It’s Coming On Crunch Time

The LEFT Are Going All-Out . . . But To No Long-Term Avail.

So Here We Are . . . Anne, Tavor & Me – Driving East Bound Along The Trans-Canada Highway Heading Towards Home – Ontario.

I Have Flown the Length & Breadth of Canada for Business More Times than I can Remember, but this is the First Time I Ever Travelled Canada Overland by Vehicle, which Means Outside of the 3-Territories and the Yukon, there Isn’t a Major Part of Canada where I haven’t Been – from Vancouver Island to St John’s Newfoundland.


Because Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I Couldn’t Go South For The Winter, We Were Forced To Go To Canada’s West Coast.

What I Learned . . . I Already Surmised, that Canada is an Exceptional Country with an Enormous Land Mass, much of it Unusable, Except for some Brief Periods During the Growing Season for Specific Farming.

I Also Learned what I Always Knew that Most Canadians are Really Fine People, Especially Once you get to the Prairies from Either Direction.

Ontario, I Guess Because Of Toronto & Ottawa, has Become Too Self-Geocentric, the Maritimes, where the Nicest People Live have a Very Simple Non-Competitive Mindset, which Far Removes Maritimers from the Rest of North America, while British Columbia, Especially on the Mainland Between the Rockies & the Pacific Ocean are with the Exception – Not My Cup Of Tea.

If you’re an American Living on the American LEFT Coast, You Would Know Exactly What I Mean. The People in British Columbia are Friendly Enough . . . but are so Full of Themselves and their Vastly Overpriced Unaffordable Lifestyle, that Mainland British Columbians for all Intents & Purposes Might be Living in a La-La Country of their Own.

As For Ethnocentric & Racist Quebec . . . Quebec Has Long Ago Separated from the Rest of Canada, as if Canada is Nothing More than the Free Cow for Quebec to Milk.


The LEFT Are Going All-Out . . . But To No Long-Term Avail.

To Get To Some Serious Business . . . I’m Writing Using A Cell-Phone Hotspot, Since the WIFI Service Here Sucks – But So Does The Cell Service. So Please be Forgiving with the Brevity of this Editorial, because Under the Circumstances it’s the Best I can Do Given the Fact that as Soon as I Publish this Editorial . . . Anne, Tavor & I will Hit the Road for Another 6-8 Hours of Driving Across the Prairies to North Western Ontario where we will Spend the Night in Kenora.

The American/Canadian LEFT Understand that their Days in Government are Numbered, so as Much Damage as the LEFT Can Do Now to Deconstruct our Societies for their Insane Push to a Global One World Government, is the Best Shot they Have to Do as Much Damage as they Can to the Extent that the Right (Conservatives) will Not be Able to Undo what the LEFT will be Able to Do in this Very Short Time Frame.

Surprise . . . Surprise – Not Only Will the Right Undo all the Damage the LEFT is in the Process of Doing, But what the LEFT is Also Doing is Putting the Final Nails in their Own Coffin if they Don’t Succeed, Which They Won’t, just Shy of Causing a Civil War, since the Stupid-Crowd of the Not-So-Woke Ignoramuses are Starting to Wake up to the Real World and the Democrats Lies they Swallowed Hook, line & Sinker.

And As For The Republicans . . . The Expulsion of Liz Cheney Sends the Strongest Message Possible to all the RINOS, that their Days are Numbered Too. In Canada, the Not-So Conservative – Conservative Party is also Getting the Message, that they Don’t Have a Lock on Real Conservative Votes, Not even in Alberta, where Jason Kenney Came Onto the Scene with Great Conservative Hope, and is thus Far Flaming-Out like a Candle without Oxygen. And that Too Goes for Ontario’s Doug Ford and the National Disastrous Conservative “Leader” Erin O’Toole.

Driving Gives Me A Lot Of Time To Think. Whatever The LEFT Can Undo . . . The Conservative Right Will Redo.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I keep hoping you’re right but I speak to people in the east and they strongly believe that conservative are ignorant people. Since Que & Ont carry the majority of the seats, I can’t see us removing lefty and his band of merry men. Maybe I’m wrong. Ray Moscato, Calgary, Alberta

  2. Enjoyed your blog on Tavor especially after having to put down my dog a month ago. You seem more optimistic than me about a future Conservative sweep but unless the polls are wrong which is a real possibility, the corrupt, moron buffoon Justin is heading to a return to a majority government which tells you all you need to know about the ignorance of the Canadian electorate thanks in large part to the Canadian Marxist Broadcasting Corporation.

