Drag-It Out . . . And Make ‘Em Pay


The Media Have All Of A Sudden Coughed-Out The Truth About November 3, 2020 – They Colluded To Steal The Election.


New York Time’s Stupid Admission Confirmed By Time Magazine’s Braggadocio.

In What had to be One of the Dumbest Admissions of Guilt . . . Because The New York Times was so Proud of its Inglorious Deed, Published a “Tease” Account Explaining How Virtually all the Mainstream & Social Media COLLUDED to Steal the 2020 Presidential Election for Joe Biden.

Now – Couple That With The Dominion Voting Machines, Unsolicited Write-In Ballots, Ballot Harvesting, Dead People Voting, Out of State & District People Voting, Illegal Aliens in America Voting, The Changing of Voting Rules in the Middle of the Game, Unverified Votes Cast, Blocked from Public View Vote Counting, Judges Refusing to Hear Voting Violation Cases – Etc . . . And You’d Have The Perfect Argument For Why Joe Biden DIDN’T Win.

For A Moment – Forget The Preceding Paragraph & Concentrate On The One Preceding It . . . About The New York Times.


If we were to Focus Just on the Time’s Admission of Collusion with Other Media Throughout the USA – and on the Most Important Social Media, that in Itself would be ILLEGAL in a Society that Lives by the Rule of Law . . . You Know – Like, Where Lady Justice Wears A Blindfold.

But Unfortunately for America and the Freedom of the World, when it Came to Defeating President Donald Trump by a Globalist Effort to Make America Mediocre, Not Only Was Justice Not Blind . . . Justice Took The Side Of The Communists.

We Don’t Know . . . whether the Media – all the Media did what they did because they were Paid-Off to do it, or Whether they Colluded to Destroy President Trump, just Because they were Raised to be Liars & Cheats, for the Purpose of Following a Communist Agenda they were Educated to Follow from Academia, Entertainment, Hollywood – Etc?


What We Do Know Courtesy Of The Times . . . Is That They Surreptitiously Conspired To Overthrow An Election.


Only Stupid People Don’t Know Enough To Take The Win & Walk-Away.


Buy Pushing For Yet Another Sham Impeachment Of Donald Trump, the LEFT Have Opened the Door Wide Enough to Drive the LEFT’S Own Anti-American Miserable Strategy Through – Multiple Times Over.

Because the LEFT Wanted & Promoted this Second Impeachment of President Donald Trump, which they’ve Promoted More than the NFL Promoted a Dozen Super Bowls, the Entire Population of the United States of America will be Watching President Trump’s Lawyers Destroy the Lies of the LEFT on Live Broadcasts over all the Media (Mainstream & Social Media), which Did Whatever they Could to Keep President Trump from Reaching the Public.


Now . . . That the Doors Have Been Flung Wide-Open by the Democrats for a Full-Scale Senate Court Hearing, where President Trump Gets to Examine, Cross-Examine & Expose the LEFT for Who & What they Are . . . Wait For The Show To Begin – For All To See.

In This Scenario . . . Which is Actually a Court Hearing – The Defendant, President Donald Trump, is Entitled by Law to the Best Defense the President (Donald Trump) Can Muster, with No Holds Barred, Including – who President Trump Decides to Subpoena . . . And Which Questions President Trump’s Lawyers . . . Decide To Ask The Witnesses Who Will Be Under Oath.


Chief Justice John Roberts Saw From The Get-Go, that this Sham Impeachment was Anti-Constitutional on Various Levels, had no Merit Vis A Vis the Facts, had no Standing in Terms of Evidence . . . But More So – Probably Didn’t Want To Become A Player In Donald Trump’s Next Best Rated Media Production.

What President Trump Is Going To Do To The Idiots Who Unlocked This Door Is Going To Be A Production Of Epic Proportions.

Like The Whole World . . . I Intend to Sit by the Television, Computer or Smart Phone for However Long this Trial will Proceed, Relishing Every Question, Every Condemning Video of the LEFT & Every Written & Stated Comment of the LEFT as the LEFT Squirms in the Glare of the Cameras like the Human Weasels they are.

IN SUMMATION . . . This Will Further Empower Trump’s Base – While Depressing Many Anti-Trump Americans who will Finally Hear, See & Learn the Truth. And even If The Never-Trumpers Won’t Admit-It, They’re Already Having Serious Misgivings about the Outcome of this Past (2020) Presidential Election.

This Trump Production Will Put All Of Them Over The Top . . . And As A Side Benefit, It Will Take-Out Plenty Of RINOS With It.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Extremely volatile setting. Clearly the Joe Obama’s line up is floundering in every item they tackle or fumble. With the arrival on thousands of MS13 operatives that can turn intro a very bad scenario. Caution, serenity and readiness. Violence is not the answer. Yet, Joe Obama’s front line support is quite likely to use it.

