The Sinking Ship, The Rats & The Rebirth Of An Empire


I’m Not Like All The Political Types Out There . . . Politicians, Writers & Media Hosts, who Feel Compelled to Criticize in the Harshest Ways Possible, What Happened Yesterday at the American Capital Building . . . So As To Prove My Perfunctory Social-Heart Bona-Fides.

Before Condemning What Happened – How About Condemning All The People In Government Who Made It Happen?

When I Hear Republican Denizens Of The Swamp . . . Like Mitch McConnel, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, Mike Pence and a Bevy of Others Lamenting the Violence that Occurred at the Capital Building Yesterday (January 6, 2021); Saying that Violence has No Place in American Society . . . I Guess These Paragons Of Bullshit . . . Don’t Recall the History of the Boston Tea Party, The First Shot Fired at Lexington Massachusetts (The Shot Heard Around The World), Harper’s Ferry, Antietam, Gettysburg and all the Other Vicious Battles FOUGHT by Americans for America to Become The Freest & Most Prosperous Country the World Has Ever Known.

As Antifa, Black Lives Matter & Their Supportive Mobs – Destroyed Huge Swaths of American Society . . . Burning Down Whole Sectors of Cities, Torching Businesses, Looting, Smashing Police Vehicles, Assaulting Police Stations, Beating and even Murdering Innocent Bystanders . . . Where Was Their Political Rage & Contempt?

But Now That It Was Their House That Was Under Attack . . . It’s All Of A Sudden A Whole Different Story.

Where is the Outrage Over the Young Unarmed WHITE Woman MURDERED by a Washington Security Officer? Imagine if this Woman was Black? They’d Burn America To The Ground!

I’m Not Condoning What Happened Yesterday In Washington DC . . . But I’m Understanding It, and I’m Not Convinced that it was Conservatives who Led the Breach of Congress.

And Out of Hundreds of Thousands of Freedom Loving Americans from all Parts of America, who Travelled from Far & Wide to Peacefully Demand Redress for what they and More than Half the American Voting Population Believes to Have Been a Rigged Election . . . All Of A Sudden, The Entire Conservative Movement Is Responsible For The Actions Of A Very Small Few, Who Very Well Might Have Been Planted LEFTIST Agitators . . . And President Trump Is To Blame.


I Don’t Doubt For A Second – That The Swamp Won’t Totally Try To Destroy The Man Who Made America Great Again.

The LEFT & The RINOS, Maybe Even More-So The RINOS – Will Do Everything they Possibly Can to Destroy all that President Trump has Done Positively with his Life & Incredibly while in the White House, So-As to Teach a Lesson of Fear & Intimidation to Anyone Else who Might-Be Willing to Defy the Swamp.


As Many As 100-Million Americans Voted For And/Or Supported President Donald Trump . . . And They’re Not Going Away.

Whether You’re Religious Or NotWhether You’re A Believer Or Not . . . They Crucified Jesus Christ and from Christ’s Blood on the Cross, Grew the Greatest Movement the World has Ever Known. They Slaughtered 6-Million Jews Or More . . . and from the Holocaust Came the Rebirth to the Most Powerful & United Jewish Nation That Ever Was.


You Can Kill A Person. You Can Temporarily Stop A Movement . . . But You Can Never Stop Or Kill An Idea.

They Want Us To Lose Faith & Hope. They Want us to Succumb to their Will. They Want us Under their Thumb – But Inevitably The Choice Is Ours. And as Long as there will be People like Me, who will Always Find a Way to Disseminate the Truth to People Like You, who Believe in Truth, Justice & Decency . . . They Will Never Beat Us – NEVER!

I Am So Upset Over What Is Transpiring, That I Decided to Write About It & Produce A Podcast.

I Prepared The Podcast Yesterday, and Decided to Broadcast it after this Editorial will be Published, because I Can Say in Actual Words More than What I can Type. The Podcast is Along the same Theme of this Editorial, but Perhaps More Passionate & More Accusatory.

