOND to questions of HOW they’re OBSERVING EACH ONE, especially O’Biden who claims to be a CATHOLIC? AMEN!

  7. Now is the time for Israel to take back their Country completely and defeat Hamas and the Palestinians once and for all! No Country should have to put up with the crap Israel has so patiently put up with!

  8. Israel will have tough decisions to make. A ground war is costly on manpower. Hamas is testing Iron Dome for Iran. Many rockets fall short and kill Gazans. The land dispute is near settlement, but the Abbas forbid it. The riots inside Israel are subject to rule of law and lawbreakers on both sides will be punished. I for one would show Hamas who is boss, once and for all. There is a lot of fake news coming out of that area. Israel needs better P.R.

  9. My closest friend is a Jewish woman in Toronto and she’s amazed how all of her relatives, as well as most of her Jewish friends, are passionate Trump haters and think the senile, corrupt, unaccomplished moron Joe Biden will save America. From what exactly is a mystery.

  10. We seem to be a world of two peoples — sane vs deluded. How to deal with deluded people I’ve yet to ascertain because they truly believe the delusion, whatever it is. Common sense or even facts or truth don’t seem to get through. Sad and growing frightening times. There are growing efforts to mandate vaccine shots under threat of losing your job or students not being able to physically attend classes. Freedom of choice is under attack in Dem run states. Pitting people against each other too.

  11. There seems to be no peace in that part of the world. I hate seeing bombs killing people & their homes in ruins. It breaks my heart to see what is going on there. That the person who is in the W/House is not helping Israel at al. At least nothing is being said on T.V. that he is. He needs to be in a medical place for help. Put Trump in there who won the election. Not the thieves who stole it.I pray for Israel with all my heart God help them and save them. My best to Anne & Tavor. i

  12. It is amazing all the different views of life we come across. Religious, Agnostic, Satanic, Muslim, Catholic, Christian, and none seem to agree on anything. Abortion is good, bad, sad satanic, but paid for by the government. Politicians will say anything to get elected, and then do nothing the promised. We had a President that did what he said but was a little rough around the edges by many peoples standards but he did what he promised, and had to fight his own party to get much of it done,shame

  13. Help me understand why at least in the UUA that the haters which are less than 1% of the population get so much traction are exempt from laws ( looting murder destroying cities ) and can say anything, do anything with no consequences yet the 99% plus too often just watches all this happen and I’m quite confident that many that are against the bad behavior DEMS included are just too comfortable and aren’t going to speak out or make waves. Doesn’t the majority rule in most situations?

  14. using a gentile way with agreeing with you:::: AMEN Ray Moscato Calgary Alberta

  15. Howard, I thought I was the only person on this planet who knew that Obama and Biden despised Israel and referred to Netanyahu as a pain. Unfortunatly they never read the bible, and they will never understand that The only reason the U.S. exists is for the protection of Israel, and will fullfill that obligation in spite of their stupidity.

  16. That’s telling it like it is Howard. Thank you and amen!

  17. 100%….. Disgusting the treason and treachery of the leftist/communists….Like all the whites who support BLM…. who will be the first loaded onto the cattle cars?????

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