  3. Interesting comments on our left coast. I’m a prairie boy who has lived in Winnipeg, Montreal, Calgary and for the last 30 years in Richmond BC. I would move back to Calgary in a heartbeat but probably won’t because of age. On top of our horrible socialist political leaders we have been overrun by people from the evil empire. My community is 80% Chinese which is just not right in MY country. How did my dismal government let this happen. It’s not right.

  4. I’m with Mr. Turnbull. It’s the prairies for me. I can’t stand quebec, particularly montreal – I more than think.

  5. Are there any real conservatives left in government? I haven’t seen one in a long time! Post a few Tavor pix please?

  6. My goodness you still have that many more miles to go before you reach home. Wow oh Wowl What size motor home are you driving? I wish I was with you, Anne, & Tavor as you are doing all this driving with so much beautiful country to be looking at. Sorry you cannot since you must do the driving.& thinking. The last I have seen of Canada was in 1970 on a muddy road we were traveling to go to catch a ferry. Long story what I did see it was beautiful. I pray with God Speed you all get home safely.

  7. I am happy you are ‘officially’ seeing Canada!! It is amazing what we learn as we travel. I love going to different states and speaking with the ‘locals’. You come away with a New/DIFFERENT insight. And you get to make not just acquaintances but also FRIENDS. RE: Cheney..I hope ‘keeping’ her in the limelight does NOT bring her MORE votes. It is wise NOT to keep her in the forefront. MYPOV

  8. Under “normal” circumstances of pre-2020 elections, yes GOP would sweep Congress & the WH. But after the fiasco of Nov 2020, nothing is assured. They got away with it once; are they gutsy enough to try again? I actually think so. IF Trump were to curtail his off-times ill-mannered words, he would Win for sure. Is there another Patriotic, non-abrasive Right-leaning hardliner who cannot be bought on the horizon? If so, Bring Him/Her Forward. No way will Biden be re-elected, apart from a 2nd coup.

  9. Kanada is a lost cause. Except for Gallant and Poilievre, there is not a single real CONSERVATIVE in the House of Commons. With no effective opposition and having bought off the mainstream media with a gift of $605-million, the Libtards will remain in power for decades to come. At least the Yanks have promising up-and-comers waiting in the wings for a spectacular comeback in 2022 and 2024. Kanada can best be described as SITUATION HOPELESS.

  10. The best drive in all of Canada in my opinion is on the Icefield Parkway between Banff and Jasper passing by Lake Louise. Speaking of pictures, I asked before but we never saw pictures of Stryker and April the cat. Unless it’s too emotional for you to do it, a couple of pictures would be nice. Pictures of Tavor also. The left is not quite finished with their destruction and most sheeples are still asleep at the switch, I think.

  11. Wow, no Mom just Birthing Person? Next it will be no Dad, just sperm donor. What a screwed up way of thinking. No wonder Children are comitting suicide at an alarming rate. They don’t believe in God, family, or hard work, let the government take care of you. Lets see, Portland, Seattle, DC, Minniappolis, Atlanta, LA, are all run so well that we should put them in charge of the whole country. I say time is up, ready yourselves for a real Civil War. They have started it, Defund the Police, hell n

  12. Hot Spot is better than nothing! I use mine, when there is nothing else! We just got a visit from VP Harris here in Rhode Island; she arrived met by a bunch of politicians & a TV photo op, she came here & bought 4 books from a local book store and she flew back to DC. Wow, what an important visit to a State loaded with DEMS, few met her at the airport with their masks on! No time for her to go the Mexican border, where problems continues to fester! 2022 & 2024 cannot come fast enough!

  13. Yes, it would be very nice to see a photo of Tavor. Meanwhile, we appreciate your Editorials during your long trip home. There ARE some ENCOURAGING activities happening for us folks, such as the Arizona & Georgia investigations re: the 2020 Presidential election and some exposures of the PROGRESSIVES’ efforts re: how they’re trying to promote their Socialistic Agenda. The BORDER ISSUES are the DEMOCRATS’ biggest THORN in their sides! VP Harris should have been on the BORDER vs. being RI! AMEN!

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