What Is Happening Is A Disgrace . . . But More Or Less The Painful Beginning Of The End For The One World Order.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I was contacted by someone there, and they said the ANTIFA Gang was Bussed-In, to cause Trouble. I believe that, do YOU?

    YES I DO – HG:

  2. I heard the clip from the Democrat Congress amen member that Trump should be perp-walked with his hands cuffed behind his back amd marched to jail and anybody else who comes along to try to take their power. I believe that the states that had those 2 to 1 democrat majorities held fair elections. No reason to cheat, right? Decided to vote early (in Maryland) one year. Walked in,the library was empty except for about three blacks.

  3. Thanks Howard for another insightful article that echo the sentiments of ALL Freedom Loving Americans. When the dust settles, and the Truth comes out there will be another chapter written by Patriots re: 1/06/2021.

  4. No spontaneous riots or coup. Only lame minds would believe that a limited group of folk could “break in” into a top US government facility. Security at the factory I worked at included an FBI 14 Agents delegation. Imagine the Houses having a single baton wielding security officer in there. That was a set up on the plan to at any cost stop President Trump from acting on the SCOTUS meeting to consider Auditing the ballots at relevant States. I fear for his life as they will stop at nothing.

  5. I received the same message. Look closely at the photos of the “protesters” in the Capitol, with their masks and tattoos. They were obviously paid by somebody. I believe they were bussed in, too. The message I got said the bus was escorted by the Capitol police.

  6. There have already been on-site reports on these thugs inside the Capitol building: some were not Trump supporters and some with communist tattoos. Unfortunately, there have reports of true Trump supporter within the rioters. And, yes, the shooter of the Air Force veteran should be tried for murder. Today there is talk of removing Trump from office via the 25th Amendment. In the meantime, we conservatives are considering what the Biden administration is going to do tour republic. It’s scary!

  7. This entire situation in DC yesterday stunk to high heaven. I firmly believe that Antifa/BLM have had their FILTHY hands in this and that they were paid to infiltrate the otherwise PEACEFUL rally in order to make it appear that Trump was behind this. HOG WASH! My money is on George Soros and other DIRTY ROTTEN PIECES of GARBAGE who paid to create this fiasco. I could go on, but space limitation prevents me. I’m simply infuriated.

  8. “It ain’t over till it’s over” Howard. I read a report that an FBI Agent stated that ANTIFA were the ones who broke into the building. I’m with you. I believe President Trump still has a plan………………..Let us hope so. Cheers.

  9. “How About Condemning All The People In Government Who Made It Happen?” HEAR! HEAR!

  10. What I believe happened is the legitimization of a rigging elections by power hungry swamp creatures. What’s scary is that now that they are getting away with it in the open….it will become business as usual…just like the banana republics

  11. rigged, joke need to have people who count money in vegas count votes, their cameras etc.

  12. Trump should resign and let Pence go down in history as the Prez who passed America on to the Marxists.

  13. They stole the election without a doubt. The question now becomes: What are we going to do about it? The rule of law has failed us in a criminal action of vote fraud. Democracy has failed us. What is left but revolution to restore our country? It’s time to take a stand and pick a side. We can no longer sit back and watch while eating popcorn. Do we defend freedom and our great nation, or is is bye by Miss American Pie?

  14. Its every one for himself now. Only you can protect yourself. So here comes the 2nd amendment and civil war. When? Very soon. 70++ million wont stand for what has happened. It’s inevitable – I think.

  15. Videos show the Capitol police letting these thugs through the barricade. Several sources said the violent ones were Antifa. Trump supporters have never caused a violent protest. It all fits and Congress had no guts to at least have an investigation into the election fraud. We are not any better off now than and may never know the truth.