  2. Hi good readers. Recently HG mentioned thousands of people read his great editorials. I want to bring your attention to HG’s birthday Friday 12th Feb. If each of you would donate just $5 to wish him a well deserved HAPPY BIRTHDAY, can you imagine how a few thousand dollars would help to keep this tireless worker going. $5 won’t buy you a coffee but it will help HG to continue bringing us important news and information. It takes time research and dedication for this task. Think about it, only $5

    Ken – That’s A Very Nice Gesture . . . Thank You – HG:

  3. “The play’s the thing wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king.” We are all familiar with this famous line from ‘Hamlet’. Shakespeare could have been referring to Trump’s plan to use the sham impeachment trial to expose Obiden and the scheming fascicrats.

  4. Ken, what a great idea. Hey, everybody do try to chip in. Howard deserves our support.

  5. What a thoughtful idea Ken Davies! I’m with you. Happy Birthday Howard. Have a blessed day.

  6. Ken Davies, I like your idea! I hope Trump is in good health, he’ll need to muster up more strength & courage than ever before to get through this. It’s more to handle than any one, honest person should ever have to deal with. What a toll this must be on his life for a man that has given so much. How I admire him.

  7. Lindsay Graham has already told the Dems that if they chose to call witnesses that they will be opening a Pandora’s Box. The defense will call for the FBI to testify that plans were in the works by outside agitators to attack the Capital building and that Antifa and BLM members were involved. In addition that Pelosi and others were incompetent in the defense of the building. One good thing was that Shumer will allow for a recess on Shabbat as Schoen is a devout Jew.

  8. Did you read anything about the Italian Supreme Court hearing testimony from a man who said he “fixed” the voting machines??? I don’t know if it is true and I don’t have the skills to know how to check it out …but it might be interesting. Happy Birthday ! 39 again????? or 39 and a few years experience…..

  9. With Biden as a illegal President and only supported by the crooked Democrats and a few uninformed Democrats which total about 10% of the American people, just how long will Biden be in the White House? My opinion is that the right has all of the guns and the left so they say have none but hire someone to do the shooting if that is possible. With 90% of the Americans against Biden I think he might be gone sooner than you think. This is my opinion of what could happen.

  10. THANKS Howard another Great article. Anyone with a brain the size of a peanut Knows that these Sham impeachments are just Communist Lies to Detract from their own Glaring Criminal behavior. A media that has no Shame or Ethics which has Aided & Abetted the Destruction of our Republic Must be Held Accountable.

  11. Trump’s second impeachment will look like winning his second superbowl.

  12. You thrill me with this editorial HG you are something else. I love your writings and can’t wait just cannot wait for President Trump to get them as best as he can. Go Trump Go. Yes the Left will use all they can to make it dirty as they can, but I pray and know our Lord is much more a warrior than they are. He will be with Trump all the way. Thank you to you and Anne for all you do for us readers. Bless you for all the work you do. Take care be safe, keep well. Awaiting for your next podcast:)

  13. Great idea Ken Davies, Happy Birthday Howard, I’m in on this also, keep up the good work Howard.

  14. A “TRUMP” COMEBACK—-those are very SCARY words for the LEFT! No doubt, we won’t hear from Pres. Trump until after the IMPEACHMENT TACTICS have been EXPOSED! His COMEBACK, however, will have a GREATER IMPACT on America’s future than ever before. The 75 MILLION people who voted for him WILL RETURN and be much STRONGER and more RESOURCEFUL than ever before! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  15. What if they decide to close the impeachment to the public? They do not want everything exposed. If they do this, then we know they are even more scared. BTW info has surfaced that the Dominions were controlled by Italy, Iran and Europe. But this is also being covered up. A corrupt media is the downfall of this nation..

  16. Howard, the main thing that I’m concerned about vis-a-vis this 2nd impeachment trial is there may not be an open vote. Evidently, there is discussion by both Dems and Republicans to hold a vote PRIVATELY. If that happens, all bets are off. I so distrust all these Senators’ motives now, it’s going to be difficult to sit back and be patient. Let’s hope the actual Senate vote to impeach or not is PUBLIC, not private. Never Trumpers and RINO’s are not to be trusted. Sad to say.

  17. We need your mailing address in order to say “Happy Birthday” and send a note of appreciation.

  18. GREAT …, idea Ken Davies ..I will defiantly send some money.. Howard does such a GREAT job… He deserves our support ….It is my birthday too, you want to send me $5 ?…..lol

  19. Problem is we are all going to have to sit through 8 hours of Democrat speeches because they have no evidence of anything. There is now more proof that the attack on Capitol Hill was pre-planned. However, I just can’t see the purpose of them going ahead with the Impeachment when everybody and their grandmas already know Trump is going to be acquitted. Did the Demonrats dig themselves another hole? Looks like it. That’s what happens when you let Witchy pelosa handle things.

  20. Happy Birthday Howard! Sent you a B’day gift from me and my dog! Great idea Ken! Your message touched my heart!

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