  16. I have to wonder if this is not part of God’s judgment on a nation that legalized killing unborn babies & legalized homosexuality. Can you begin to imagine how God feels about such a nation of people? He destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah because of open perverted behavior, & they weren’t killing the unborn. If we don’t repent & change our ways, we will see far worse happening here. Remember people in Noah’s day laughed at him for preparing for disaster. Pray like never for God’s provision.

  17. Howard you said what Jesse Waters just said on Fox News. All I will say just think of what it will be like if the commies screw w/ the 2n amendment, yesterday will be a walk in the park. I am 82 years old, I could see this coming since the 70’s when Jimmy Carter was elected. Americans want a hero, Andy Jackson, George Patton and now Donald Trump has filled the void, and his loyalists are not going to let go.

  18. Great article Howard. Thank you always speaking the truth and helping us see what is really going on.

  19. Again an excellent article…thanks Howard for your caring and input weekly, sometimes daily. God helps us all! Jan Clement Ocala, Florida

  20. Excellent Editorial. If Pence sets the 25th amendment into motion, there will be a problem. He received a letter at GHW Bush’ funeral. He is part of the Swamp. An Audit of the election should be brought to bear. The DemoRats had this orchestrated for some time. And it wasn’t just a FEW. This was USA Wide. Collusion…..this was collusion, but most of all TREASON against the USA and its People.

  21. Now, they want to impeach Our President —— immediately! Why? Probably so he cannot declare Martial Law. Time is of the essence.

  22. WHY didn’t we see similar RIOT ACTIVITIES in Trump’s MULTIPLE RALLIES where there were thousands of people in attendance? It was because those who showed up and TRIED to cause HAVOC were immediately REMOVED!Why wasn’t the CAPITOL better prepared & protected?It’s very SAD, but the DEMOCRATS’ AGENDA represents many of the SEVEN DEADLY SINS, e. g., pride; greed; lust; envy; gluttony; wrath, etc.. but we realize that they are NOT the most VIRTUOUS people. WE are all in for a “RUDE AWAKENING”! AMEN!

  23. Mike Renner I agree with you they were bused in have friends there that saw it. The Left will do anything and everything they can to get Trump into trouble. I am sadden for the lost of people who died in this protest. My heart is sadden still for all that took place. Now they want to try to impeach my President once again. Leave the man & his family alone. You Satan lovers have done enough. May the dear Lord bless both our countries HG keep broadcasting & keep writing editorials. Be safe.

  24. I cannot picture President Trump turning us over to the Chinese owned Soros, Harris, Pelosi, Sanders and Oidiot. No matter how tired he is, I just don’t think he is capable of doing that. I will not give up and I know HG will not either and there are plenty more of us.

  25. Good podcast HG. It’s not surprising to note the number of RINORATS deserting the ship now that President Trump is out of sight and no longer a threat to them. Most are still in Congress and will no doubt dust off their costumes for another swim in the swamp with Biden. Joe knows how to solve the pandemic, wait and see if he orders 100 days of lockdown and masks on his first day in office as he promised. God Bless Trump for all he did for America and the world in his four years.

  26. After the so-called rioting, I am wondering just how much rope is needed before the swamp creatures hang themselves and the general public has had enough! A visible low amount of security, barriers conveniently moved. How gullible are the people or do I just have an over-active imagination?

  27. How soon the feckless GOP forget the rioters who breached the Capital and screamed #METOO! at the Kavanaugh hearings, marched to Susan Collin’s office to threaten her, and the Capital police arrested 150 that day. Later a mob was pounding on the Supreme court building doors attempting to gain entrance to stop the Kavanaugh swearing in. Now everyone is clutching pearls about the worst planned terrorist coup attempt in history, no weapons, brought granny and grampy, and not one fire set.

  28. The Libs are great actors, each time it looks like someone or something good is going to happen, they put on a show to make the US look like we are harming some group. This country has more minority successes than most all the rest of the world. This is solely about Power. Now they have it based on so many Spineless Politicians. They have created a country of homeless, unemployed and dangerous people. When you put a person in a corner with no way out, look out. Danger is about to spread.

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